The Comfort of Your Home at Equador Wellness Spa

Located in one of the largest cities in the north of Portugal, Porto, this spa’s mission is to contemplate its visitors with the comfort of home.

Lh had the honor of visiting the Equador Wellness & Spa and being presented with relaxation, and physical and mental well-being (increasingly important!), so read on to plan your next moment of self-care.

Plan Your Next Self-Care Moment at Equador Wellness & Spa

There is a wide range of experiences. From circuits and special experiences for two to therapies. In fact, you can customize your well-being! Thus, you can choose an experience to your liking. In the particular case of massages, you can find the perfect massage for you, for example, with stones and candles.

We had the privilege of experiencing the relaxation massage with essential oils, which lasted approximately 50 minutes, and we loved it! Here is the recommendation for your next moment of relaxation. This massage was all over the body, including the head. The main objective was to relieve tension points and, in this way, increase relaxation. But comfort doesn’t stop there! We were also pampered with delicious, warm tea and cookies as if we were on the couch at home.

Wellness Spa

The predominant interior colors were earth tones, seen in the browns of the wood and the greens that helped create a calm environment. The light in the space was an ambient light, not strong at all, which made it seem as if you were entering another place. All of Equador Wellness & Spa’s decor has its own unique identity.

muse sconce brass and onyx wall light koket luxury lighting

Ambient music perfectly matched the sensory experience. From the beginning to the end of the process, it is possible to feel calm and peaceful. The smell was super nice, sweet, exquisite, and light that you can’t forget.

Wellness Spa

Above all, well-being and stress relief are the watchwords of this wellness spa.

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