5 Popular Food & Drink Trends to Try at Home That Took Over the Internet

With TikTok being the most popular platform used in the world over recent years, many chefs and experts took it upon themselves to create outstanding dishes and tips for those cooking from home. From the beautiful cloud bread and vegan bacon to the famous whipped dalgona coffee, these are some of the popular trending foods and drinks people have been trying at home…

The Famous Cloud Bread Trend

First of all, is the iconic cloud bread. A rather sweet and colorful bake, many bakers utilized the popular food trend and created their own versions and recipes for cloud bread. With as little as 3 or 4 ingredients, you can easily create this fun bake for yourself.

Simply whisk the egg white in a large bowl as you gradually add in sugar and cornstarch one at a time until fully incorporated. You can then add your preferred coloring before placing your batter in a preheated oven at 1500C and baking it for about 25 minutes.

With the bread being so popular across social media, don’t forget to share a video or photo to the
community of one of your new favorite desserts or snacks!

Catering for All with the New Vegan Bacon Hack

Internet food and drink trends often now cater to all types of diets, and recently one vegan food hack went viral. Famous vegan TikTok star Tabitha Brown received credit for devising plant-based “fake bacon” using just carrot strips.

To adopt her recipe, peel your carrot into strips similar to those of regular bacon. Douse them into a Brown’s mixture made of garlic powder, maple syrup, liquid smoke (a liquid seasoning that gives a smoky flavor), onion powder, pepper, and smoked paprika. Once covered, placing them in an oven or air fryer will give them the perfect bacon-like appearance and the true crunchy feel. For those who are vegan or for those who want to experiment with new foods, this is one creative and unique recipe to try out at home.

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How Dalgona Coffee Took Over Tik Tok

Known to be one of the biggest food and drink trends to ever hit Tik Tok screens, the dalgona coffee exploded in popularity over recent years, taking over both Tik Tok and Instagram. The Korean drink can be served hot or cold, and many coffee lovers learned how to make the recipe at home and adapt it to their personal tastes.

To make the eye-catching, tasty and refreshing drink, all you need to do is whisk together instant coffee, sugar, and hot water meticulously. Continue whisking until you’ve got a creamy mousse texture, then pour milk into a clear glass and top with the whip to essentially give a classic upside-down cappuccino.

Whether you’re into hot drinks or cold ones, there are many tasty cafe and coffee shop drinks that you could try recreating in the comfort of your own home.

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Pancake Cereal: The New Form of Breakfast

There’s nothing quite like watching a satisfying pancake-making video online. But what about watching a real creative twist on a favorite breakfast? For those with a sweet tooth, pancake cereal is another trending recipe that you wouldn’t want to miss.

With no extra ingredients or fancy equipment needed, just a little bit of creativity, and you will find your new favorite cereal. By frying your pancake batter into tiny circles, you can turn the famous breakfast into a delicious bowl of cereal by adding milk and any of your favorite toppings to complete the tasty dish.

Eaten as both breakfast and a snack, why not try out the popular trend and see what all the fuss is about!

Becoming a Mixologist with Sangria

As one of the easiest cocktails to make, sangrias are just one drink that is among the biggest trends of the year. Many mixologists got creative with the famous drink and broadcasted to audiences online to show them how to make the delicious cocktail themselves from home in just a few simple steps.

This cocktail uses a base of any wine that you fancy, a touch of sparkling water or soda, and a selection of readily available fruits to create a tasty pitcher drink of your choice. Sangrias are a great way to use up extra fruits and put unfinished bottles of wine to good use.

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