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With a penchant for fine living and appreciating the everyday, it is no wonder the French are masters of the art of living well, or what they call art de vivre. From gastronomy, fashion, and design to leisure and conversation, the art de vivre is all about taking time to appreciate the beauty and enjoy every element of life. When it comes to interior design, one of our favorite looks, and one that radiates this way of living, is the Parisian Eclectic Style.

To start, the Parisian Electic Style is simply a combination of traditional or “old” design and modern design. By blending contemporary with past, the Parisian Electic Style creates an always-in-vogue, artistic and layered look. Read on and be inspired by KOKET to bring the Parisian Electic Style to your interior design!

Parisian Electic Style In the Bedroom

Balancing beauty and comfort is key when creating the perfect Parisian Eclectic Style bedroom.

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Parisian eclectic style armoire koket luxury home decor
koket hypnotic chandelier Parisian eclectic style
koket forbidden bed
Parisian eclectic style vengeance table lamp
Parisian eclectic style prive day bed
a grand modern tour feather floor lamp ostrich green
moooi wallcovring arte menagerie of extinct animals
Parisian Armoire
Hypnotic II Chandelier
Forbidden II Bed
Vengeance Table Lamp
Prive II Day Bed
The Feather Floor Lamp by A Modern Grand Tour
Menagerie of Extinct Animals by Moooi
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Parisian Eclectic Style In the Dining Room

Entertaining takes on a fresh, welcoming aura when set in a dining room inspired by this timeless style. Mix traditional sconces with modern chandeliers and a modern dining table with more traditional chairs, and remember to always look for balance in the space between ornate and simplistic elements.

koket dining room parisian eclectic style

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Paris Oval Dining Table
Merveille Dining Chair
Roxy Chandelier
Heive Cabinet
Flora Sconce
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Parisian Electic Style In the Living Room

If an elegant meets chic interior is what you seek, then the Parisian Eclectic Style is most definitely for you. With light oak herringbone wood floors and ornate moldings, traditional Parisian-style architecture sets the tone for this living room. The eclecticism begins with the contemporary art and continues in the curving modern forms of the furniture.

parisian eclectic style by koket living room design

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Reptilia Sofa koket curved sectional with allegators
Embrace Coffee Table koket parisian eclectic style
tamara console by koket antique mirror furniture
gem table lamp by koket modern parisian design
Reptilia Sofa
Embrace Coffee Table
Tamara Console
Gem Table Lamp
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Adding your favorite contemporary art and vintage finds is a great way to enliven your living room. Think about how you vary the shapes and forms of your furniture throughout the space for a Parisian Eclectic interior to love for years to come.

koket luxury living room design with art

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sultana sofa by koket parisian eclectic style couch curved
tabu cocktail table koket brass womens legs whimsical design
goddess mirror koket parisian eclectic interior design style
muse sconce koket alabaster and brass hand luxury lighting
cosmo side table ii kifu paris bronze and shagreen
valencia rug society Parisian eclectic style
Sultana Sofa
Tabu Cocktail Table
Goddess Mirror
Muse Sconce
Cosmo Side Table II by Kifu Paris
Valencia @ DeMorais International
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Parisian Electic Style In the Kitchen

Last but certainly not least, the kitchen. Chic modern cabinet and marble blend beautifully with organic forms to create the perfect Parisian eclectic kitchen.

koket parisian eclectic style interior design kitchen

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besame bar stool koket parisian elcectic style
gia pendant koket luxury lighting nature inspired brass
Flora sconce koket nature inspired luxury lighting
gold and black chandra bar stool kitchen glamour parisian eclectic style
enchanted bar stool koket nature inspired parisian eclectic style furniture
Besame Bar Stool
Gia Pendant
Flora Sconce
Chandra Bar Stool
Enchanted Bar Stool
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