10 Classy Boho Styles You’ll Fall In Love With  

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Boho is more than just a fashion trend; it’s a culture in its own right. The term ‘Bohemian’ dates back to the late 18th century, during the French Revolution. The era saw the end of patronage (where the elites offered private financial support to the arts), forcing many artists and creatives into poverty. The style reached mainstream popularity in the 60s and 70s with the rise of the hippie movement, which rejected materialism and embraced self-expression. 

Although Bohemian fashion is rooted in the ideals of simple living and non-conventional lifestyles, it has since become an aesthetic that even the wealthy choose to embrace. Today’s Bohemian fashion prioritizes creative freedom and individual identity. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate Boho style into your wardrobe without looking like you’ve stepped out of a 70s film set, here are 10 Boho-chic styles to help you get started: 

1. Free, Flowy Fabrics 

The bohemian style is rooted in self-care, which is one of the affirmations for women. Comfort is key when caring for yourself and ensuring that you look your best. Fortunately, both these aspects can be achieved by wearing boho-style outfits with free and flowy fabrics. 

Summer is surely a great time to channel the inner bohemian chic in you. Go for breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen. These fabrics keep you looking glamorous while preventing sweat patches. These free, breathable, and comfortable styles can allow you to look carefree and flawless simultaneously. 

2. Bold Prints and Patterns 

Boho styles are all about colors, prints, and patterns. 

One great classy boho style is incorporating vibrant colors into your bohemian outfits. Whether you’re wearing dresses or flared bottoms, choose bold colors and prints, but make sure they all work together. 

Learn to balance prints and solid colors to pull off an elegant bohemian look. If you love colorful clothes, try making tie-dye clothes at home and add them to your bohemian closet.  

3. Earthy Tones

In terms of color palette, many women would expect that the boho style is somewhat filled with vibrance and bright colors alone. Nonetheless, neutral and toned-down primary colors can actually make up great bohemian outfits. 

If you’re a beginner in this fashion style and aren’t ready to embrace patterns and cultural symbols, you can always go for neutral colors like greys, creams, and tans. The key is to combine novelty prints and florals into them, to yield an overall bohemian look.

One great outfit inspiration is to shop for tunics for women and add some bohemian elements to create a smooth overall boho look.  

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4. Layers 

The key to super cute boho style is working your layers and pairing your patterns well. For instance, a loose-fit kimono can be layered over a crochet bralette with cute shorts. Layering has always been a great fashion technique to diversify looks and offers the same bohemian concept. Add a fringe bag and a hat to complete the look. Wear oversized sunglasses, and you should be good to go. 

5. Chunky Jewelry 

Don’t forget to wear some chunky jewelry to add to the overall bohemian vibe. It’s best to opt for statement pieces as the focal point of your outfit. This can be chunky loop earrings with embroidery designs or a necklace filled with ornaments and colored gemstones. Whatever chunky jewelry you go for, learn to balance them all to achieve an elegant bohemian look. 

6. Eclectic Hair Accessories 

Hippie girls never overlook the way they do their hairstyles. And so, if you want to achieve an effective bohemian style, go for eclectic hair accessories to elevate your look. You can wear flower crowns when you visit the best beautiful beaches for your next beach escapade. Hair accessories can indeed add more flair to your bohemian look after all. 

boho style bohemian fashion

7. Flat Boots and Sandals 

Any bohemian outfit can easily be pulled off with flat boots or sandals. The key is to decide what event or occasion calls for this footwear. Both boots and sandals match well with the overall ensemble if you’re wearing a maxi dress. Ensure to own several boots and sandals in your collection, as they can best fit any of your bohemian outfits. 

8. Oversized Silhouettes 

Almost instantly, when people think of a ‘boho look,’ they’d imagine a lady wearing oversized silhouettes. They can be a flowy maxi dress or any clothing item designed to be larger than the one wearing them. Nevertheless, oversized silhouettes have been a fail-proof boho staple piece in every closet. No matter how petite or tall you are, you can always find the perfect oversized clothing.

9. Fuss-Free Makeup 

Bohemian ladies also come with a unique way of doing their makeup. But one common denominator is that they’re almost bare-faced. Yet there should be more emphasis on the way they put eyeshadows. You can wear neutral colors on your eyelids and a thin layer of eyeliner to create more depth to your facial features. Other components of fuss-free makeup include a bronzer and highlighter to emphasize cheekbones.  

10.  Natural, Effortless Hair 

A bohemian look can be achieved anytime. But this should also reflect on the way you do your hair. Fortunately, it doesn’t require much. You can rock your natural hair and simply wear your hair down. The key is to care for your hair bristles and allow them to shine naturally.  

Wrapping Up

You now know some great and classy boho chic inspirational styles to try this year. No matter the occasion, the boho-chic style is versatile and easily matches any season and personal style.

Rooted in the mindfulness community, boho fashion consists of different tenets, such as wearing tunics and so on. At the end of the day, boho style is about being individual and expressing yourself; take advantage of it and show everyone the best you.

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