Romantic Weekend Getaways to Make Your Heart Flutter

romantic weekend getaways venice

A weekend well spent brings a week of content! Valentine’s Day is coming, and you know the best way to celebrate this day? A trip! Don’t worry; we have already selected the best romantic weekend getaways for you to enjoy with your lover. This couple’s vacation will surely reignite the flame in your relationship and kick up the romance.

Best Cities for a Romantic Weekend Getaways

Paris: The City of Love

Romantic Weekend Getaways Paris
Eiffel Tower in Paris (Photo by Alex Motoc)

I know that it may sound a little clichê—going to Paris on Valentine’s Day, but trust me, Paris is always a good idea! Start your romantic day enjoying some french croissants, then go explore the many outdoor terraces and gardens this city has to offer. End the day with a dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower. I guarantee you that your partner will love every second!

New York: A City Chaos to Love!

view of new york city
New York City View (Photo by Roberto Vivancos)

If you’re a couple who likes to explore and get to know some history, New York is the city for you! It’s probably the greatest city in the world, with tons of fabulous restaurants, cultural programs, and great spas to enjoy. If you are looking for ideas about where to stay, check out 45 of our favorite Boutique Hotels in New York City!

Nashville, Tennessee: A Rustic Romantic Getaway

If you’re going to Nashville, Tennessee, you better put on your most fashionable cowboy boots and get ready for a great weekend! This is the city of iconic music, strong whiskey and legendary barbeque!

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Reykjavík, Iceland: An Experience of a Lifetime!

Romantic Weekend Getaways: Iceland - Photo of the shifting aurora in the shape of a wing by Luke Stackpoole
Photo of the shifting aurora in the shape of a wing by Luke Stackpoole

Iceland is known for its stunning volcanoes, lava fields, waterfalls, and the aurora borealis. Relax with your lover on a private lagoon retreat and then explore the radical side: the crystal ice caves and the volcanoes. The best part is at this time of the year the city has a lower number of visitors, so you can avoid the crowds.


London can easily give Paris a run for its money as the City of Love! Take a romantic walk around the beautiful St. Katharine Docks. Stroll along the South Bank at night from London Bridge to Waterloo. Amble through the idyllic Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park or wander around the gardens of Eltham Palace. And we haven’t even mentioned all of the delicious and romantic places to dine!

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Hudson Valley: A Peaceful Retreat Away From City Chaos

Sometimes, it’s all about escaping. Hudson Valley, just a 3-hour ride from New York City is an exceptionally peaceful retreat to enjoy with your partner. Experience the amazing food, the beautiful trails along meadows, woods, and ravines and spend some romantic one on one time in the beauty of nature.

Venice: A Lovers Heaven

Romantic Weekend Getaways Rialto Bridge in Venice
Rialto Bridge in Venice (Photo by Damiano Baschiera)

Venice itself already oozes romance, but what makes this city even more charming are all the things you can do there! From the popular gondola ride to a dinner date with beautiful views of the Grand Canal, your trip to Italy will be nothing less than unforgettable. And if it’s your cup of tea be sure to catch an inspirational romance in the Teatro La Fenice.

St. Lucia: Perfect for Adventurous Couples

Romantic Weekend Getaways: St. Lucia
Saint Lucia (Photo by @Nick Fewings)

Last but not least is the island of St. Lucia, a perfect setting for a romantic getaway. With all its stunning mountains, gorgeous palm-fringed beaches, and tropical climate, you will have the perfect time with your partner. Enjoy each other’s company, do a digital detox, switch off emails and focus just on the two of you.

Words by Rita Archer
Feature Photo by David Kohler

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