Celebrating Black Women Is More Than a History Month, It’s a Mindset

Black History Month Women - Photo by Clarke Sandlackers Unsplash

Every time February rolls around, Americans celebrate Black History Month acknowledging the black men and women who have made a mark in shaping this country for the better. Yes, many men and women have made a difference and have helped the world become a better place. But here, we are highlighting and celebrating the African American woman as a whole. A force to be reckoned with, encompassing a spectrum of our brilliance on our terms. A sincere sisterhood vibe tribe at its finest in our own right, continuing to inspire and fight for us all to do and be better by way of walking in bravery and integrity in unapologetic pursuits to break barriers.

black history month group of black women in white standing strong
Photo by Zach Vessels

Listen, it’s not easy being a black woman. Many experience trauma just living and taking up space in today’s society when statistical odds are stacked against us. But we are recovering with each black woman who makes societal strides making room for more of our magic. We have taken control of our careers, efforts to enable others to achieve goals in and outside of our homes and in politics, and offer a path to a new empowered community and culture.

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Sisters are the truth-tellers, and the tell it like it is, doers. Sure, some come with a bit more attitude than others. But please excuse us as we live in a society seemingly trying to silence us. And taking our power back requires a bit of boldness, well tbh a lot of boldness… and we mean that in the most humble way possible. Most of us became unmistakably aware of race, gender, and privilege at a young age and painfully learned that the body and skin we’re in, placed us at the bottom of the hierarchy. There is such a misrepresentation of black women. But behold a new paradigm shift where trailblazing sheroes continue to rise. Where we are articulating and celebrating more of our voice, our beauty, our womanhood, and representing in our melanin.

three beautiful black women
Photo by Eloise Ambursley

So kindly please take note, we are more than a month, more than a trend and much more than a black girls rock hashtag. Black women illuminate in their truths as the most powerful tool we have and it’s absolutely liberating.

So no, we don’t really plan on tiptoeing through life. We want you to hear every step we take because we’ve earned it. Just ask the overcomers, the victors and tenacious mindset movers and shakers that be, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, and Sojourner Truth just to name a few. May they rest in Power for creating and bringing forth beautiful, valuable life lessons and paths for black women to glow and strut in.

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Today, may you be reminded that black women are better and more than a hyper-visible or even an invisible poor portrayal in media, or merely a black girl magic movement on a social media platform—if we only choose to look at them and praise them like the humanitarians, historical legacies and accomplished queens they are in the world, outside of a 28 calendar history month.

Shine on sisters.

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