5 Books About Luxury Life We Love

We are here to write a book report for you on five of our favorite books from the world of luxury living. A world filled with beautiful materials, innovative design, and comforts and delicacies galore. Read on; the following books dive into different elements of the world of luxury living from the viewpoints of icons of eras and tales to delight all who take the time to read.

Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon by Megan Hess

The most influential creators of any given era have a lasting impact on the industry. Coco Chanel had among the best impacts on women’s clothing in the twentieth century. Megan Hess’s Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Vogue Icon is a collection of 100 of the most incredible scenes in Chanel’s heritage. It covers everything from Coco’s extraordinary career to the influence of Karl Lagerfeld and the unbelievable objects.

They have evolved into clothing icons, such as tiny black gowns, elegant clothing, and accessories. In addition, it’s about glitzy jewelry and, of course, the highly regarded Chanel perfume. This artwork is an exquisite and engaging introduction to the events that molded Coco and the famed Chanel luxury brand. It includes fascinating tales and memorable statements from Coco and Karl Lagerfeld.

Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon by Megan Hess

The Cartiers by Francesca Cartier Brickell

From historical France through the 1970s, this book tells the story of a jewelry family spanning four generations. At its core are the three Cartier brothers. In the early 20th century, they used their individual and complementary skills to make their family business renowned worldwide. Their slogan was “Never imitate, always create.” A visionary watchmaker named Louis made the first men’s timepiece. Thanks to it, his pilot buddy could check the time without putting down the controls.

A double-stranded genuine pearl bracelet got Cartier the Fifth Avenue office, and Jacques’s excursions to India exposed him to the globe’s greatest diamonds, jewels, and rubies. This experience inspired the company’s famed Tutti Frutti collection.

The Cartiers by Francesca Cartier Brickell
Bolvardi Stool by KOKET

Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation

Over 125 showcase pictures of Alexander McQueen’s work highlight a famous creator’s creativity. This list also includes analysis by a seasoned vogue writer and condolences from notable figures in the industry. The brilliant thing about the book is that it is a flawless piece of artwork. It serves as a reminder to the universe that they have forgotten something very bit special.

The globe should rejoice in the heritage of Alexander McQueen’s famous luxury vacations that can be seen in book reviews, essays, and artistic declarations as the Genius of a Generation. When it comes to showcasing Alexander McQueen’s work, this artwork is unparalleled. The book examines a few of the most shocking events in design history. We can see it from his sculpture of titanium garments to the outdoor display of nude art for spring/summer 2001.

Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

In her book The Devil Wears Prada, published in 2003, Lauren Weisberger tells the story of a beautiful woman. Her dream employment as the secretary to a prominent newspaper editor’s secretary quickly becomes a nightmare. She tries to meet her boss’s demanding and humiliating standards, leading to her discomfort. It’s the story of a garment working assistant who has to put up with a tyrant boss. Most of the action takes place in modern-day New York City, inside the halls of the headquarters of vogue magazine known as Runway.

Andrea Sachs (also known as “Andy”) recounts the tale from her first-person viewpoint. The incidents she recounts take place over 11 months. During that time, she is employed as an assistant to the publisher of the creative magazine Runway. In the story, Andy learns her trade from her cold and demanding employer, Miranda Priestley. 

the devil wears prada by lauren weisberger

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

In The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the protagonist, Jay Gatsby, is a person whose whole existence revolves around one goal – to win back his lost love, Daisy Buchanan, from five years previously. His journey takes him from abject obscurity to the heights of fortune, to the embraces of his lover, and ultimately to his death.

The Great Gatsby, first published in 1925, is widely regarded as a literary masterpiece of the United States. This work of both happiness and sorrow. It is renowned for Fitzgerald’s outstanding ability to portray many segments of American culture. Although Nick Carraway serves as the narrative’s reporter, the heroine of The Great Gatsby is not named after him. On the contrary, Jay Gatsby is the main character in the book that shares his name. The adversary of the novel is Tom Buchanan, whose wife Daisy is the object of Jay Gatsby’s affection.

the great gatsby books about luxury lifestyle

Wrapping Up

Numerous publications detail methods by which you might achieve your aspiration of having a luxurious life. The advice offered in other books may not be practical for many individuals on a tight budget. But there’s no harm in that, as they likely will enlighten you with some additional information and tell more about the unusual lives of ordinary heroes. There are demographics where this kind of literature thrives.

Living this way is best described in the publications we have listed above. A single one can’t be picked because all of them are linked with it and write about it greatly. So, select some and start reading today!

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