Chiara Ferragni & A Powerful Fashion Message

Chiara Ferragni

The digital empress Chiara Ferragni has made headlines with her new concept dresses made by Dior for the famous Italian Sanremo Music Festival.

The Milan-born influencer and entrepreneur had her start with her Blonde Salad blog. But now, she owns multiples business under her name, from fashion to makeup and jewelry.

During COVID, Chiara began to use her social media in a more connecting way and even aided in fighting the pandemic. If she wasn’t famous before, then this was when she went truly global.

Today her social media accounts are filled with all types of comments. From fans to “trolls” who attack her with no reasoning whatsoever. After some years of ignoring them, Ferragni started to point out these malices that were constant and took a toll on her.

Since more posts and stories on Instagram weren’t enough, Chiara Ferragni did the next obvious thing: Four concept dresses designed by Dior’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, and artistic duo Claire Fontaine, made by Fulvia Carnevale and Rachele Regini. Showed at Italy’s most prestigious music festival Festival di Sanremo with a powerful social justice message.

In the next ceremony of Sanremo, Chiara Ferragni continued to bring light to more issues surrounding the issues of today’s Woman. This time with the of Schiaparelli, through the eye of the Maison’s creative director Daniel Roseberry where four more gowns arose.


When we started to think about the dresses for the two evenings of [Sanremo], we immediately realized that we didn’t want gowns that were simply eccentric or pretentiously beautiful. We felt the need to bring on the most popular stage of Italy a social message, even through fashion.


The Manifesto Dress

“Pensati Libera” translates to “Thinking sets you free”. With this gown, Chiara showcases the importance of thinking outside the box that normalized patriarchal organizations put women into. Making them feel insecure about their own success.

musa sconce by koket

The Hate Dress

In this piece, many words called to Chiara were embroidered Black on White. Making it impossible not to look away at the hatred that is behind so many insults women have to bear. It is a reminder to women not to “allow those who hate to tear us down”.

The Shameless Dress

The first woman to ever feel shame was Eve. In this dress, Chiara owns her body, fighting the objectification of women worldwide. A woman’s body is not shameful, and no woman should feel judged or guilty of their body.

The Cage

Inspired by Jana Sterbak’s work, in this rendition of a tulle skirt, we are reminded of the cage the patriarchal society built around women. It’s important going forward that we should break the mold, if not for us, for our children. Just as Chiara does with her daughter Vittoria.

The Warrior Woman & Mother

This time with Schiaparelli Chiara Ferragni shows the armour of a woman. Finally showing the equal value of having an armour for both men and women. Finally the use of the golden baby portrays the traditional representation of the woman who is a mother. Showing the both features of a woman – warrior and mother – we see reproduction is not the sole purpose of women.

Body Painting

Inspired by Yves Klein studies of the human body on fabric, this dress gives power to the woman, seeing her more than a muse. From a study to the real woman of today. The woman body is free and the “highest masterpiece of creation”.

The Human’s Right Dress

This is a symbol of years of activism supporting women’s reproductive rights. Women’s bodies should not be controlled by the other. Here we are reminded that reproductive rights are human rights.

The Masculine Femininity

In this velvet pantsuit outfit interrupted by a silk corset is a parody on the sexist stereotype that makes it impossible for women to be treated as anything but fragile. Femininity is not a fragility, but a strength.

Behind the Scenes of Dior’s & Schiaparelli’s dresses

Learn more about the incredible Chiara Ferragni Sanremo project by Dior and Schiaparelli in the videos below:

Words by @madforyou_lhm
All images owned by Chiara Ferragni

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