Simple Steps to Refresh Your Interior Design

koket living room how to position a rug in living room

Your home is your fortress; it’s a place to be yourself and forget about the storms outside. The comfort and atmosphere of your space depend on many little tiny details united by the invisible thread of your creative vision. Hence, home decor reflects your personality, mood, and attitude to life. It is important to consider some basic rules of design, which will help you organize your world in the best mode. Here are some of our refresh interior design tips for you:

1. Neutral Base—More Flexibility

The walls create the basis of your decor. Despite the initial desire to make everything as vivid as possible, it is better to side with calm colors. First of all, colors influence our psyche. The bright palette may seem fun initially, but after some days, it will be a major distractor and source of annoyance. Secondly, it’s not possible to have freedom with decor on a bright base, as everything will get lost in the ocean of brightness around. 

It’s better to go for the colors like beige or gray and their shades, as they will create a calm and peaceful atmosphere and give enough space for bright and small details. 

Another pro neutrality reason—the illusion of a bigger space. If you have two small rooms and paint them the same color, they will become deceptively bigger. 

2. Add Some Mirrors

Mirrors have a direct function—reflect the image, and an indirect—bounce the light around the room. 

refresh interior design serpentine mirror by koket
Serpentine Mirror by KOKET

The proper placement of a mirror is perpendicular to the window, not in front of it; such a placement will make the place seem bigger. A great way to refresh your interior design.

3. Plan the Lighting

Vengeance Lamp by Koket

Just placing a few lamps around the room will not create the desired comfort and coziness. It is important to consider the main types of light in the room:

  • Ambient – creates an overall illumination around the room; it’s typically provided by the ceiling fixtures. 
  • Accent – aims to highlight certain parts of the room, the detail which deserves special attention. 
  • Task – typically found in a kitchen or a study, as the light is focused on a certain area. 

By combining these three types of light, you will fill rooms with enough light while also making them seem more spacious. Types of lighting differ from each other but are united by one style and vision. Hence, it’s better to order everything simultaneously from a platform with a wide choice of goods, such as alimart, to make sure all the purchases fit each other.

4. Define the Sitting Areas

refresh interior design koket minimalist interior design ideas living room renovation
Living Room by KOKET

Rugs typically outline sitting areas. When choosing one, you need to ensure that it covers the position of all the key pieces of furniture—either all the furniture should be on top or at least the front legs. 

The size of the rug is crucial as well. If you go for a small one, it will get lost and will have no functional or decorating value. If the space in the room is limited, the rug may visually make it even smaller. The pattern matters as well. Avoid too vivid colors, as they will steal attention from everything else in your interior design. 

5. Scale the Artwork

Pictures and photos complete the whole vision of a place, yet it’s crucial to consider the sizes. They must be placed at eye level, according to the average height of the residents. 

This means pictures and photos look nice, but only within a limited number. Define the photo area, choose the best shots to display, and place them close to each other, not just scatter around the wall; 2 to 4 inches between items usually looks best.

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6. Declutter the Space

No matter how beautiful your decoration is, the clutter around it will diminish all your efforts. Everything should have its place. Too much bric-a-brac stuff is usually a collection of souvenirs or small presents. It may seem cute initially, but when accumulated, it makes the place messy and dusty because cleaning them is always an extra burden.

7. Raise the Ceiling

With the low ceilings and cluttered space, the whole place will seem claustrophobic. After decluttering, follow some tricks to make the ceilings visually higher:

  • paint the ceiling with white color;
  • curtains should be extending the windows’ borders;
  • give preference for the vertical stripes on the curtains, as they will elongate the windows;
  • install a big mirror to make the room more spacious. 
koket living room how to position a rug in living room
Living Room by KOKET

By following these easy yet practical tips, you will create a space of comfort of coziness, helping you to relax after a tiring day and just enjoy a moment of peace. It’s important to refresh your interior design every once in a while, add new details, and get rid of the clutter, as it will make your home alive and welcoming.

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