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Summer is in sight, bringing joy, happiness, brightness, and scorching heat. Of course, summers without maximum temperatures are unavoidable. However, they also bring with them refreshing things. Yes, from changing your wardrobe to a relaxed style to drinking more lemonades, everything will change. Being summer-ready also means getting your house ready for the upcoming months. It means sprucing up the interior with greenery, ACs, and coolers. Also, it means enhancing the exteriors, like your porch and garden area. So, are you ready to make your house summer-ready? Follow these tips.

Add Plants to Your Garden

Before summer finally arrives, it is time to nurture your garden. When most plants die in winter, you can plan out plants suitable for summer, like Sweet Pea, Petunia, and Begonia. Add herbs to the garden; a separate herbs section sounds amazing. To keep the garden healthy, water the roots and not the leaves. Moreover, keep adding potting mix and compost at regular intervals.

Touch-up the Exteriors

Spring is the best time to get an exterior paint job. It will ensure that the paint doesn’t dry too quickly. A new paint job can add color to your home’s exterior while enhancing its appeal. Also, think about painting the fences, window frames, and more. Garden fences take a beating in the rain and during the winter. So, add a fresh coat of paint to them after clearing the dust.

Perform Extensive Summer Cleaning

As the last leg of winter goes away and spring arrives, it is time to do a deep summer cleaning of the entire house. For the summer, a clutter-free home is a must. Otherwise, mold and dust will become a nuisance. Put away your winter clothes and jackets safely. Deep clean every nook and cranny of the house to ensure no dust or mold is there.

Perk Up the Outdoor Furniture

During summer, everyone loves sitting in the garden or on the porch. It’s so much fun to eat a hearty meal with friends and family while surrounded by greenery. Isn’t it? So, it is time to start deep cleaning the chairs, outdoor tables, and sofas. Moreover, use pressure water to clean wooden furniture. You can also paint them to get their shine back.

Also, if you lack the correct furniture or want to change it, do it before summer fully arrives. Look at the options for an outdoor dining seating area or lounge area at Out & Out Furniture.

Deep Cleaning of the BBQ Is Necessary

Summer is essentially the season for outdoor dining. Thus, it is necessary to deep-clean your BBQ. Before summer hits, get your gloves out and start deep cleaning the barbecue well. Summers are known to start fires spontaneously. And, if left with too much old food and oil, BBQs and grills can catch fire. As a result, ensure you clean the BBQ after each use and deep clean it before summer arrives.

Also, don’t just clean the grill’s exterior. Get your hands dirty, empty everything from the BBQ, and clean the food particles and grease inside. Try these methods to clean a barbecue perfectly.

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Allow Natural Light to Come In

You do not want too much sunshine to come in. However, a bit of sunshine is always good for everyone. Right? So, start replacing heavy drapes with lighter ones. Something that allows natural light to sweep in. Change the pillow covers with brightly colored fabrics and more.

Reduce the Temperature with Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great way of reducing the temperature inside the house. They also purify the air inside while ensuring the house looks stylish enough. You can add indoor plants anywhere, whether on the kitchen window sill or in your bathroom.

Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are a haven for everyone as they allow you to relax. Therefore, sprucing up the bathroom by introducing colorful accessories is a nice touch. Use soft bath linen, refreshing bath products, and fragrant oils in the bathroom to create a relaxing environment.

Do not wait until the summer is upon you to make these changes. You will be sweating and sipping on a pina colada in the blink of an eye. So, shake off the laziness and start making your house summer-ready.

Feature Image: Design by Sabrina Monte-Carlo

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