3 Skincare Supplements to Add to Your Routine in 2023

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Certainly, many of us have added something about maintaining a good skincare routine to our goals for this year. That’s a great plan, and if it is not among your goals for the year yet, then it is never too late to make that important addition. On that note, we have done our research on the best way to achieve that goal, and we have found the best possible means. We found that some supplements can be good for the skin, better than any other skincare routine or products we tend to use.

A bonus is that these same skincare routine supplements can also be great for the brain and even the body organs, making it a double win. And one more bonus is that you can access these must-haves at discount prices at iHerb using iHerb coupons from yoursherbs.com.

1. Vitamin C

We already know much about Vitamin C, so let’s discuss the functions we might not know. This vitamin aids activity that relates directly to overall skin health by assisting cells that produce collagen and several other fibers needed by the skin. In addition, this vitamin also controls some aspects of the DNA that prevent cancerous growth. Moreso, it also assists cells that control skin pigmentation and helps prevent skin discoloration. This is why you need to take more foods rich in Vitamin C and add supplements to your diet. A daily dose of a thousand milligrams is just enough to provide your body with the right amount of vitamin C. 

2. Calcium 

We all know about the importance of calcium in the body, but not all know just how important it is. Calcium is essential for your general health, bone health, organs, and skin. If your skin is looking dry, fragile, or thinner than normal, it is most probably because it lacks enough calcium. It is usually noticeable because calcium in the skin is found in the outermost layer. Hence, insufficient calcium in the skin can prevent the regeneration cycle as it will be tougher to shed dead skin and make way for new skin growth. 

Calcium supplements contain vitamin D, which is better as it substitutes two for one effectively, as Vitamin D is also very important for the skin. Vitamin D is produced in the skin when exposed to radiation from the sun. And studies have also found that a deficiency of this vitamin in the body can lead to the deadliest types of skin cancer. 

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3. Collagen 

Collagen is the richest protein in the body. It accounts for a third of the total protein content in the body. Furthermore, it also accounts for three-quarters of the dry weight of skin and is responsible for making the skin and even muscles regenerate after damage. With this, you can tell that collagen is important for your skin health. As expected, collagen renews frequently, and it is important that the body gets enough to aid the renewal process. If you were thinking about adding collagen supplements to your diet, then this is confirmation that you need to do that immediately.

Wrapping Up

Your skin and body can benefit from the addition of these supplements to your diet, so you really have nothing to lose. There are a few other essential vitamins your body needs to function optimally. Minerals like zinc, selenium, and copper are also very important to the skin. And it is important to ensure that they are added to your diet, so your skin is not deficient in them. When selecting supplements, it can also help to look for ones with more than one essential component, so you do not have to use too many supplements simultaneously. These additions will help pamper your skin in a way you never thought possible and prevent skin infections or related illnesses. 

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