Why Women Empowerment Is A “Thing”

women empowerment protesters marching for their rights carrying signs

A ‘hem, March would like a word with us, especially for Women’s History month and we’re not in trouble per se but celebrating women empowerment during this time is so much of a “thing”, that we wanted to break down how it all began, where it is today, and what’s the future.

So have a seat, similar to that of the rockin’ representing women currently doing their “thing” holding seats in the House of Representatives, 102 to be exact. Take note, gender imbalance is a thing but women empowerment taking over male power disproportion is a bigger thing.

Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst, Leader of the Women's Suffragette movement, is arrested outside Buckingham Palace while trying to present a petition to King George V in May 1914. women empowerment
The leader of the Women’s Suffragette movement, Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst is arrested outside Buckingham Palace, London while trying to present a petition to HM King George V in May 1914.
Source: Imperial War Museums via Wikimedia Commons

In the early 21st century, women were leading marches, striking and protesting on issues from the right to vote, hold public office and employment sex discrimination. But ever since women have been using their voice as valuable individuals in their own right, from the Women’s March to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, feminist developments have been massively expanding and revolving.

a group of women empowerment protesters holding signs
Source: Photo by Chloe Simpson on Unsplash

One thing’s for sure, women are proving there is no limit to what we can accomplish and trailblazing their way into businesses, eliminating burdensome regulations and running the whole building. As in, the 116th Congress made history with the number of women, African-Americans, Hispanic, and the first Muslim and Native American women to serve in the Senate and The House.

That’s right! This is a far cry from when women were not allowed to receive higher education, manage money or have access to birth control information.

women empowerment march in paris with a we the people sign showing a woman wearing an american flag on her head and the eiffel tower in the background
Source: Photo by Walid Berrazeg on Unsplash

Today, women empowerment means giving women the ability to fully and genuinely participate economically, politically and socially without being discriminated on the basis of gender.

So here’s the thing, empowering women are slaying their self-worth, possessing confidence and fearlessly expressing body positivity. Women are curbing gender bias and living economically independent lives, free from dominion and subjugation. They are breaking the stereotype of the housewife image cooking in the kitchen with kid-on-hip, and moving into more male-dominated workforces and high tech industries. Women are making progressions in law, engineering and medicine. It’s a new day and a new era. Female entrepreneurs are gaining recognition so you may want to get on board with this thing.

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The future is female and it goes beyond popular slogan tees and merch. Women are living their best lives in real life by fighting for gender equality and well knowing that it’s actually not gender that’s the problem, it’s gender roles that are. Thankfully, change has finally come and women are paving the way to help society understand that women’s rights matter.

So when Beyoncé sings “Who Run The World”, we will continue to loudly and unapologetically yell to the world GIRLS!

And by girls, we mean girls who are growing up to be brave women. Girls who feel beautiful for being smart and strong. Girls who blossom into badass women, who then turn women empowerment from a thing to a revolutionary movement with monumental vitality.

three women leaning on each other representing women empowerment. one women is holding up the peace sign
Source: Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

There you have it. Here’s to our future. To the history makers, to the girl bosses and glass ceiling breakers, to the women daring to lead boldly and courageously inspiring and encouraging other women without competition.

We’re not going anywhere. We’re fixing each other’s crowns and we can do it!

One last thing, there’s no room for hating empowered women because is hating a woman for rewriting her destiny even a thing?

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