12 Authentic Brands We Love from the ‘Embracing Individuality & Authenticity’ Edition

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Our favorite authentic brands, laid out just for you. This exclusive list features brands we love right now and all the brands seen throughout the ‘Embracing Individuality & Authenticity’ print edition of Love Happens.

12 Authentic Brands You Will Love to Shop from the
Lh V6 ‘Embracing Individuality & Authenticity’ Edition

comporta perfumes authentic brands

Comporta Perfumes

Created by Pedro Simões Dias, this Portugal-based authentic perfume brand aims to capture and recreate the experiences and stories of the village of Comporta. This boho-chic village located on the northern Alentejo coast is known as one of Europe’s most exclusive travel destinations. Comporta Perfumes contains eight different fragrances, each representing a different aspect of this enchanting village.

maison je t'aime (pour toujours) candles

Maison Je t’aime
(pour toujours)

This Italian interior decor and perfumery fabriqué takes its inspiration from the French tastes of the 18th and 19th centuries and reinterprets them with a contemporary gaze. From inspired paper lanterns to romantic and evocative perfumes, the Maison combines tasteful tradition with contemporary design to create timeless elegance.

Bibi van der Velden authentic brands luxury jewelry necklace nature inspired

Bibi van der Velden

This one-of-a-kind Amsterdam-based jewelry brand embraces playful designs while using haute precious materials such as 18K fairtrade gold, diamonds, and baroque pearls to create bespoke and curated collections. Inspired by her Dutch heritage, nature, and the animal kingdom, each Bibi van der Velden design is a miniature wearable sculpture.

Gerda Goosen Jewellery authentic brands

Gerda Goosen Jewellery

Based in Cape Town, Gerda Goosen takes inspiration from traditional African tribal designs, mixing them with her own interpretations and the art of minimalism to create stunning rings, bangles, and cuffs. Each piece is handmade by Gerda using unique PETA-certified vegan faux ivory and ebony materials she developed herself.

Diana D'Orville authentic brands

Diana d’Orville

Sustainable luxury and craftsmanship are the foundation of this authentic clothing brand. Each piece is handcrafted by French artisans and designed by founder Audrey Tasiaux who drew inspiration for her colorful and graceful designs from her childhood in the South of France. These wearable objets d’art will forever change your wardrobe.

passion sconce koket luxury lighting
francis de lara eye glasses jewelry authentic brands

Francis de Lara

The world’s first jewelry-eyewear brand, Francis de Lara is a revolutionary. Handcrafted from precious metals and gems, each unique piece brings with it an element of “je ne sais quoi”, defined by rich design inspired by the art of the Renaissance and its combination of traditional artistry and modern needs.

marco proietti luxury shoes pink satin mules with jewel accent

Marco Proietti

Marco Proietti exudes elegance and femininity with their line of glamorous footwear. Each product has its own iconic design that radiates sophistication and allure. At Marco Proietti “Life is in the details”. This brand combines luxury design and high-quality craftsmanship to create unique shoes that make every woman feel special.

vista alegre luxury porcelain

Vista Alegre

Founded in 1824, Vista Alegre was the first porcelain producer of decor and tableware in Portugal. This long, rich history shows in both the quality of their products and in the unique designs often created through collaborations. Combining tradition and modern values, this authentic brand is a luxury to desire.

joseph walsh studio furniture authentic brands

Joseph Walsh Studio

From monumental commissions to collectible furniture designs, numerous works by this Irish studio and gallery permanently reside in renowned museums around the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Joseph Walsh, the designer and founder, draws inspiration from nature and aims to capture its grace and fluidity in his designs.

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deepa gurnani headband

Deepa Gurnani

Based in New York, this brand aims to preserve the craft of Indian hand embroidery while also using sustainable business practices. Statement hair accessories, handbags, earrings, and bracelets each offer their own story through design. Handcraftsmanship and quality are at the core of this business and it shows. 

palmas douradas hat and dress authentic brands

Palmas Douradas

From hats and bags to home decor, lighting, and art, Palmas Douradas’ woven creations are each uniquely stunning. Handmade exclusively from vegetable fibers found in the Algarve region of Portugal, each Palmas Douradas design is a woven masterpiece, making for the most beautiful eco-chic addition to your home or wardrobe.

Olivier Bernoux

Olivier Bernoux

Sensual and elegant, through his luxury accessories Olivier Bernoux creates weapons of mass seduction.” With intricate woodcuts, exotic leathers, jersey knit silks, and simple yet eye-catching color palettes in each collection, Bernoux is on a mission to enhance a woman’s silhouette. She won’t be showing off, but everyone will notice.

Words by Caitlin McClain
Article Originally Appeared in Love Happens Volume 6

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