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On the Lh bookshelf are books filled with gorgeous photography and intriguing content. And for this edition, we also love a TV series book spin-off. Read on to explore the Style Series by Assouline and Supreme Models by Macellas Reynolds.

Style Series by Assouline

Luxury publishing powerhouse Assouline’s Style Series is one to note for design lovers! In this, currently, three book series Assouline shows us the most iconic and influential art movements and design styles that play a big part in our culture today.

The family-owned business is a renowned purveyor of all things luxury lifestyle, art, and culture, and in this new series decided to share its “unique styles, tastes, and savoir-faire”. Martine and Prosper Assouline explain, “We carefully select images that move and inspire us in the hopes that they will do the same for our readers. Our goal is to bring knowledge and appreciation.”

These must-haves on our shelf all portray a unique cover to match the others we already know so well. And evoke the individual style of its theme.

Inside the series’ first debut, Art Deco Style (2021), the new design style that embodies contemporary culture is explored. Next came Orientalism Style (2022)—a focus on the mysterious allure of the Middle East and Asia. And Pop-Art Style (2022), covering over 60 years of pop-art and culture from Andy Warhol to Twiggy and beyond.

“Similar to a puzzle– at the end [of each book], you understand the spirit of the style,” describes the Assoulines. And not just as a style of the past but also how these subjects influence our culture today.

Be ready to fall in love with design over and over again with the Style Series.

"Orientalism Style" (Photo by Alexandre Chaplier) assouline style series books
Orientalism Style”, 2022 (Photo by Alexandre Chaplier)

Supreme Models: Iconic Black Women Who Revolutionized Fashion by Macellas Reynolds

The fashion we know and love is built upon some mystery. We know all the actors, but we never seem to know the whole story. In Supreme Models, we finally get to know and understand the reality of black women models in the fashion industry.

supreme models book iconic black women who revolutionized fashion cover

Written by top model turned celebrity stylist and journalist Marcellas Reynolds and published by Abrams in 2019, Supreme Models includes a forward by Veronica Webb, gorgeous photography and details on more than 70 women from the last 75 years who have been influencing and reshaping the standards and boundaries of beauty.

More on Supreme Models the Book!

Inspired by the book, in 2022, a captivating YouTube Original six-part docuseries joined in giving a voice to the biggest names in the industry, from the ones who paved the way to the ones who are walking it today.

Starting with Donyale Luna, the first black woman to ever be featured in a Vogue cover, and her knowledge and perseverance in the world of designer’s art. And moving on to household names such as Iman, Naomi Campbell, Aweng Chuol and Zendaya. These women’s talent and impact built themselves a platform and a business.

Inspiration radiates from their incredible testimonies. The drive, the dream, and the work that goes behind every action, every word, every project is intoxicating.

Models are exactly that, role models. Knowing their path, the work that led them to be “supreme” forces to be reckoned with is why fashion is colorful.

Continue to show all of your colors and be inspired by Supreme Models.

Supreme Models Actress Regina King (Photo by JD Barnes)
Supreme Models Actress Regina King (Photo by JD Barnes)

Words by Madalena Gil
Article Originally Appeared in Love Happens Volume 6
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