Our Latest Obsession: 3D Wall Art

Wall art has been brightening up dull, white walls for years. Whether it be family photographs or abstract art, we love the pops of color and individuality that wall art adds to a space. But what if the art pops off the wall and not in the metaphoric sense? We are talking about 3D wall art. Now, we don’t mean the kind popping out of billboards in bustling cities. We are talking about 3D wall art created by exquisitely talented artists and designers using a variety of mediums, from dots of paint and embroidered silk to delicate ceramics, intricate beading, and beyond.

Available in a multitude of forms, 3D wall art is a wonderfully flexible decor medium. Whether it be intricate embroidery on an upholstered wall or a floor-to-ceiling installation, 3D wall coverings are a fabulous way to make an interior statement. And not just because of their beauty, but also for the story of the artisans and designers who worked tirelessly to create them. A labor of love we are oh so in love with! And one that is being masterfully brought to life by many designers and artisans around the world. Read on to meet four artisans creating stunning 3D wall art. We hope their diverse and unique styles delight and inspire you as much as they do us!

3D Wall Art We Love

MJ Atelier

Created by Maria Apelo Cruz, now Maria Jovanovic, and her husband, Mike Jovanovic, together as MJ Atelier, the pair creates stunningly intricate and creative designs for clients. Known for their custom handmade wall coverings, which feature a multitude of designs using white plaster, along with gold and silver garnishing, MJ Atelier handcrafts charming and eye-catching 3D wall art.

mj atelier peackock 3d wall art mural nature inspired

The atelier focuses on the uniqueness of each client’s ideas and style and truly believes that their pieces are not just orders but rather in-depth projects to explore and discover something unique and authentic. From aesthetic designs of flowers and animals to something large and more abstract, each MJ Atelier design is completely individualized for their client.


Jane Puylagarde

After studying law and political science, Jane Puylagarde turned to fashion and created her own acclaimed collection. Then on a trip to Mexico, she found her passion for art when she encountered an Indian ceramist painting with small drops of paint forming circles. For years Jane appropriated this gesture and reinvented it by developing a unique technique and monochromatic art. The artist’s unique process consists of building up individual droplets of acrylic paint layer by layer and combining them with millions of other droplets.

Jane’s pieces are extensive, but with subjects like the movement of life, the stars, and outer space, they are touching reminders of the fragility of life. Perfect for conceptual art lovers. Jane Puylagarde’s artwork is individual to her style. But also timeless and neutral. Perfectly suited to be a focal piece in any room.


Fameed Khalique

For those interested in unique and intriguing materials, the London-based studio of Fameed Khalique is for you. Specializing in everything from leather, fabrics, and embroidery to stones, tiles, and even resins, the finish guru also offers abstract 3D wall art we fell in love with the instant we laid eyes on it. These decorative wall finishes range from mosaic tiles in concentric circles to bold clay blossoms on silk. The subject matter ranges from something more symbolic and thought-provoking to classically concrete.

Once installed, it becomes individual and unique to the client. But the hand-crafted work of Fameed’s studio radiates as part of this. Rather than a fixed design, as is the case with all Fameed Khalique finishes. The 3D wall art can be considered a beautiful technique to be explored and tailor-made for each interior.


Words by Alison Morrison
Article Originally Appeared in Love Happens Volume 6

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