Rami Al Ali: The Unparalleled Fashion Aficionado 

Rami Al Ali

Visual opulence, a sense of intensity, and a flash of theater. A dangerous yet alluring combination of classic embroidery with glamour, as every piece shows an air of laissez-aller. With a dynamic touch of grace and modern sophistication. It’s an understatement to say that Rami Al Ali’s designs are revolutionizing couture fashion.

When it comes to unveiling a significant creation that is bound to leave us stunned, here is an individual that keeps himself ahead of the curve. Mention Rami Al Ali, and we are pretty sure there won’t be enough words to describe the essence the designer holds. Here is a snippet of our tête-à-tête with the inspiring man behind the brand.


Recognizing a passion and summoning the confidence and drive to live it contributes to your whole beauty. When we asked Rami about the moment he fell in love with fashion; the designer couldn’t hold back. He fondly recalled one of his childhood memories when his mother would change into formal outfits to receive guests. “How she completely and quickly transformed, not only her appearance but her behavior, attitude, and even posture, which made the people around her change how she was perceived and seen. It made her look not only more beautiful but also a bit intimidating. At then, I understood the power of clothes, fashion, and style.”

Rami Al Ali bridal aw 2022/23

Ethereal elegance and contemporary sophistication are the trademark charms of Rami Al Ali’s creations.

Having started his fashion journey in cities like Dubai and Beirut, we were curious about how culture influences his designs. More specifically, his current home city, Dubai. Al Ali tells us it is the Mix that inspires him most. The colorful pot of all different cultures mixed with the vast background of the on-growing vibrant city. Factors he considers very inspiring and enriching—offering him the opportunity to create globally from one place.

A love and curiosity for refined aesthetics began at an early age for Rami Al Ali. Coming from a rich heritage in crafts and artisanal skills, the designer credits his deepest inspirations to his Syrian roots. Exposure at a young age to the creative world through his father’s profession as an architect, and elegant mother who paid attention to detail played significant role in forming the designer.

Rami Al Ali’s breakthrough emerged in 2009 when he was invited as a guest member of Alta Moda Alta Roma to showcase his own Spring/Summer collection. Then in 2012, Rami reached another career highlight when he debuted at Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris with his S/S collection. Over the years, Rami has successfully built and maintained a truly notable brand for its artisanship and creative vision.

In 2022, the designer launched his first Bridal Couture Collection, a timeless beauty and elegance with a contemporary twist. The silhouettes are Victorian, decadent, opulent, and relevant to current style and taste. Coloring outside the lines and reassessing the norms of beauty with unique creativity, the designer preserves a sense of class in each hand-stitched design. In discussing Rami Al Ali’s couture, it is essential to note the designer’s admiration and opened support towards women. As well as his dedication to creating empowering art.

Rami Al Ali bridal aw 2022/23

As an haute couture artisan, bespoke creations commissioned by the luckiest of customers are also part of Rami Al Ali’s business. We asked the designer about his favorite part of working with haute couture clients, to which he told us with utter endearment, “The intimacy and warm personal relationship. The appreciation to fine things in life, to craft, art, and beauty.”

A constant innovator, Rami’s passion for creating personalized design led him to implement a unique digital feature on the brand’s e-commerce site. A tool allowing his customers to personalize and modify certain elements of his designs when purchasing. This concept, which is a first of its kind in the region, sparks a new take on fashion design in the ever-growing evolution of the internet. While staying true to the brand’s core values and offering the same level of focus to craftmanship.

Many of Rami’s influences derive from the trailblazing enchantment that permeated the 1950s and 60s; this “is my most favorite fashion era,” he tells us. “It has such a timeless elegance that makes its references so relevant at any time. I always go back to those eras for silhouettes, techniques, and inspiration.” In his Autumn/Winter 2022/23 collection, Rami hones in on his flawless craftsmanship to unveil the regalia of this elegant era. He tells us of the impetus of this collection, “I think after two years of scaling down, dressing down, being so fashionless, people now want to express their positivity in their appearance. That’s why I wanted to use a hopeful, elegant, positive reference to bring back the mood up.” Composed of feminal silhouettes flickering between midi and floor-length gowns to lustrous cocktail dresses, the collection unleashes the perfect visual display.

The highlight of Rami Al Ali’s A/W 22 collection for us was this satin pink feathered cape look, also seen on the cover of our “Embracing Individuality & Authenticity” print edition.

Blessed with the Midas touch, we were more than just intrigued to know the inspiration behind the design.

“This look really surprised me; it took the lead instead of me. I started in a completely different direction. I wasn’t very convinced on paper, so I started working with the fabric on a mannequin. Very resilient fabric, hard to tame, but I love the volume and construction that it gives. I added the feathers to give light ornament and a sense of movement.

It was supposed to be with a slim skirt, but somehow, I changed my mind as I saw more of a modern tuxedo than a classical look. But I was still hesitant about where to place this look in the line-up of the collection. Then, when we did the casting for the models, this girl pulled this look so well; she had the look, attitude, and character. We all saw that it would be the perfect opener for the show. Glad we did, too, as it was very well received by the press, celebrities, and clients.”

Our featured designer is not only here because he is fabulous in his genre. Or the first of his kind on the shores of the U.A.E to do what he has done. Rami Al Ali is also here in celebration of his ability to bring his respective craft from the peripheral to the mainstream. And most monumentally, for significantly and irrevocably reshaping the landscape.

Rami Al Ali’s legendary embellishments are soon on their way to conquer the world, bringing his creative visions to life. A real couture moment, indeed.

He is ready for you. But are you ready for him?

Shop Rami Al Ali at ramialali.com.

Words by Gayatri.R
Feature Image: Rami Al Ali
All Photos Courtesy of Rami Al Ali, All Looks from Autumn/Winter 2022-23 Collection
Article Originally Appeared in Love Happens Volume 6

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