Tempted by Design: A Celebration of Individuality at Home

michelle gerson old westbury tempted by design foyer white

Home is a place where we can express our truest individuality. The aesthetics each of us transports into our house are an extension of our personality. So, it only makes sense for this extra limb of our being to be decorated in a similar fashion to what we wear every day when we leave our front door.

The perfect room is a combination of style, luck, and love. Style is personal and unmatched. Luck is the reason why we end up choosing a color or a piece over something else. And love is the reason why we fall for an interior design in the first place.

Choosing the right color, incredible furniture, and the perfect focal piece for every room can be challenging. Thus leading many to find inspiration with an interior designer. A conduit renowned for communicating the authenticity of their clients in artfully designed spaces.

In this issue’s Tempted by Design, we go over seven stunning projects that make our hearts stir. Each with its own story, context, and mesmerizing details. Let’s dive in and be inspired by the magic that happens when a designer’s eye meets the individuality of their client (sometimes themselves, and sometimes a dream one) to create beautiful authentic spaces.

6 Authentic Interior Design Projects We Love

Michelle Gerson | Old Westbury, New York

Renowned for her modern eclectic style, the NYC-based Michelle Gerson brings luxurious furnishings and a fashion design past to each of her projects. In this Long Island Gothic Revival estate, the primary residence of a couple, their three young children, and two Maltese, the homeowners hired Michelle to transform the existing interiors, which were dark and fussy, into a bright, glamorous, modern space for the family to enjoy, while maintaining the integrity of the architecture.

Michelle Gerson interior design

The result is pretty dramatic; Michelle brought light into every room and employed a number of striking design elements, including a monumental eight-foot-tall custom Tisserant chandelier in the foyer complete with Lalique crystal; luxurious Gracie, de Gournay and Hermes wallcoverings; custom rugs from Rug Company (Alexander McQueen, DVF, Rodarte); and delightful personalizing accessories galore!

michelle gerson foyer design with lalique table and tisserant chandelier

michellegerson.com | © photography by Douglas Friedman

Brigette Romanek x Gwyneth Paltrow | Montecito, California

Wellness business mogul extraordinaire Gwyneth Paltrow collaborated with her friend of 20 years, LA-based interior designer Brigette Romanek, for her authentic home in Montecito.

Gwyneth Paltrow's home designed by Brigette romaek

“Working with Gwyneth was all good things! We had a blast,” Brigette tells us. “Trying to impress someone who has seen so much was a fantastic challenge. I loved every minute of it. Her family wanted a home that was a place to exhale and relax. A home with soft, subtle colors and soft fabrics. But at the same time, strong materials and shapes bring a lot of the definition to each room. And the curtains are soft and billowing as they pool on the floor. Everywhere your eye lands is something to see. But it’s all harmonious. I always say this—I work to create a movie all the way through. Each room, a different scene, but there’s a thru line. I love that about all the rooms.”

gwenyth paltrow dining room design by brigette romanek

romanekdesignstudio.com | © photography by Yoshihiro Makino

Dennis Brackeen Design Group | Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas 2021 & Del Monte

When it comes to creating spirited interiors, Dennis Brackeen is a master. So much so we couldn’t pick just one project to showcase the designer, and co-owner of the Houston-based store Moxie. While bold, eclectic, and unmistakably Dennis, each of his interiors is the unique product of a continuing conversation with his clients.

Unafraid of big statements, bright and rich colors and striking patterns are signatures in his designs. From the hand sculpted gilded snake wallcovering on the ceiling by MJ Atelier and the green Lalique Cactus table in the Kips bay sun room to the exotic oriental decor in the Del Monte living room, each piece of furniture and accessory is carefully selected for sophistication and livability.

dennisbrackeen.com | © photography Pär Bengtsson

Sacha Walckhoff | Paris, France

Sacha Walckhoff interior design living room filled with art eclectic style

The attention to detail in Christian Lacroix’s Creative Director’s home is a test to the most keen eye. Located on Paris’ right bank in the 10th arr., Sacha Walckhoff’s house is a show and tell presentation. Designed by the Frenchman himself, the eclectic home features countless collectibles and works of art that could very well stay on their own. But their rightful place is surrounded by many others that complement them, and make them part of a family.

Every item has a story, and a weight to it, both physical and ethereal. This cabinet of curiosities has layers that keep us searching. The constant equestrial detail and the relevance of faces in many pieces show the constant search for representation that follows the inspiration of the designer in its work. It is impossible to say that this home is not authentically Walckhoff.

sacha walckhoff dining room art collection

walckhoff.com | © photography by Gilles Trillard

Bergman Design House | Mayfair, London

Luxury architecture and interior design studio Bergman Design House is all about leveraging design to shape moments that change people for the better. Marie Soliman and Albin Berglund, founders of the highly revered firm are the design powerhouse behind this stunning Mayfair mansion design.

“Our approach is forward-thinking. And reads like an embellished story with elements that dictate a unique history and space,” they explain. “We listen carefully to the brief and then combine it with our research to create a strong, well-thought-through concept. The design is then woven around this core touch point. And the story never repeats as each client and project is different.”

luxury living room design by bergman design house

The thoughtfulness put towards incorporating the owner’s art collection throughout this home is a true testament to Bergman’s ability to imbue authenticity in their designs.

bergman design house mayfair foyer interior with bust sculpture and stripped sofa

bergmandesignhouse.com | © photography by Christopher Horwood

Jean Liu Design | House Beautiful Whole Home 2021 Showhouse, Texas

Dallas-based designer Jean Liu and her team of design aficionados are all about helping clients translate their vision and lifestyle into a place they can call home. With a modern, edited, and comfortable approach, Jean Liu brings a fresh appeal to each of her projects.

Jean Liu Design interior design outdoor dining room

For House Beautiful’s 2021 Showhouse, the designer created a whimsical dream sipping room with a full wet bar and bespoke wine rack. “So many of my clients have been asking for entertaining spaces where they can display their wine—or collections of mezcal and tequila—separate from their dining or living rooms,” she says.

Jean Liu Design | House Beautiful Whole Home 2021 Showhouse, Texas authentic design

Adding her own personal touch to this dream space, Jean Liu’s banquette design was inspired by heart-shaped origami (something she and her daughter make often). The perfect place to enjoy a glass of something delicious.

jeanliudesign.com | © photography by Lisa Petrole

Words by Madalena Gil
Feature Image: Interior by Michelle Gerson, Photo by Douglas Friedman
Article Originally Appeared in Love Happens Volume 6

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