Hotel Infante Sagres: Luxurious History in Oporto

If you are looking for luxury and Portuguese history in the city of Oporto, Hotel Infante Sagres awaits your visit! A member of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the historical hotel sits majestically in the heart of Oporto. Also known as Porto, the northern port city of Portugal shines through at Hotel Infante Sagres.

Since our publisher KOKET first stepped foot in Hotel Infante Sagres, long before Love Happens Mag came to be, we have loved this hotel. And recently we had the opportunity to shoot the cover of our our newest print issue in the beautiful building, giving it a new special place in our hearts.

Titled the “Embracing Individuality & Authenticity” edition, Hotel Infante Sagres radiant authenticity became the perfect setting for the cover shoot. And if you are looking for The Place to stay in Oporto, Hotel Infante Sagres is it. Read on and fall in love!

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The Hotel

Hotel Infante Sagres is Porto’s most prestigious city center address, and has been a meeting place for many since its inception in 1951.

hotel infante sagres

It’s lobby and eating salon have become beacons of history in Oporto, and are somewhat untouched to maintain the flair and glamour behind Infante Sagres, how it’s commonly named by the locals.

lobby of traditional luxury hotel porto portugal

The furnishing and attention to detail in every different texture on the walls and throughout even the staircase, show the importance of design in this hotel. When you step inside the hotel you feel immediately connected to the years of excellence the hotel has to share.

staircase with stained glass at hotel infante sagres porto portugal luxury hotels

Going further, with around 85 rooms and suites total, each and every space has a tailored interior design decoration made possible with beautiful textiles, and striking finishes in both natural woods and marbles. Giving a different taste of luxury to each room’s personality.

The Experience

Apart from its luxurious rooms, you can find glamourous food just around the corner. Since Hotel Infante Sagres is the home of the Vogue Café, in Porto.

The first of its kind in Portugal, after great locations such as Dubai and Bangkok. It’s the perfect way to take a breather after a long day, in great company! The magazines on the wall and the great interiors are bound to be your second home.

And if that is not your personal taste of the moment for relaxation, you can always visit the hotel’s rooftop and pool. A mirror to the city landscape and river, making you feel as if you are alone in Oporto.

The simple yet strong colored details in the rooftop invoke the importance of tile craftmanship in Portugal. You will see panels with beautiful tiles all around the city and the hotel.

Be sure to drink some native Port wine here too, and contemplate how lucky you are to also be a part of Hotel Infante Sagres’s history!

rooftop and pool

You can find more about this magnificent luxury hotel here.

Words by @madforyou_lhm
All images courtesy of Hotel Infante Sagres

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