Up & Coming Female Fashion Designers

We love it when fashion and female empowerment come together, resulting in unique and creative creations.

So, we introduce you to the up & coming female fashion designers that we think you have to meet, with the certainty that you will hear even more about their talent in the future.

10 Up & Coming Female Fashion Designers to Know!

Sohee Park

At just 26 years old, Sohee Park captures anyone’s heart with her dazzling creations. The young artist defines her work as “semi-couture”, that is, it is an artisanal process, with many hours of work and dedication.

In 2021, she was invited by Dolce & Gabbana to present her collection in Milan. In addition, she has dressed many celebrities, such as Bella Hadid.

We believe that Sohee Park’s perspective on fashion is a real breath of fresh air, as her main mission is to bring crafts and art to fashion, never forgetting sustainability.

Karoline Vitto

Brazilian in origin but based in London, she is one of the Up & Coming Female Fashion Designers to keep an eye out for.

In fact, Karoline Vitto is very distinguished by the empowerment of the female body through fashion. Karoline’s objective is to explore aesthetics to the limit, valuing different types of bodies. From the fat, mid-size to the thin, sensuality is being worked on in a wonderful way. She doesn’t want to hide wrinkles and fat, but enhance them with metal inserts and new cuts.

Nensi Dojaka

Here is a name already well established in the world of fashion. We believe that Nensi Dojaka needs no introduction.

Her brand was launched in 2017 and was a design project for the designer of Albanian origin. After a few years, the rise and success have become increasingly notorious.

Nensi Dojaka’s creations have a unique aesthetic. Above all, her great inspiration is the 90s, as well as its trends. Thus, asymmetrical designs, more relaxed pieces and transparent fabrics, with dark color palettes are its trademark.

We are total fans of this fashion designer and we believe that she will have an (even more!) promising career.

Elena Velez

Elena Velez is an American fashion designer who wants to make people think deeply about fashion, taking the fashion market out of its comfort zone.

Velez is renowned for her untraditional take on fashion, as well as bringing contemporary luxury to a younger generation. In this way, she mixes more elegant feminine aspects with harder masculine finishes. As a result, it offers the fashion world a new concept of femininity, which is by no means dictated by the standards of today’s society. She admits that she creates her own identity as a woman through clothes and emphasizes that the concept of femininity does not apply only to women.

Elena Velez: Up & Coming Female Fashion Designers
Elena Velez: Up & Coming Female Fashion Designers

Katya Zelentsova

The young woman of Russian origin spent most of her childhood drawing, which is why her taste for fashion has been present for as long as she can remember. Later, she moved to London, where she developed this aptitude further, creating clothes to make people feel good.

Inspired by how her mother and grandmother dealt with things throughout their lives, Zelentsova wants to take their mindset of making the best of negative situations and incorporate it into her work. For her, clothes aren’t just clothes—it’s a way of having power to also dress her life.

This Up & Coming Female Fashion Designer assumes that the 80s are her greatest inspiration, especially knitting and lace.


Isabella Weatherby

She is the founder of the Peachy Den brand, which was born in 2019 in London. Initially, Isabella created pieces that both she and her friends wanted to wear. Peachy Den emerged from the designer’s great desire to create pieces that fit everyone, with an inclusive design. Isabella is designed as a rebellious woman and believes that the brand was strengthened by this characteristic.

Bella Hadid and Olivia Rodrigo are some of the celebrities who have surrendered to the clothes of this rising fashion designer.

Anne Isabella 

Anne has a deep admiration for nature, an element that she tries to bring to her designs. This is visible mainly in her last collection, which was the one that gave her the most recognition.

Her talent and creativity caught the attention of Maria Grazia Chiuri, Bernard Arnault, and Julia Fox at LVMH.

Masha Popova

Masha fearlessly admits that she is not passionate about fashion, but about the messages she can pass on by resorting to fashion, generating debates and controversies.

Fashion is a message we use to communicate visually with the world. And if the message isn’t powerful enough, what’s the point in sending it?

Masha Popova

Her career as a designer is actually brief, but very intense, because she has an enviable curriculum for her age. She has collaborated with well-regarded brands such as Celine and Maison Margiela.

In 2021, Masha Popova decided to introduce butterflies into her pieces. What comes next is for history—Dua Lipa loved the details of the butterflies and started using them, causing Masha Popova’s brand to explode on Instagram.

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Di Pets

Without prejudice—this is the expression that defines Di Petsa’s motto. For her, being a woman designing for women is a huge advantage.

Her most recent and popular creations include wet looks, inspired by Greek mythology. The brand has already been used by names like Lizzo and Gigi Hadid and very recently Shakira was the center of attention when wearing a wet gold mini dress in the video clip of her recent song, with Karol G.

Natasha Somerville & Francesca Capper

The female duo behind the Poster Girl brand has been occupying more and more space in the fashion world. In fact, both designers have extensive experience in the field, having worked for Christian Dior and Vivienne Westwood.

They launched their brand in 2017 and aims to push the boundaries of femininity. The biggest source of inspiration is the glamorous designs of the 2000s, featuring bold cutouts.

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