All Our Favorite Female Designers in One Place

favorite female designers

For Women’s History Month we dug into our own archives to bring you all of our favorite lists of all of our favorite female interior designers and architects. Read on to discover a group of amazingly talented women who inspire us constantly, and with whom we are so honored to collaborate with!

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Inspired by Her Touch: 30 Top Female Luxury Interior Designers We Love

The power of the female touch runs deep at Love Happens! Founded by a woman and led by a team of talented women, at Lh and our publisher KOKET we are all about empowering other women. Both through luxury home décor and with the content in our magazine. So for this piece we celebrated being Inspired by Her with a list of top female luxury interior designers from around the world!

NY penthouse interior design with a metal art wall and swing by Gulla Jonsdottir - top female interior designers and architects

Celebrating 26 Top Female Interior Designers & Architects

This top list honors female interior designers and architects from around the world. A cheers to amazingly talented women who make the world a more beautiful, inspiring and functional place.

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Leading Ladies of Design: 20 Famous Interior Designers & Architects

When it comes to famous women in the world of interior design and architecture these 20 ladies have left their mark on design history and inspire endless other women in the world of design with their creative philosophies and styles!

most powerful women in design kelly wearstler photo joyce park los angeles

Be Empowered by 35 of the Most Powerful Women in Design

Women empowering women. At Love Happens by KOKET, this is who we are and what we rock! So here, we celebrate 35 of the most powerful women in design. Each an amazingly talented female creative who empowers beauty and style around the world.

Meet 85 of the Most Fashionable Women in Interior Design

Fashion and interiors have always shared a bond, so it comes as no surprise that interior designers are often as fashionable as their creations. And while this stands true whether male or female, this piece is all about giving a big shout out to some of our favorite fashionable female interior designers!

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KOKET, A Brand Fueled by Empowered Women

The term empowerment defines and indicates a process of growth, based on increased self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-determination. It is about bringing out latent resources and bringing an individual to consciously reach their potential. Empowerment means confidence and self-awareness.

At the luxury décor brand KOKET, the team of empowered women behind the company embodies the essence of this movement. And they are a special group known as the KOKET women.