One Luxuriously Fashionable Day in New York

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New York! This boundless and charming city, where skyscrapers grow right out from under your feet, and yellow cabs and NYC bus charters that have long filled this metropolitan area create an extraordinary color contrast against the background of stone and granite giants, is endlessly gorgeous and poetic.

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With its astonishing night parties and social events in the best hotels and bars, New York has long earned the title of one of the most stylish cities, where fashion shows of the most impressive Fashion Houses thunder all day long, unwittingly directing the eyes of all the spectaculars. When planning a “fashion voyage,” make an approximate list of locations to visit ahead of time. We prepared the ideal “fashionable” day in the New World’s most fantastic and delightful city. If you plan to go there with a big company, rent a bus in New York, follow our guidelines, and we promise that you will have an unforgettable experience!

Once in New York, the eternal and complicated question may arise. Where to settle? With BCS Bus Charter Rental NYC, you will be totally free in your movements and can choose any location you like. However, since our article is entirely devoted to the most “fashionable” places in New York, then, of course, the choice will fall on a hotel that is not inferior to the unspoken title of this breathtaking city. 

The well-known architects Albertini and Nelson have been surprising the public for years with their design delights. One of the latest projects is a new hotel erected in the heart of Manhattan – 1 Hotel Central Park. The hotel is designed in the style of urban and minimalist Downtown, with a deliberately emphasized idea of landscaping and “greening” everything. The creative idea of two great masters is based on maintaining the ecosystem and recycling obsolete materials.

Mia Sofa by Koket

When you meet the dawn, immediately start fulfilling all the points of your “wishlist”. Early in the morning, go to Sarabeth’s Pastry Shop, which is located on the Upper East Side, or rather at 1295 Madison Avenue. The owner of this establishment is Sarabeth Levin, who founded her first patisserie in 1981, selling jam made according to an old family recipe. A little later, the small bakery grew into an extensive network of Sarabeth’s pastry shops. It was in this place where the charming “four” from “Sex and the City” so passionately loved to sit over a cup of coffee and talk about pressing matters. In this place, you will be offered porridge with fresh fruits and a huge selection of branded jams, sweet pancakes with ricotta, hot brownies, freshly squeezed juices, and much more.

After having breakfast, proceed to the Louis K. Meisel Art Gallery, situated between the 5th and 6th Avenues in the center of the Soho district. Louis Meisel’s gallery is one of the most stylish exhibition salons, and it played a significant role in the development of photorealism in contemporary art. Furthermore, the Meisel Gallery owns one of the most extensive pin-up collections of American paintings.

To visit New York and leave without shopping therapy? Of course, no! We could offer to visit 5th Avenue, with its countless rows of shops of famous brands, but in our opinion, a slightly outdated tradition gives the right to conquer new unexplored New York fashion corners; therefore, go to 378 Blecker St, where the Hotoveli boutique is well located, which has absorbed everything World collections of Fashion Houses – from Nude: MM and Novemb3r to Lanvin and Yohji Yamamoto. Taking a charter bus rental in NYC can save time and allow you to see more while moving from one location to another. 

The logical conclusion of the day of any American fashion editor, artist, designer, or other representatives of high-fashion professions results in a pleasant pastime with the good company of friends and acquaintances—somewhere in an elegant bar, arranged on the roof of the tallest skyscraper in New York.

The Press Lounge is a rooftop bar famous for its beautiful NYC views at night and unforgettable parties. Sometimes, after spending a very busy day, you involuntarily think about a serene evening and a glass of red wine. Catching yourself on this thought, feel free to go to this bar and enjoy the scenery of the fading sun, sitting at the very ledge of the veranda, sipping local Lucida or Valerio.

New York is a big city where a lot of activities are available. Of course, one day is not enough to get to know it. But it is enough to fall in love with this fashionable capital and dream of returning again to explore and discover the most stylish places in New York.

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