Pillowcases to Transform Your Skin & Life, All While You Sleep.

ONYX Radiance is a groundbreaking brand helping people improve their skin and overall well-being worldwide through items they already use, like pillowcases, clothing, and other wearable goods, thanks to next-gen smart fabrics.

We all sleep for around a third of our lives. This time is vital to physical and mental recovery, but it is also the most significant period for skin healing and rejuvenation. While we sleep, the skin restores itself and synthesizes collagen and elastin, the main fibers that influence skin strength and elasticity. The skin can only do so much by itself, especially when normal bedding actively aggravates skin concerns, while also harming sleep quality.

In 2015, female entrepreneur Galia Hirsch asked herself, “How can we maximize skin well-being by transforming those ‘lost’ sleep hours into productive skincare time?” The answer led to the launch of ONYX Radiance, a pioneering luxury brand redefining how people use textiles around the globe.

onyx therapeutic pillowcase pillowcases to improve skin

The Science of Beauty Sleep

As the largest organ in the human body, the skin is a powerful conduit for beneficial minerals. These minerals have been cleansing and purifying skin for thousands of years. Still, their true antibacterial powers have only recently begun to be recognized in modern medicine.

The ONYX Radiance team’s in-depth R&D process led them to find and develop innovative new fabric production technologies to allow textiles to be infused with the remarkable renewing powers of natural minerals.

This resulted in the launch of two bestselling bedroom products. The Therapeutic Zinc-Infused Pillowcase design targets skin blemishes and shows results in as little as 2-4 weeks. The Lunar Beauty Silver-Infused Anti–Aging Pillowcase offers optimal anti-aging results through a slow-release process that offers visible improvements in 1-3 months.

ONYX Radiance’s smart textiles release zinc or silver ions while you sleep, treating various skin concerns without requiring costly clinic visits or complex skincare routines.

ONYX pillowcase pillowcases to improve skin

Transforming Complexions – and Lives

ONYX Radiance smart textiles are infused with unique complexes that include “natural antibiotics” like silver and zinc ions. These eliminate harmful microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Thereby alleviating the symptoms of many common skin conditions, such as acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and seborrhea.

Mainstream beauty brands do not cater to many people with sensitive skin and various skin conditions. Consumers are generally more aware of health issues than ever before. The comments about how our pillowcases helped to improve skin and had changed lives were flooding in.

It doesn’t just improve skin appearance. Customers reported improved sleep quality and relief from many other issues, including migraines, allergies, hot flashes, snoring, and hair loss. Against the backdrop of the COVID era and growing awareness of “clean sleeping,” ONYX Radiance pillowcases became must-have products, ensuring a clean, sterile sleep environment even when traveling.

For the first time, consumers can significantly improve their quality of life. And not simply through proper nutrition and an active lifestyle but by embracing innovative mineral-infused textiles.

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All of ONYX Radiance’s Revolutionary Products

ONYX Radiance has also expanded its product line to meet consumer demand for smart textiles in various areas of life. Including the Zinc Therapeutic T-Shirt to relieve skin blemishes and neutralize odors. Zinc Therapeutic Headwrap to soothe an itchy, flaky scalp and prevent hair loss by strengthening roots. And the Zinc Therapeutic Face Mask to prevent “maskne” and other concerns. As a result, the special Silver Ion Anti-Viral Face Mask is 99.99% efficient in eliminating coronavirus while caring for the skin. Additional products are now in the advanced development stages.

ONYX headwrap

“These next-generation antibacterial fabrics can genuinely change lives,” comments Galia Hirsch. “Our customer testimonials are evidence of the incredible results that can be achieved. At ONYX Radiance, our products are the start of a complete revolution in how we think about beauty and wellness.”

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