An LHM Exclusive Interview with Isabela Grutman

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Isabela Grutman reflects herself—her life in Miami and Brazilian heritage—in her myriad of creative pursuits. Alongside her entrepreneurial activities, including her recent Isa Grutman jewelry brand launch, she spends time with her two daughters in the big park in front of her home. Views of the bay, warm weather vibes, the Miami skyline, and the city’s easygoing nature all influence her work. She attributes other aspects like organic shapes, sparkle, elegance, and confidence to her home country, Brazil.

Love Happens caught up with Isabela Grutman to learn more about how her creative pursuits empower her:  

LH: We love your beautiful brands, wonderful partnerships, and stunning photography. Can you give us a brief overview of all the fabulous ventures you are currently part of?

Isabela Grutman: I’m the founder of and designer behind a small, resort-inspired clothing line named Rangel, which is my maiden name. I recently launched my jewelry line, Isa Grutman at Swan [her husband’s restaurant venture with Pharrell Williams and one of Isa’s favorite spots]. I am Vice President of a Miami-based charity called Style Saves. I’m a partner in IGK Hair. I still model with Wilhemina, and I help out at my husband’s company in creative direction. It’s a lot! But I love all of it. 

LH: How do your ventures relate to one another, and what are the first steps you take when starting something new?

Isabela: If something doesn’t feel like a right fit, I don’t pursue it. When I start something new, I consider: Does it feel natural? Am I drawn to it? It has to be organic and a genuine interest. When starting a new venture, I must have passion, knowledge, and a good support network—the team is essential!

I’m lucky to have a wonderful, creative, successful group around me. My husband. Victoria Beckham, whom I’ve gotten to know, is one of the chicest women I know. Laurie Lynn Stark, with Chrome Hearts. There are too many to name!

LH: How does your entrepreneurial spirit impact your family life?

Isabela: It’s well-balanced. Sometimes, it feels as though it’s all blended. My kids are always with me. They’ll be around during meetings. Our house is very social in this sense. I honestly love how it works!

LH: What have you found to be the most challenging in balancing busy schedules and multiple ventures?

Isabela: The administrative side, logistics, and the things you don’t necessarily think about at the beginning—does our website have enough bandwidth for speed and ease? When you’ve finished one to-do list, there are five more hidden ones. It never stops.

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LH: What do you find most empowering about your creative pursuits?

Isabela: This is a good question. I think it’s empowering to see something come to life. Something you imagined and something you love. To go from a thought to something physical… that’s a powerful notion. 

LH: What inspired you to get involved with Style Saves, and how did you get this philanthropic venture off the ground?

Isabela: I wanted to do something that gave back to the Miami community, especially something that benefits children. Our aim is to provide families with essential needs to help children get ahead, particularly in school, from backpacks to meals. It takes a lot, but it is the best feeling when we’re able to give back.

LH: Where else do you see opportunities to unite fashion and philanthropy? What sort of change do you seek to make in your work?

Isabela: I think there are opportunities for special edition pieces or capsules designed with philanthropy in mind. Pieces where proceeds go towards charity and that are inspired by the mission. I’ll always want to give back in whatever ways I can. Seeing the difference we make is the biggest impact. Even small differences go a long way. The beauty of this is that there are so many avenues to do so!

We’re keeping an eye on what’s next for Isa and supporting her as she balances her passions:  

Isabela Grutman is currently focusing most of her attention on her recently launched Isa Grutman jewelry line. However, she is still keeping an eye on new Groot restaurants opening soon. She aims to be remembered as a loving and caring mother, first and foremost. So she is sure to be seen in the park with her daughters finding creative inspiration.

Interview by Emma Voigt

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