The Best Swimwear Brands & Trends for 2023

Summer is almost here, and we love to know all the trends and the best brands to look great at the beach or pool. And, of course, in our photos! Don´t forget that the most important thing is that you feel good and confident in your own body. Thus, we prepared this list of 20 of the best swimsuit brands for 2023 and the top swimwear trends, all here for you in one beach-ready packed article!

Join us and enjoy the summer sun in all the best ways and, of course, in style!

23 of the Best Swimsuit Brands to Fall in Love With in 2023!

Maygel Coronel

ocaso spring summer 2023 collection by maygel coronel
TRINITARIA from Maygel Coronel’s Spring Summer 2023 Collection, OCASO

Since 2017, Cartagena-born designer and entrepreneur Maygel Coronel has been sharing beautiful fashion rooted in her desire to harmonize forms that frame the female body. Each work of swimwear art in the Maygel Coronel collection focuses on attention-grabbing details combined with classic silhouettes.

We especially love this brand’s feature on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Be the Change You Want to See Swimsuit 2022 edition!

Johanna Ortiz

el palmar one piece johanna ortiz longsleeve
El Palmar Onepiece by Johanna Ortiz

Inspired by the beauty and lushness of her native country of Colombia, Johanna Ortiz offers a collection of beautifully rich designs. Founded in 2013 and now a worldwide name, a “joie de vivre” radiates from every collection alongside distinct silhouettes and unique prints. JO began in swim, but today offers so much more, from ready-to-wear to home decor.


Lilla Black One-Shoulder Bikini Top with Gold Accessory by MOEVA
Lilla Black One-Shoulder Bikini Top with Gold Accessory by MOEVA

Combining striking design and quality craftsmanship, MOEVA creates timeless and irresistibly modern swimwear. In 2012 three women, Burcu Tanman, Yagmur Zirh, and Damla Zirh, founded MOEVA with the desire to make the right swimwear to make them feel beautiful, stylish, and confident. In search of a name that personified their ideology of a woman, they chose “Mo” from a Far Eastern expression that stands for brave and powerful, and “Eva” as the first woman created.

lemprica smoked mirror side table koket luxury home decor


Oséree luxury swimwear trends 2023 ss23 collection lumiere sparkly green bikini
SS23 LUMIÈRE High Waisted Bra by Oséree

With a name derived from the French verb oser, meaning to dare, Oséree offers elegant swimwear with rich details and flattering silhouettes. Founded in 2015 by Isabella and Jannine, two creatives with Italian roots. Made in Italy, this brand offers up beautifully crafted styles perfectly fitting for swimwear trends in 2023.

Melissa Odabash

20 Top Swimwear Brands for 2022 Melissa Odabash

Created in 1999 by Melissa, a former model and a woman entrepreneur. The brand clearly assumes a dominant, timeless, and luxurious position in the beachwear market. Making it a must on our list of the best swimsuit brands for 2023.

Melissa’s goal is to create collections that value and enhance various types of bodies, empowering women through fashion. The quality of fabrics is an absolutely distinguishing factor. Besides that, there is still a concern for the environment because the brand develops its creations with sustainable fabrics.

It is possible to find these passionate pieces in the brand’s online store and in two symbolic boutiques located in London, where there is a unique and stunning shopping experience. There are also 500 retailers in 50 countries.


Top Swimwear Brands & Trends for 2022 Averie

This brand is quite new to the market, but it quickly stole our hearts. It all started with the creation of sleepwear at the beginning of 2020, a year in which we spent a lot of time at home. Thus, a group of talented women developed a brand of luxurious pajamas that could be used in everyday life at home, replacing tracksuits. Currently, the brand has a very wide product portfolio, which includes wonderful bikinis and bathing suits.

“Averie” means “being magical”, a characteristic that is present in the various pieces of the brand. For example, the design of swimwear, namely the printed ones, conveys this magic and, in a way, an association with nature.

Andrea Iyamah

Gada Bikini by Andrea Iyamah
Gada Bikini by Andrea Iyamah

Andrea Iyamah is a Nigerian designer who created her own clothing brand. All pieces are inspired by nature, which is visible in their design. Above all, African ethnic cultures are an essential element of the creations. There is a contemporary femininity, which is visible through the boldest colors.

One of the brand’s core missions is to convey a message of adventure and confidence to the women who wear the clothes.

Sommer Swim


Sommer Swim is distinguished by its elegant minimalism. On the surface, the pieces look very simple, but they are all sources of sensuality. The brand assumes itself, without prejudice, as simplistic but very daring, creating trends instead of following them. In fact, it’s aimed at women of the new age, with open minds, who aren’t afraid to wear what they like! All fabrics are smooth and leave a lot of skin showing. And their collection is filled with 2023 swimwear trends.

Wave Babe Swimwear

Dream Top | Crush (Photo Courtesy of Wave Babe Swimwear)
DREAM TOP | CRUSH by Wave Babe Swimwear

Style and comfort are the words that define Wave Babe Swimwear. The designed collections are timeless, using natural colors that we don’t usually see. The fabrics are carefully selected to last many summers, so they are thicker and of great quality. This year’s collection is absolutely irresistible and promises to be talked about on Instagram.

OYE Swimwear

oye swimwear brands black one piece swimsuit trends 2023
RITA by OYE Swimwear

Blurring the line between swim and style, OYE Swimwear invites its customers to open their eyes and see fashion beyond the beach. Comfort, ease, dynamic, daring yet classic design, and wearability define the Istanbul-based brand. Founded in 2007 by twin sisters Ayca and Zeynep Sadikoglu, OYE came to be after the two discovered a beautiful stone on a trip to India and used it to create a custom swim design that caught the eye of others and started a demand they happily began serving!


GRAZI TOP HAIGHT DUSTY ROSE  (Photo Courtesy of Haight)

Haight’s creations are far from conventional. Thus, the raw materials create different volumes and textures. There is a certain freedom that is conveyed by beachwear. The finishes have characteristics to adapt to all bodies.

Jade Swim

swimwear trends 2023 Sena One Piece Sheen (Photo Courtesy of Jade Swim)

Jade Swim qualifies for its great simplicity without being basic. There is a classic and elegant feel to most pieces. Certainly, the pieces can be used on a wide variety of occasions. In fact, you can have a bathing suit and a top for a night out at the same time if you combine it with another piece! We love this variety of looks that you can create with just one piece because it is so versatile. So, of course, we had to have it on our list of the best swimsuit brands for 2023!

Monica Hansen Beachwear

swimwear trends 2023 GIRL ON FIRE BIKINI BOTTOM WITH METAL RINGS (Photo Courtesy of Monica Hansen Beachwear)

Created by Monica, an international fashion model with years of experience in this industry. The sassy products are made in Italy, with Italian raw materials. This brand gives importance to what is made by hand, as seen, for example, in their use of crochet.


Dedicated to impeccable fit to flatter the female form, MEDINA is for sure one of the best swimsuit brands for 2023. Expertly made in Europe using ECONYL regenerated nylon for stylish good-for-earth vibes! Designed to be worn to the beach and around town, MEDINA is all about empowering your body, spirit, and the earth.

Missus Swimsuits

best swimsuit brands  KESSIE BIKINI (Photo Courtesy of Missus Swimsuits)
KESSIE BIKINI by Missus Swimsuits

The ideal choice for color lovers on this list of the best swimsuit brands for 2023, Missus offers several models which guarantee to sculpt the shapes of all women. Missus focuses on the well-being of women with real bodies. The main goal is for all of us to feel sexy and elegant at the same time. The fabrics used are made from nylon fiber based on plastic waste found in the oceans.

muse sconce by koket gold and onyx

MBM Swim

best swimsuit brands  Fate (Photo Courtesy of MBM Swim)
FATE by MBM Swim)

Founded by Marcia Maxwell, an enterprising woman, in 2019. The necklines, especially in the swimsuits, convey a great sensuality, but at the same time, they are chic. The brand presents a kind of bestseller that is a swimsuit with transparency that is a real success. This brand also, through its communication, gives all women the opportunity to stand out and shine with these pieces. Further, they are masters of the belted look, a great style for 2023 trend #4 below.

Frankies Bikinis

Enzo Terry Cheeky Bikini Bottom (Photo Courtesy of Frankies Bikinis)

While searching for the best swimsuit brands for 2023, we found the perfect bikini that will look good on every part of the body. In fact, it all started as a hobby, as the brand’s founder created bikinis just for her friends. Due to Instagram, the pieces were a huge success to the point of creating their own brand. Celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Kylie and Kendall Jenner are keen to rock bikinis from this brand.

The Attico

MATTE BABY PINK BIKINI (Photo Courtesy of The Attico)

The brand itself is based on the combination of two totally different personalities. Extraversion and daring are combined with calm and thoughtfulness. These features are present in the designs. This contrast results in a unique and irresistible aesthetic. It features a vintage and modern style.

Léa the Label

best swimsuit brands  MONROE - MOCHA (Photo Courtesy of Léa the Label)
MONROE – MOCHA by Léa the Label

Sustainable Swimwear & Eco-Conscious Resort Wear are the distinguishing features of Léa the Label. The collections are very classic and elegant, although they also adapt to trends. All bikinis look like a must-have that you can wear for years to come. This is another collection filled with 2023 swimwear trends!


Perhaps this is the brand that has the greatest diversity of pieces, especially with regard to colors. We’re sure you know some of this brand’s designs from Instagram. Celebrities who have millions of followers on this social network, like Emily Ratajkowski, are fans of this brand. In fact, the model is the face of the brand’s latest collection, Mosaic Swim, which has patterns in the form of a mosaic with plenty of color.

Tropic of C

best swimsuit brands Tropic of C by Candice Swanepoel

Supermodel Candice Swanepoel created Tropic of C, a brand all about nature! The purpose is to create a positive impact on the environment. So there is a perceived approach to color, texture, and even pattern. Likewise, the feminine forms are an undeniable source of inspiration.

Juillet Swimwear

swimwear trends 2023 THE GIANA TOP IN SURREY (Photo Courtesy of Juillet Swimwear)
THE GIANA TOP IN SURREY by Juillet Swimwear

Juillet Swimwear has been talked about a lot, especially by The Giana Top In Surrey, which has been mentioned in some magazines and on social media. The bikini top has a different cut than what we usually see and, therefore, has a very nice neckline. The fact that it is adjustable to the chest gives more comfort and adaptability.


Empowered luxury beachwear and ready-to-wear are what Antoninias is all about. Embracing the essence of the powerful woman, the Antoninias collection is rooted in its founder’s passion for spreading an empowering message to women around the world. A message that aims to show the unique beauty every woman possesses and to empower them to be themselves no matter the opinion of others. Each piece is made in limited editions and with the least possible environmental impact.

1. Long-Sleeve Swimsuits

Skin protection is in, and so comes long-sleeve swimsuits as a healthy and stylish addition to our list of 2023 swimwear trends.

Amar One Piece Swimsuit in Eros Print by Andrea Iyamah
Amar One Piece Swimsuit in Eros Print by Andrea Iyamah

2. Balconette Underwires

This is a great defined look and one we see all over swimwear brand offerings in 2023, making it for sure a trend to note.

Mariel Balconette Top by Tropic of C
Mariel Balconette Top by Tropic of C

3. Shimmer & Shine

In line with fashion’s fascination with retro vibes, also seen in the 70s and 80s patterns in 2023 swimwear, shimmery and sparkly fabrics are in.

shimmer collection by wave babe swimwear
Shimmers Collection by Wave Babe Swimwear

4. Ruffles, Strings, Belts & Bling

We love this 2023 swimwear trend as it is all about details and accents. From billowing ruffles and strappy strings to metallic accents in the forms of rings and other bling.

Golden Beaches One-Piece Swimsuit by Johanna Ortiz
Golden Beaches One-Piece Swimsuit by Johanna Ortiz

5. Cut It Out, & Cut It High

Trending for the past few years now, the cut-out look in swimwear reigns on in swimwear trends for 2023. While the cut-out trend doesn’t always go with a high cut, both looks are oh-so-in!

Honora Black Cut Out Swimsuit With Gold Accessory by MOEVA
Honora Black Cut Out Swimsuit With Gold Accessory by MOEVA

Words by Sílvia Oliveira
Feature Image: MICRO COLLECTION by Jade Swim

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