What Do These 3 High-End Interior Designers Have in Common?

High end interior designers

Want an exclusive peek into the world of high-end interior design? Follow along as we unravel the secrets of three extraordinary luxury designers. Kimberly Rider hailing from the vibrant heart of Northern California’s Bay Area. Mosaic Luxe from the sun-kissed shores of Florida. And Ashlie Adam from the breathtaking heights of Denver.

In this article, we’ll uncover the one striking similarity that binds their creative genius together and explore the mesmerizing fusion of artistry and organization as each of these designers reveal how project management forms the very core of their craft.

Kimberly Rider Interiors, Bay Area & Marin County

Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok have furthered our obsession with Home Improvement and Renovation. They show us the inner workings of the visually delicious world of Interior Architecture, Design, Remodeling, and Decorating. Often you may see a time-lapse where many hands busily work away at laying flooring, painting, or setting tile. Looking as though there is an automated program running the crew and labor. The decision-making, agonizing over the details, and the management of the process are not often shown as they may seem tedious or superfluous.

high end interior designers Kimberly Rider Interiors, Bay Area & Marin County
Design by Kimberly Rider (Photo Courtesy of)

Too often, it seems like these gorgeous spaces appear magically once someone comes up with an innovative idea or has a great Mood Board they want to implement. The nuts and bolts of interior design and renovation are often overlooked. It isn’t the “pretty part” of the process. What needs to be emphasized both for professionals and end-users is how important the planning, logistics, value engineering, and proper implementation of a great idea are. The vision of a great project can get lost very easily once construction begins. At this stage, multiple people from all ends of the implementation process begin to work together, overlapping and coordinating efforts.

Project management is the connected railway lines for the train system. It’s the cooking instructions for a delicious recipe, detailing how all of the ingredients go together in sequence, proportion, and temperature.

– Kimberly Rider

  • Featured multiple times on HGTV
  • Author of two published books;
    • The Healthy Home Workbook: Easy Steps for Eco-Friendly Living
    • Organic Baby: Simple Steps for Healthy Living

Learn more about luxury interior design at Kimberly Rider Interiors

blue and white foyer luxury interior design Kimberly Rider Interiors, Bay Area & Marin County
Design by Kimberly Rider (Photo Courtesy of)
mia sofa koket luxury home decor

Mosaic Luxe Interior Design, Boca Raton, Florida

A large portion of the high-end interior design work in Boca Raton revolves around designing and managing home remodeling projects for clients purchasing second homes in Florida. A good portion of these projects are completed while the client is far away in a different state. So there’s a lot of trust involved.

These particular clients need a turnkey solution. And a big reason Mosaic Luxe is a fit for them is our emphasis on project management. Budgets and resources are crucial with luxury interior design projects because of the sheer cost and scale of each project.

Mosaic Luxe Interior Design, Boca Raton, Florida contemporary kitchen design gray
Design by Mosaic Luxe Interior Design (Photo Courtesy of)

It’s of the utmost importance to create a fixed timetable with architects, general contractors, and any subcontractors involved in these large projects, including those responsible for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work.

A common misconception people may have about luxury clients is that they don’t care about budgets or costs. Still, the opposite is often true, and they are keen to hire design firms that execute a good product and practice fair trade principles.

By shepherding projects in this way, high-end interior designers give their clients full transparency in both cost of the project and a crystal clear timeline.

– Stacey Cohen

  • Two decades of experience in Interior Design
  • Degree in interior architecture from Parson’s New School of Design
  • Finalist on HGTV’s Design Star
  • LEEDs certified

Learn more about Stacey Cohen at Mosaic Luxe Interior Design.

Mosaic Luxe Interior Design, Boca Raton, Florida high end interior designers
Design by Mosaic Luxe Interior Design (Photo Courtesy of)

Ashlie Adam Interiors, Denver, Colorado

Working on high-end interiors requires an incredible amount of attention to detail. And a focus on delivering design projects that are completely turn-key. It’s not only important to have expertise in finding exclusive materials, furniture, and finishes. But it also demands logistical finesse to have everything installed on time and in the right sequence.

Ashlie Adam Interiors, Denver, Colorado high end interior designers modern kitchen wood
Design by Ashlie Adam (Photo Courtesy of)

Luxury design in Colorado often will take you underground. We often build fitness rooms and mini spas from scratch in the basements we refinish. Having vetted mechanical, electrical, and plumbing experts all managed and scheduled by our design team, can shave weeks, if not months, off the timetable for these ‘trade specialist’ heavy projects.

Ashlie Adam Interiors, Denver, Colorado basement lounge and gym
Design by Ashlie Adam (Photo Courtesy of)

For our basement spa projects, we often use flooring that looks like wood, but it’s actually a luxury vinyl plank (LVP) because the ground slabs move a lot in Colorado, and it requires the flooring to be more malleable. Geographic knowledge and local expertise are extremely valuable. And one of the ways hiring high-end interior designers can be less expensive than having to do things twice.

– Ashlie Adam

  • Bachelor’s of Science degree in Interior Design from, CIDA Accredited, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
  • Member of the American Society of Interior Design
  • She is currently renovating the Iconic ‘Mountain Star Home’ in Boulder, Colorado

Learn more about Ashlie at Ashlie Adam Interiors.

Wrapping Up

In summary, the common thread among these three high-end interior designers is their emphasis on the importance of project management in delivering exceptional results. Each designer understands that meticulous planning, effective communication, and efficient resource management are critical for executing a luxury client’s vision. While the aesthetics of interior design may capture the public’s attention, it’s the behind-the-scenes project management that truly brings a design to life. By focusing on these principles, Kimberly Rider Interiors, Mosaic Luxe Interior Design, and Ashlie Adam Interiors consistently meet their clients’ expectations and continue to thrive in the competitive world of high-end interior design.

All Photos are Courtesy of the Respective Designers

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