How to Create Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

outdoor living room space by stephanie coutas

Breezy comfort, stunning views, cozy corners, and tons of greenery are among some of our favorite things when it comes to outdoor living. Read on for tips from the world-renowned French Interior Designer Stéphanie Coutas on how to maximize your outdoor living space to create a spacious and tranquil environment.

Take Your Pick – Enhance the View or Accentuate the Landscape

‘’When designing an outdoor living space I always choose between enhancing the view or accentuating the beautiful landscape. For example, in Saint Tropez, the choice of the main outdoor seating area was because of the spectacular view of the sea and the village. At night it’s wonderful! The lights of the village start to appear and the effect creates a brand new scene.”

outdoor patio design in saint tropez by stephanie coutas

“The other terrace is by the pool house and serves as a cosy area surrounded by a ‘jungle-like’ atmosphere. A selection of trees and bamboo plants give the impression that they have been there forever. I also created an outdoor shower, but just for the fun of it!”

outdoor shower design by stephanie coutas

Treat Your Outdoor Living Space as a Continuation of Your Interior

“For more sophisticated terrace areas, I will always think of the outdoor space as a continuation of the interior. Lighting is key here because these spaces are typically used during different times of the day. Good lighting ensures that these spaces look inviting no matter what time it is! Where I can, I also try to always include some form of sun shade to allow for outdoor living during hot weather.”

terrace design by stephanie coutas

Define Areas for Specific Moments

“I like to give a particular use for each space where I can. For example, I like to allocate one space for a breakfast area, and another special corner for chilling at sunset.”

sunset viewing outdoor living space idea - design by stephanie coutas
intuition dining table koket

Go for Comfort, Quality & Style When Selecting Decor for Your Outdoor Living Space

“Sofas must be comfortable yet easy to move, and fabric choices are extremely important. I personally like to mix pieces to add charm – combining vintage and contemporary pieces is always a good idea!”

london outdoor living space luxury patio by stephanie coutas

“Whilst sofas and coffee tables are obvious, accessories are a must! Try and select cheerful and natural accessories where you can. My three ‘essential purchases’ would probably be, a pair of beautiful chairs, a fun piece (like a ceramic coloured stool for example), and a nice outdoor lamp! 😊’’

outdoor living space by stephanie coutas

All Quotes, Designs, and Photos Courtesy of Stephanie Coutas

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