Mixing and Matching: How to Choose the Right Dining Room Chairs

how to choose the right luxury dining chairs

Variety is the spice of life. But even unconventionality needs to have its boundaries! Mixing and matching your dining room chairs is a great way to bring some joie de vivre into your living space without compromising the overall look and feel of your home’s foundational style. 

However, unless you have a background in design or art direction, knowing how to find the right balance between contrasting colors, shapes, and design eras can be challenging. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips for you to follow when choosing your dining room chairs. 

Without further ado, let’s get stylin’. 

Shape or Color Contrast – Not Both 

When determining how to go about selecting different dining room chairs, you want to limit the amount of contrast you have. Instead of picking chairs that all feature completely different colors, shapes, and themes, make sure there’s at least one common feature that ties them all together. 

Color or shape are great places to start. Either choose chairs that have a similar or identical shape with varying colors or chairs that share the same color but have varied shapes. Don’t forget that color impacts you emotionally, too, so make sure whatever you choose is comfortable—literally and visually!

Choose Colors That Complement Your Other Décor 

If you’re going to go for the amalgam approach to dining room chairs, it can be nice to have more calming and consistent elements in other parts of the room. That means choosing colors that are either reflected in the surrounding walls or other furniture or colors that complement each other really well. 

If you have a bold color marble fireplace in your dining room, choose chairs that share this hue’s warm tone or a commonly complementary color. This helps to introduce some much-needed visual balance to what could otherwise turn into a hot mess. 

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Keep Your Chairs in the Same Age Group 

By this, we mean the historical era during which the chairs were made or inspired by. 

Placing some antique 18th-century wooden Chippendales alongside a contemporary Eames wishbone chair is only going to appear messy and confusing to the eye—and that’s a best-case scenario. 

You don’t necessarily have to choose a chair combo from exactly the same year or designer, but sticking to a general era will help keep the room feeling visually and atmospherically congruent. 

Try Just Mixing Up the Armchairs 

The armchairs are the two chairs that sit at the head and the foot of your table (move on to the next tip, round-table folk). If you have the space in your dining room for it, this can be a fun way to mix and match chairs to keep the environment feeling interesting and diverse without changing the overall vibe too much. 

Go Monochrome 

If you stick to just one dominant color, you can get away with a lot more, design-wise. While many people associate the word “monochrome” with black and white, the term refers to any color palette limited to one hue—it could be red, blue, pink, yellow, orange, or anything you like. 

Selecting a monochromatic look for your dining room chairs means you can be much more playful with things like shape, design era, and general style. It gives the chairs something to relate to without adding too much visual disruption to the overall appearance. 

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What About a Bench?

A classy bench makes a great addition to any dining room area, and they can marry really well with a selection of beautiful chairs on the other side.

Adding a bench to your living area brings in a fresh, light-hearted, and extremely practical sentiment that is perfect for entertaining guests of every age. Plus, they are typically on the simpler side of design, allowing you more freedom to experiment with a set of chairs on the other side of the table. 

Ignite Bench by Koket

Use Contrasting Colors 

Knowing which colors complement and contrast well with each other is key to creating a harmonious and fitting selection of dining room chairs. Once you know the basics, you can start to sort your medley of interesting chairs in a more strategic way. Here are some classic contrasting combos to know:

  • Peach and Royal Blue
  • Ochre and Charcoal 
  • Dusty Pink and Powder Blue 
  • Lavender and Teal 
  • Sage Green and Mustard Yellow 

All of these popular color combinations work well together because they sit opposite each other on the color wheel. This is a great way to create and predict contrasting colors for future reference. 

Find a Unifying Element 

When you’re getting playful with your dining chair style, it’s useful to keep at least one element of consistency throughout each chair. They could all have wooden legs or a bold color cushion, or they could all feature wicker or another woven material. 

This helps to maintain a certain level of uniformity regardless of how experimental you choose to be with the remaining design elements. Find one thing that unifies them, and play from there. 

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Unleash Your Playful Side

Design strategies aside, your dining room is your dining room, and style is personal taste. Don’t forget to follow your own instincts and have fun trying out different combinations. 

Think about what you love, the dining experiences that have inspired you, and the way you want to feel when you eat and entertain. Then play a bit to get that feeling and have fun finding what ties in with your sense of style and creative outlook. 

Take a Seat

When it comes to decorating the interior of your home, it can be easy to get swept up in the idea of consistency. After all, visual harmony forms a big part of what great home design is about. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get creative every now and then with how you choose to set up your home. 

Next time while you feel like bringing a breath of fresh air into your dining room, consider a well-thought-out mix and match of chairs to spice things up a little. With these hot design tips, you can curate a dining environment that is altogether innovative, cohesive, and memorable.

Words by Ellen Klein
Feature Image Interior by KOKET

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