7 Retro-Inspired Renovation Ideas for a Vintage Vibe

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Retro renovation is a hot new trend in home decorating. But that doesn’t mean you need to scour the countryside for antiques. 

You can surrender to the appeal of vintage aesthetics in interior design, with retro-inspired styles that pair beautifully with modern spaces. 

Here are our 7 retro-inspired renovation ideas for a vintage vibe.

Vintage Colors and Patterns

Start by choosing the predominant color scheme. The vintage period you want to evoke will dictate your choice of wall and furnishing hues and patterns. 

Your comfort level with color plays a vital role, too. No trend should ever take priority over your tastes.

Many vintage vibes are accompanied by earthy colors like burnt orange or mustard yellow. Those aren’t colors that everyone is comfortable with, but earthy colors can be calmer and cooler. 

retro renovation ideas - burnt orange moire wallpaper - koket curved vamp sofa - hypnotic chandelier - tears cocktail table

There’s a wealth of sage green cabinet designs to give any kitchen a retro feel that coordinated beautifully with neutrals.

Try accents of blush pink or tan against your sage green backdrop, for a look that is at once modern and retro. 

If you prefer your color scheme to be understated, introduce your vintage theme through the clever use of patterns and prints.

Retro Statement Floors

One of the easiest ways to implement retro renovation ideas is statement flooring. You have several options.

Wooden parquet floor tiles are a beautiful choice. They offer soundproofing qualities as well as add warmth to your sleeping or living spaces. 

Tiled floors (or even easy-care vinyl flooring) with geometric patterns, bold colors, and iconic tile designs make a big retro impact, too. They’re ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, or enclosed patio. 

Classic Furniture with a Modern Feel

There’s a timeless appeal to mid-century modern furniture. 

Iconic pieces such as Eames chairs, tulip tables, and vintage sofas will quickly create the look you’re going for.

You may find what you’re looking for at the local auction house. All that’s usually needed is a bit of love and restoration. 

But there’s a simpler way to get the style you crave. Have a modern replica made of your vintage table, chair, or sofa of choice.

Going back a bit further to the turn of the last century, Art Nouveau furniture is often replicated. Its beauty lies largely in the elegance of its flowing lines. 

With the latest trend of curves in a living room, you may find this decor period is the perfect solution.

vintage vibes in luxury foyer with koket luxury furniture - retro renovation ideas

Wallpaper Feature Wall

Nothing says retro like wallpaper. Especially paper with geometric shapes, large floral prints, or embossed details. 

But remember, less is more. To avoid looking too cluttered, choose one wall in a large living area for the vintage wallpaper treatment. 

Paint the remaining walls in the most subtle color found in the wallpaper’s print. This feature wall approach will give a modern twist to a retro renovation, and help to create a cohesive color palette. 

Retro Appliances and Fixtures

Vintage fixtures like clawfoot bathtubs will turn any bathroom into a haven of nostalgia. 

Along with pedestal basins and antique framed mirrors, you can often find them when deceased estates are cleared before being sold. 

Retro appliances, too, have loads of charm. But choose them wisely. 

There’s no doubt that the new eco-friendly appliances are far more energy efficient than their much older counterparts.

However, you can still have that vintage appliance look. Many kitchen appliance manufacturers produce retro-inspired pieces without high energy consumption.

Lighting with a Nostalgic Twist

Retro lighting fixtures like Sputnik chandeliers, globe pendant lights, and tripod floor lamps, are often all that’s needed for a vintage vibe. 

Look through your local furniture thrift store for some classic light fittings. These are often inexpensive and just need to be rewired and cleaned up a bit to look their best again.

The right lighting is crucial for setting the mood in any home. 

Although bright lighting is always a good idea in the kitchen, softer lighting creates a more relaxed atmosphere in sleeping and sitting areas. 

Dimmer switches and warm-toned bulbs create a cozy yet inviting ambiance in living rooms or the bedroom. 

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Pop Art and Vintage Artifacts

You don’t have to cram your home full of ornate frames and art like an authentic French Boudoir

But a few carefully curated and well-placed pop art and vintage artifacts will help you pull all your retro renovation ideas together. And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

They don’t even have to be from the same era if they share a common theme like the same bold hue or print. 

Fun ideas for your mantelpiece display include vintage ornaments and collectibles, vinyl records and covers, or even antique cameras. 

Feature Image: Vintage Vibe Interior designed by J Peter Staunton featuring furniture by KOKET

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