Design Tips to Elevate Your Luxurious Outdoor Living Space

luxurious outdoor living space

As spring rolls in, warmer days are right around the corner. Anticipate longer daylight hours by the pool, the smell of grilled steaks in the air, and that grand party you’ll be hosting for the 4th of July. Now is the perfect time to plan for elevated outdoor living spaces. After all, you want perfection when it comes to all of your entertainment needs.

With under-deck patio ideas, a greener lawn, and stylish new furnishings, you’ll soon have a space you’ll want to share. As you think about how to create your dream outdoor living space, here are a few ways to begin your improvements.

Elevate Your Luxurious Outdoor Living Space

Build An Upscale Deck

A deck provides a natural choice for adding more living space to your home. With some intention, you can design a luxurious spot that can satisfy both lazy summer days and fun-filled fall nights.

With the right planning, outdoor living spaces can become a natural extension of the home. It not only adds value to your house but also to your lifestyle.

The endless design possibilities may be a bit overwhelming. So, try starting here.

Design for Success

As you interview builders, ask for design options and consider the wide range of colors, styles, and materials available. Also, look for add-ons that can make a deck feel more custom, such as a pergola, built-in benches, planters, and inlays that create designs on the deck floor. If you’re planning to add a stone fireplace, a fire table, or a hot tub, be sure the deck’s substructure is built to withstand that added weight.

Consider Your Existing Home’s Design

Where can you naturally flow from indoor to outdoor living space? Also, consider what complements your home’s architecture?

Design by Wade Weissmann Architecure
Design by Wade Weissmann Architecure
nahema chair by koket - brass hands

Make Your Space Comfortable

Bring the indoors out by choosing quality furniture with stylish frames and cushions. Try to test out your chairs and couches before purchasing so you know you’ll enjoy sitting in them as much as you enjoy looking at them. Don’t be afraid to add pops of color with pillows, outdoor rugs, lanterns, and artwork. As well as this you could install a ledge and brace door for a gate 
for example.

luxury pool Design by Janie Molster Designs for Kips Bay Palm Beach 2022 (Photo by Nickolas Sargent (Sargent Photography))
Design by Janie Molster Designs for Kips Bay Palm Beach 2022 (Photo by Nickolas Sargent (Sargent Photography))

Grow Green Accents

Cultivate landscaping to complement your space. Curate beautiful views of the garden or bring potted plants on the deck.

Design by Elicyon
Design by Elicyon

Brighten Up

Whether it’s strategically placed sconces, solar caps, step lights, string lights, or lanterns, lighting can be both ornamental and functional. When in doubt, the right lighting creates ambiance and warmth.

luxurious outdoor living space Design by Ar Kamal Roop Singh Maan of KR Architecture Studio
Design by Ar Kamal Roop Singh Maan of KR Architecture Studio

Give Shape to Your Aesthetic

Simply curving lines can make a deck feel more custom.

luxurious outdoor living space Katherine Newman lake house yard
Design by Katherine Newman Design

Add Space Under the Deck

With an under-deck drainage system, you can create waterproofed space that doubles your entertaining space. Create a luxurious cobblestone patio protected from the weather or close in a screened sun porch with a ceiling fan and comfortable seating.

Landscape Your Luxurious Outdoor Living Space With Style

luxurious outdoor living space Design by Jill Croka Designs
Design by Jill Croka Designs

Your lawn and garden can accentuate your home or detract from its beauty. Get help from a landscape architect or experienced landscaper to help you design your space.  Create “rooms” by using natural elements such as hedges and trees, so you have spaces to entertain, play, and relax.

Consider whether you prefer low maintenance or high wow-factor, which may mean a little more work to keep your plants looking beautiful. Be sure to consider the sun, shade, and your plant hardiness zone.

A well-manicured lawn will accentuate the entire space. Ask a professional about your soil, and get recommendations for its maintenance. Moreover, don’t neglect to control your weeds, and get the right fertilizer for a neater lawn. You may want to consider an irrigation system that is set on a timer to keep your lawn green even in dryer months.

floor screen with brass butterflies by koket

Build In Amenities

Try creating protected spaces from the weather to add a whole array of amenities.

Outdoor Kitchen

This functional space allows you to grill for guests without having to leave the party.

luxurious outdoor living space Design by FBC London outdoor dining kitchen
Numan Collection by FBC London

Outdoor Television or Entertainment System

Bring on opportunities for watching movies, singing karaoke, and dancing the night away with an outdoor TV and/or entertainment system. Choose the right spot for your outdoor television by considering the size of the area, the direction of the sun, and your seating area. And don’t forget the music! The right music can set the right mood for your party — or for quality time with your favorite book. Talk to an electronics dealer to pick the best sound system.

Design by Eye For Pretty (Photo by Amy Bartlam)
Design by Eye For Pretty (Photo by Amy Bartlam)

Fireplace or Fire Table

A sure way to add warmth and beauty to your space. Not only will you be able to make smores under summer night skies, but you can also extend the usefulness of your deck into cooler months.

luxurious outdoor living space Design by Paul McClean
Design by Paul McClean

Water Features

Create your own at-home spa experience by adding a hot tub or water feature. Light some candles and play soothing music on your sound system. Add a touch of elegance by draping the area in gauzy white curtains for privacy. Build a water feature into your plans and enjoy the soft, soothing sounds of a fountain or pond nearby for the ultimate sense of escapism.

Struxure pergola water feature pool outdoor luxury living
Water feature & pergola by Struxure

Outdoor living spaces are so necessary! With the right design, you and your guests will be delighted with your luxurious outdoor living space. It will last for years to come with the right thought and planning.

Featured Image by Murat Demircan

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