10 of the Most Fabulous Jewelry Stores in the US

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Seasoned stylist Amy Roseveare gives her take on the top jewelry stores that are a must-go if you’re into all things high quality—and sparkly.

I will freely admit that I’ve been completely jewelry obsessed since my earliest memories. I feel so fortunate that my career path has led me down a sparkly road, which has given me a license to be an expert. I’m in year 24 of being a personal wardrobe stylist, and I’ve written hundreds of articles on my former jewelry blog, including designer interviews and jewelry trends. I’m now both an online estate jewelry dealer for my brand, The Curated Jewelry Box, and the founder of The Curated Shopper, my little black book of hand-picked hidden gem stores worldwide for luxury shoppers.

Needless to say, this has allowed me to shop for jewelry in a wide variety of locales. Granted, I haven’t been everywhere (yet!), but I want to share some of my favorite US stores with you for finding jewelry from current designers and brands. These shops range from one-brand boutiques to multi-jewelry brand shops to other larger stores with everything from clothing and home goods to accessories. In alphabetical order, here they are.

1. A’maree’s, Newport Beach, CA 

Entering this store is everything—from the view of the water to the impeccably decorated light-filled space brimming with heritage and emerging brands. This is a full-fledged lifestyle store, and the jewelry is simply fantastic. Bibi van der Velden, Noor Fares, and Will Hannigan Pearls are among the many designers I adore. Looking back, I don’t think I’ve ever left this store empty-handed! They regularly have personal appearances by their designers, which is a great way to get a deeper understanding of a collection and have the designer personally select a piece for yourself. 

2. August, Los Angeles, CA 

August is the brainchild of Bill Hermsen, who has THE most exquisite taste! He selects makers that blend effortlessly together, and the strong cohesion is something very difficult to achieve. The aesthetic is very organic and sinuous. These lines of the jewelry are all highlighted by the juxtaposition of straight lines and angles of the cabinetry he designed himself. This is where I first discovered the work of London-based Alice Ciccolini and where I purchased a diamond ring by Gabriella Kiss for a memorable birthday.  He recently added Prounis to his store, who is most certainly a name to know. Her designs are fabulous and wearable. 

August jewelry best jewelry stores in the usa
Photo courtesy of August Jewelry Store

3. Bergdorf Goodman Jewelry Salon, NewYork City, NY

As I said, my favorite places for jewelry range from small to huge. And this is about as huge as you can get! Completely remodeled in 2015, the Bergdorf Jewelry Salon is home to 60+ designers ranging from Arman Sarkisiyan to Silvia Furmanovich. It’s easy to spend an entire afternoon here. They have a rotating roster of designers in residence, which has recently included Marla Aaron and other forward-thinking designers. I admire how the buyers accommodate personal styles from more traditional to those that think more outside the box. 

Bergdorf Goodman nyc
Photo courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman Jewelry Salon

4. Cayen Collection, Carmel, CA 

Soraya Cayen has it all—the eye, the designer relationships, and a fantastic location in one of the most charming locales on the California coast. Visiting the seaside village of Carmel is not complete without a visit to her jewelry boutique. Though her selections include some of the most high-end designers, you’ll truly feel right at home. The staff is lovely, and they encourage you to try pieces on. This is such a different ambiance to stores where you get that feeling of “look but don’t touch!” Designers including Verdura, David Webb, and Elie Top give you a taste of what you’ll discover here. 

Cayen Collection
Photo courtesy of Cayen Collection
Intuition Dining Table by KOKET

5. Foundrae, New York City, NY

Though this is a single-brand jewelry store, you’re in for quite an experience when you visit. This two-story boutique completely immerses you in the lifestyle of founder Beth Bugdaycay. The architecture, the furniture (I covet the pink velvet couch!), and the lending library are all part of creating this experience. Her jewelry is based on a series of tenets that allow you to design completely unique combinations. You actually create your autobiography in gold. In addition, they have an onsite engraver to make it even more personal. My first pendant was the small “Dream” one, and I think it’s about time to add another. 

Foundrae Jewelry top jewelry store in new york city nyc us
Photo courtesy of Foundrae Jewelry

6. Grange Hall, Dallas, TX

When you enter this dark, mysterious shop, your eyes quickly adjust, and you begin to take in all the unique beauty they have to offer. It’s all the creation of Rajan Patel and Jeffrey Lee, who have created a full sensory experience, including jewelry, home décor items, apothecary, and other assorted curiosities. 

On my last visit, I coveted pieces from Lydia Courteille and Sevan Bicakci. Oh, and some chunky gemstone rings from Carolyn Roumeguere…and the boldest diamond watches ever from Christian Koban. Other favorites include Judy Geib, Noor Fares, and VRAM. If you’re hungry after all the shopping, enjoy a scrumptious meal at the attached restaurant. 

Grange Hall Jewelry dallas texas
Photo courtesy of Grange Hall Jewelry

7. Just One Eye, Los Angeles, CA 

This innovative concept store in the Sycamore District in Hollywood is well beyond a store. It’s a gallery, a high fashion destination, and a jewelry boutique all in one. They also have a Jorge Serrano beauty salon on the premises! You can truly get styled head to toe in this unique establishment. The jewelry selection is so on-point and fashion-forward; I discover something new every single visit. This is where Daniela Villegas became one of my most-loved jewelry designers. It’s where I fawn over pieces from Parisian designer Sylvie Corbelin and where you can currently immerse yourself in a shop-in-shop by Brazilian-born Fernando Jorge. This gallery-like environment is ever-changing and sure to leave you inspired on each visit. 

just one eye jewelry store top in los angeles
Photo courtesy of Just One Eye Jewelry

8. Nak Armstrong, Austin, TX

I have been a huge fan of Nak’s jewelry for years, so I was thrilled when he opened his own boutique in Austin, located in the Music Lane development on South Congress. It’s an ultra-chic space inspired by the brutalist decor in Milan. The use of marble, accents in green and chartreuse, and cleverly designed vitrines really showcase the breadth of his designs. There’s also a very comfy seating area in the rear of the store where I’ve certainly spent some quality time chatting with Nak and his partner, Walter. His fine jewelry line is constantly evolving and growing. I’m currently lusting for the Split Eternity ring and a pair of earrings from his Ruffled Hardware collection. He also has a fabulous secondary line called Nakard, which is comprised of various gemstones set in rhodium-finished sterling silver. I personally love the various rivière necklaces, which are sure to be a timeless classic.

That’s the beauty of all Nak Armstrong’s jewelry—he creates from his wonderful imagination versus playing to the trends. His work stands the test of time! 

Nak Armstrong jewelry top jewelry stores in us austin texas
Photo courtesy of Nak Armstrong Jewelry

9. Sidney Garber, New York City, NY and Chicago, IL

This outstanding jewelry line was founded in 1946 by the talented Sidney Garber in Chicago. His daughter, Brooke Garber Neidrich, is now at the helm of this brand. The first time their jewelry crossed my radar was while I was lunching with a friend in San Francisco, and she had just purchased one of their iconic rolling bracelets. It was hard to focus on our conversation while eying and trying on this chic bracelet, comprised of three different hues of gold in an interlocking rolling tubogas-type of design. It looked both vintage and modern at the same time. The same goes for their wrap-around snake lariat, which has become an absolute staple in my wardrobe. 

Sidney Garber jewelry
Photo courtesy of Sidney Garber Jewelry

Beyond the highly collectible designs, I’m enamored with the fact that they give 100% of their profits to non-profit organizations that support racial justice, the arts, children’s mental health, and putting a stop to gun violence. Nothing like adding a piece of jewelry to your collection while also contributing to such worthy causes! 

10. Silverhorn, Montecito, CA 

Silverhorn, founded by Michael and Carole Ridding in 1976, has become a true jewelry destination in the charming town of Montecito, near Santa Barbara, CA. The store is lined with glorious cases filled with every color of the rainbow. 

On my latest visit, I saw numerous items that I’d be thrilled to own and wear daily, from a chunky, swirly gold and diamond bracelet to large bezel-set gems on thick ball chains, to a substantial pair of hoops in sort of a rounded rectangle. Yes, I could fill my jewelry box here!

Silverhorn jewelry top jewelry stores in ca us
Photo courtesy of Silverhorn Jewelry

The shoppable portion of the store wraps around a glass-walled jewelry studio, where you can see the bench jewelers hard at work. I also really enjoyed meeting Noel Bendle, the talented head designer. I think the jewelry here appeals to an incredibly wide range of personal styles and tastes, so it’s no wonder they’ve been in business for so many decades.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it—from one-brand stores to one of the biggest department stores in the country. I find gorgeous jewelry and wonderful designers in so many places. That’s one of the joys of being The Curated Shopper, as it allows me to really explore all types of shops and helps me discover places you may not otherwise find. 

If you love shopping for jewelry, clothing, and accessories worldwide as much as I do, I’d love to give you access to my whole little black book; then, I’d love to have you join us over at The Curated Shopper. Sign up right here.

Love shopping for estate jewelry online as much as you do in person? Find unique pieces I’ve hand-picked myself at The Curated Jewelry Box.

Hope to see you there!

~ Amy Roseveare

Feature Image Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman | The Curated Shopper

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