Weekend Getaways: 5 Places You Can See on a Three Day Cruise

Everyone needs a break, but life rarely gives it when you need it most. Maybe you’ve got a holiday booked, but it’s not for months and will take you away for a couple of weeks, allowing you to really forget the world for a while. But that deadline has just passed, that co-worker is grinding your gears, that personal issue has resolved itself, and you’re ready to forget it. But that wasn’t scheduled in. What do you do? Take a three-day cruise for a quick weekend getaway! 

So, what will you do? Where will you see? Well, have you considered a three-day cruise? You can see multiple destinations, destress on a luxury resort that doubles as your transportation, and truly relax as you venture. Take a look at our suggestions for the best ports to visit. 

Cherbourg, France

This destination is an absolute must-stop on a cruise, and here’s why. The crime around visiting France is that most of its beautiful countryside and culture are ignored for Paris or Nice. They are beautiful cities, of course, with their identity and perks, but there is so much more to see. 

And there is plenty to see in Cherbourg. La Cite de la Mer, as it’s often referred to, offers a quaint little town to shop in, complete with markets and boutique shops. Visit the Thomas Henry Art Museum or witness the feat of architecture that is the Basilique Sainte-Trinite

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a great option if you want to let loose, making it a fantastic addition to your cruise. In fact, it’s so infamous for it the city council launched a discouragement campaign to curb some visitors from coming. But there’s so much more to Amsterdam than the Red-Light District or the cafes. The canals are lined with beautiful buildings that look like elaborate gingerbread houses, and there is a lovely collection of museums in a square to get your art fix, including the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the underappreciated Mono Museum. There are millions of tourists all over the world getting Amsterdam combi tickets in order to enjoy the beauty of the city canals and the historical heritage of the Dutch capital.

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Plus, Amsterdam is just quirky. Visit Body Worlds for an up close and personal look at what your body can do. There are various immersive experiences and things like the world-famous Lego Store. Although it’s usually safe, you could run into some tourists looking to cause trouble, so protecting yourself with cruise insurance might be worthwhile when you set off on your voyage. Check out the Staysure website for a good example of the kind of policy you can get.   

Athens, Greece

Athens is a city of history, mythology, sun, and shopping. There is everything in the Greek capital. Explore ruins and high streets, visit temples and clubs, street food, and fine dining. Climb to the top of the Sacred Monastery of Kaisariani to glimpse Aphrodite, or, if you time it right, see a movie at the outdoor cinema confusingly called Cine Paris

Egoist Mirror by KOKET

New York, New York

It’s a hell of a town. Had to be done. 

New York’s appeal is notorious. It’s an iconic city. And a city that will offer you everything you could want. Theatre fans can head to Broadway, while history fans can head to Liberty Island or to the 9/11 Memorial. Anyone into their food must walk down neighborhoods such as Belmont, Brighton Beach, or Chinatown and try out everything on offer. 

The best part is that New York set the scene for musical genres such as hip-hop and disco and also for artists like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. You can explore some of the art produced in New York, both in public and in some galleries, if you’re into that kind of thing. It’s definitely a place that can fit the interests of a wide range of people.  

Miami, Florida

Florida is a common stop on US cruises, and it’s easy to see why. Dig out your pastel t-shirt and white suit and head to Miami. Vice City offers both beaches and city ventures. Port and venture into the city to take advantage of the metropolitan shopping experience, or stay on the beach and admire the palm trees. There is nothing like the neon sunset of Miami. 

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