The Straw Trend in Home Decor & in Fashion

KOKET straw marquetry in natural

As the trend cycle spins its never-ending circle, we have seen nearly every trend in the book. A trend that is currently making its appearance is the use of straw material in both home decor and fashion products.

Straw, a plant-based material, is popular among eco-friendly brands. It is a sustainable option that many designers are turning to. Its durability as a textile makes for a reliable and strong base for any product. Compared to its cotton and polyester competitors, straw offers innovation which creates fewer emissions and reuses a wasted product. 

Straw as a material comes from the stalk of grain crops. It is known as an agricultural byproduct, or a discarded organic material used for another positive purpose. 

Despite its positive efforts, straw products are often confused with the similar natural materials of rattan and raffia due to their visual similarities.  

Raffia is a lighter material made from the Raffia palm, which is used for its softer, versatile texture. Meanwhile, Rattan is a thicker material from the wood of palms, often used in lieu with the word “wicker”, which is a way of weaving the material. Rattan is typically used for more heavy-duty and sturdy crafting, from furniture to home decor. 

Today, many fashion items use straw material, even in luxury goods. From accessories to bags to hats, the textile is incredibly versatile. 

Here Love Happens Mag has gathered some straw trend fashion and home decor inspiration to love. Read on!

Straw Hats

Ruslan Baginsky Baker Boy Cap

Ruslan Baginskiy

Monogram Embellished Baker Boy Cap

This stylish cap is another product that is made from 100% straw and further proves the reach of the straw trend across luxury goods.

Dior D-Bobby Large Brim Hat

Christian Dior

D-Bobby Large Brim Hat

Today, straw hats take up a large portion of the straw fashion market. At every price point, there are sustainable options for straw fashion. Made of natural straw for a sleek summertime look.

Eugenia Kim Mirabel Sunhat

Eugenia Kim

Mirabel Sunhat in Natural Cream

This sunhat is another product made of 100% straw. Its style makes for a fantastic visor from the summer sun as well as an eco-friendly fashion choice.

Straw Bags

Roger Vivier Small Skate

Roger Vivier

Small Skate Straw Bag

Handbags and shoulder bags are another popular device of straw fashion. This straw bag is light and fun, with small design features making the perfect additions.

LOEWE x Paula's Ibiza Anagram Small Straw Basket Tote Bag


LOEWE x Paula’s Ibiza Anagram Small Straw Basket Tote Bag

This luxurious tote bag is perfect for a day out.

35cm Barénia Fauvre Straw Kelly Picnic Bag Natural hermes


35cm Barénia Fauvre Straw Kelly Picnic Bag Natural

An icon of style, the Kelly bag turned picnic bag becomes the quintessence of style and luxury.

KOKET Spellbound Bar Cabinet

When it comes to straw home decor, from the naturistic vibes of the raw material to the sheen elegance of straw marquetry, straw home trends are flowing.

straw home decor 1st dibs peacock straw chair


Oriental Mid-Century Straw “Peacock” Armchair, 1970s

Made of finely worked and woven straw, this stunning

Island Straw Accent Stool in White straw home decor


Island Straw Accent Stool in White

This woven stool adds a pop of color and contrast for a perfect combination of style and comfort.

Jamie Young Hollis Rectangle Mirror straw home decor

Jamie Young

Hollis Rectangle Mirror

This decorative mirror from Jamie Young is delicately wrapped in straw, the organic material celebrated, making every piece special and one of a kind.

straw home decor 1st dibs mirror


1970s French Straw Mirror

A mid-century modern vintage French mirror made of straw.

Jamie Young Barbados Oval Coffee Table straw home decor

Jamie Young

Barbados Oval Coffee Table

Sustainably harvested from corn straw, this piece makes its statement with incredible craftsmanship.

Straw Marquetry

Straw as a textile can be used in many furnishing design techniques as well, widening its reach even further past the fashion market. Marquetry is a craft that inlays small pieces of material for the decoration of furniture, and straw marquetry allows an even wider use of the sustainable material.

Our Publisher, KOKET, has begun to dip its toes into the growing straw market, offering straw marquetry in both a natural and black finish as seen above. These finishes mark the beginning of an opportunity for the furniture brand to grow its use of sustainable materials. With endless design applications, straw marquetry is a look we love on so many levels!

And here are a few more straw marquetry furniture designs we love!

straw home decor roots of home floor lamp ukrain 1stdibs

Oleksandra Rudenko

“Roots of Home” Floor Lamp

Black Straw Marquetry inlay is handcrafted in Ukraine, forming a floor lamp with a shade reminiscent of the layered roofs of native ancient huts.

straw home decor M Rinck Art Deco Cabinet

Maurice Rinck

M Rinck Art Deco Cabinet

A collector’s cabinet from the Art Deco period in oak and walnut lacquered black with door fronts in straw marquetry.

straw home decor ginger brown box ist dibs

Ginger Brown

Brass Box with a Pink Straw Marquetry

Elegant pink straw marquetry shines on this lovely tabletop accessory.

straw home decor lison de caunes

Lison de Caunes Créations®

Lamps “Plus”

Art Deco-inspired bi-color straw marquetry defines this beautiful lamp by the talented Lison de Caunes.

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