Glamorous & Hypnotic Mykonos: A 48-Hour Lh Island Tour

Majestic and magnetising, royal and elegant, cosmopolitan and a far cry from humble; Mykonos has set the bar high for the luxury traveller, always finding a way to spoil their senses and gratify even the most bizarre of requirements. Beautiful sun-kissed shores with sandy beaches, crystalline waters, and lively beach bars, throwing the most legendary summer parties. Adorable whitewashed architecture, amazing sunsets, and a glorious Aegean Sea comfortably clasping the Island of the Winds like a mother to a child. Mykonos greets travelers, whether for 48 hours or weeks, with its distinctive glitz and glam while adding notes of authentic Greek island experiences to your getaway.

From narrow cobbled alleys lined with charming cafes, bars, and shops to waterfront tavernas and restaurants. Iconic landmarks such as the Windmills, and profoundly energetic Delos island, Mykonos has it all. Granting every wish, Mykonos will caress your soul (and body), even if you only have 48 short hours to soak up its unbeatable allure. We have created this guide to help you navigate through this world-wonder. You will find out for yourself why she is rightfully referred to as the “Queen of the Cyclades.”

Mykonos port

Accommodation Options  

Mykonos offers an abundance of places to stay, from elegant resorts and 5-star hotels to exquisite mansions and boutique guest houses. For those who love the privacy of a beachfront or hilltop property, we have found that has the largest and most exclusive collection of luxury Mykonos villas. These villas are located at prestigious locations across the island, and all compete with one another in terms of their offered luxury, convenience, amenities, concierge services, panoramic views, and comforts.

Villa Atelier, Mykonos, available thru

For visitors preferring to stay at a hotel, we strongly suggest Mykonos Blu. This resort pleases its guests with a complete experience, including fine dining, spa treatments, lavish suites, and a gym, while also providing chic villa alternatives and sailing tour options. It is an exceptionally designed hotel close to the infamous Psarou beach and its fine-sand shore, super yachts, and water sports facilities.

For a more complete list of the best and finest Mykonos accommodation options, though, you can check out this list that has been on our radar for a while, published at

Dining and Nightlife

Its animated nightlife and legendary party scene are among the strongest cards in Mykonos’ game. When it comes to local gastronomy, the island boasts some of the best restaurants in the Mediterranean. They feature menus inspired by recipes passed down from generation to generation. One of the stars on the island is NOA Mykonos restaurant, which offers a delicious, modern twist to time-honoured Mykonos flavours prepared with the finest local, farm-to-table ingredients. If you ask us, the marinated anchovies, grilled meatballs, and tomato fritters are an absolute must-try there. End day one of your 48 hours in Mykonos with a mouth-watering baklava, and thank us later!

Mykonos dining seaside

Other strong assets in the Mykonos dining scene are Cavo Paradiso Mykonos, whose new sushi bar is to die for. They offer vegetarian options, as well as beloved dishes like the Aburi Sea Bass and the Ebi King Crab roll! Cavo Paradiso also comes with one of the most popular beach clubs on Mykonos, where there’s always something exciting going on.

Of course, there’s Rhino Vegan Mykonos, one of the dreamiest places to taste Greek gyros and delicious vegetarian/vegan dishes like Chick and Crispy! Besides the food, you will probably love the chill atmosphere and fantastic seascapes. For lip-smacking seafood, you can’t go wrong with Katerina’s Restaurant & Cocktail Bar. You will not only please your palate with mouth-exploding grilled octopus and traditional Greek flavours, such as moussaka, but also with great cocktails and superb views. Finally, street food kings like The Taste Diaries, Sakis Grill House, and Souvlaki Mykonos-Cantina Street Food will fascinate you with their crepes and pork souvlaki.

Bars & Clubs

As for the nightlife in Mykonos, it is an entire chapter on its own and one we highly suggest experiencing during your 48 hours on the island. Leading the way with countless after-sunset options, it invites visitors to a never-ending entertainment scene that includes everything from an open-air cinema and cocktail bars to beach clubs and LGBTQ+-perfect venues. Besides the bars, scenic cafes, and quaint restaurants lining the waterfront at Little Venice, you can head to idyllic Caprice Bar or the 180 Degrees Sunset Bar (a castle turned into a cosy bar). Both are located in Mykonos Town, known as Chora by locals.

For some nightly action, we recommend Tropicana Bar on Paradise Beach for exotic cocktails and partying until the wee hours. There are lots of deck chairs, umbrellas, and other facilities to unwind if you wish. There is also Kalua on Paraga Beach (operating since the 1970s) that stirs every night up attracting energetic, young crowds with its lively beats, signature cocktails, and in-house DJ. You can also experience Lola Bar at Mykonos Town. And, of course, there’s Jackie O’ Town Bar, which is among the most fantastic meeting places of the many on the island for the LGBTQ+ community!

Get Off the Ground

Mykonos’ nightlife goes way beyond its geographic borders. Hop on a luxury yacht or catamaran for a jaw-dropping cruise in the rays of the sunset. You can enjoy a new and refreshing perspective of the infamous Greek island and the extra-luxury celeb villas that adorn its hills. To take things even higher, try a private helicopter tour above Mykonos and to nearby Delos Island. Delos is not only cherished for its archaeological treasures and historical significance but also for its incredible spiritual energy. So, don’t be surprised to see people practicing mindfulness meditation and yoga there!

Shopping Destinations

The main shopping scene is gathered at the heart of the island, Mykonos Town. Matoyianni Street is the place to access designer stores and high-end boutiques, such as Soho-Soho, that cater to the discerning luxury shopper. Here you can find everything from fine jewellery (see Kessaris, Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum) to world-class fashion brands (i.e., Attica) and accessories. Souvenir shops and art galleries such as Skoufa Gallery and Rarity Gallery are must-visits. Expect to be absolutely spoiled for choice there.

Luxury shopping Mykonos

While within the capital still, we suggest a visit to Flora Supermarket for a fine selection of drinks and food products. The luxury grocery store sells artisanal chocolates, gourmet cheese, fine wines, and a great abundance of luxury home accessories and goods. As for the most renowned fashion brands with international recognition, like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Valentino, and Gucci, these are primarily located at Nammos Village, one of the most exclusive Mykonos areas.

For high-end beachwear and swimwear, you could head to Luisa Beach at Ornos Beach, while Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm is a hugely popular artisanal shop offering unique, handmade items and a wide range of organic products, including wine, honey, and olive oil.

Mykonos market

Relaxation & Wellness

Mykonos is home to some of the most iconic luxury spas in the Mediterranean and the world. They offer a variety of treatments, including body wraps, facials, massages, and more. So if you have time, we highly suggest visiting one of these locations during your 48 hours in Mykonos. Nefes Spa Bath Mykonos is one of the most popular spas. Pampering the body and soothing the mind with hammam rituals (the Moroccan bath is a must-try). They also offer massages, body scrubs, and beauty rituals. We tried the Supreme Ko-Bi-Do Anti-Age Facial and combined it with the 2-hour Ayurveda spa ritual and absolutely loved it. All of their treatments are performed in a chic and stylish environment.

The Santa Marina Resort at Ornos Bay offers its own array of relaxation options. The boutique 5-star hotel hosts not only a private beach and four drinking and dining establishments but also complimentary access to the stellar Ginkgo Spa. Here you’ll find five different treatment rooms. They include relaxation areas, a sauna, a Hammam, a hair salon, and even pedicure and manicure rooms.

Then there’s the World Luxury Spa Awards Winner 2019, CIEL Mykonos Spa. This high-end spa pleases visitors with perhaps the most impressive range of massage therapies. These include signature full-body couples massages with wine or champagne, CIEL spa rituals such as the Greek Hippocratic Method, hydrotherapy treatments, and more.

“There is no denying that Mykonos feels like a dream fulfilled

Beauty World is yet another fabulous luxury beauty salon and massage centre promising total body-and-soul awakenings. From VIP spa and manicure to collagen treatments, deep massage, hair styling, waxing, and eyelashes. It is an earthly heaven for both individuals and couples alike wishing for a refreshing break from their Mykonos ventures!

Finally, we could not leave out of this list Sea & Spa Mykonos and Mykonos Blu Grecotel Exclusive Resort at Ornos Bay and Psarou Beach, respectively. Both boast a variety of treatments, most of which use natural ingredients like honey and olive oil. Sea & Spa Mykonos goes the extra mile, though, with special massages, such as Lava Shells Tropical Massage, collagen beauty masks, body mud therapies, cellulite treatment, body therapies for cell renewal exfoliation, and many more.

Luxury spa poolside

There is no denying that Mykonos feels like a dream fulfilled. For many visitors, it is love at first sight, while for others, it’s a place their heart rests for eternity. Infatuation or not, the Queen of the Cyclades will certainly stay with you in one way or another after your 48 hours in Mykonos!

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