Jules Soontornvinate & Double V: A Thailand Interior Designer to Love

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LH recently had the opportunity to sit down with Nattha “Jules” Soontornvinate to talk about her approach to design, her journey in starting her own firm, her inspiration, and more. As an accomplished interior designer based in Thailand, Jules and her firm Double V Space are known for their exceptional creativity and dedication to creating beautiful and functional spaces for their clients in the luxury sector.

Read on to learn about this impressive and passionate designer, and discover why Jules Soontornvinate is for sure a top interior designer to know in Thailand!

Jules Soontornvinate & Double V: A Thailand Interior Designer to Know
Jules Soontornvinate, founder of Double V Space | Photo by Prestige Thailand 

Designing a Life

Jules’ love for interior design began before high school when her mother encouraged her to explore architecture as a career. She attended a course where she discovered the art of architectural modeling and the importance of expressing ideas visually. It was a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Jules recalls being surprised by her first brief; to create a toilet for a disabled person. That’s when she says it clicked for her. “I was like…okay. It’s about people. It’s about how we live.” She was intrigued by the task of creating designs meant to improve people’s lives.

However, Jules’s journey took a turn when she found herself drawn to certain books about design. “Luckily, I happened to read books, graphic design books. And at the back, it introduced college in Thailand.”

This path led her to Raffles International College in Bangkok. Here, she was intrigued by the sensory aspect of interior design and its potential to impact people’s well-being. She decided to pursue this field instead of architecture. This shift allowed her to focus on creating spaces that not only looked visually appealing but also evoked positive emotions and catered to individuals’ unique lifestyles.

Long dining table with silver and green accents by Double V Space top interior designer thailand
Dining area designed by Double V Space
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Vision and Versatility

Following her studies, Jules embarked on a remarkable entrepreneurial path by establishing her own design studio, Double V Space. The decision to start her company was initially daunting. But with the support and encouragement of her best friend, who was pursuing his own venture, she gained the courage to take the leap.

Together, they brainstormed for a name that reflected her design philosophy. Eventually, they settled on “Double V” to symbolize their commitment to vision and versatility. Jules describes the “vision” aspect of this pairing as a commitment to the client’s desires for beautiful spaces. The versatility, as a part of this approach to design, is about making the space accessible and functional. “The space should be very functional and make people comfortable [using] the space,” says Jules of her design principal.

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But there is another type of balance that Jules has worked to cultivate in her work. At Double V Space, Jules and her team strive to create “happiness through design,” a vision that is deeply rooted in her personal experiences. After nine years in the industry, Jules found herself struggling. “At some point, I was burned out,” the Thai interior designer told LH, “I couldn’t work.”

She now prioritizes self-care and extends the same values to her team. “Inner health and mental health and everything needs to come from the inside, and I do that for my team also…I let my team meditate. I let them rest.” The studio’s positive atmosphere contributes to its creative output and fosters a culture of happiness.

Jules Soontornvinate in pink dress top interior designer thailand bangkok
Jules | Photo by Prestige Thailand

An Eye for Detail

Thriving in a competitive market, particularly in Thailand, where numerous talented design studios exist, Jules stands out by working with local artists and manufacturers. She appreciates the exceptional craftsmanship and artistry of Thai designers. She works to actively collaborate with them, incorporating their unique pieces into her designs. By combining local creations with custom-made and imported items, she ensures each project is distinct and tailored to the owner’s preferences and desires.

“We really love to support local designers, because they’re so talented. I can see the passion from the pieces…and I can say that all of them are so amazingly crafted.”

While the majority of Double V Space’s projects involve residential design, Jules and her team embrace every opportunity with great enthusiasm. They find joy in working closely with homeowners to bring their vision to life, fully understanding the significance of creating a home that aligns with their client’s desires. “I think it’s an honored duty,” she says of her private residential projects.

Jules also acknowledges the challenges that come with the territory, as homeowners often evolve their preferences and tastes; “every single item in the house matters…so I think it’s not for everyone.” However, she sees the tackling of this challenge as an expression of her passion. She embraces the necessity of adapting to their changing needs and meticulously curates each detail to ensure complete satisfaction.

Empowered by Jules

When asked about what empowers her, Jules says that she draws her greatest empowerment from within herself. Leading a team of nearly 30 individuals and providing support for her family, Jules acknowledges the weight of her responsibilities. “I have a team, and they are relying on me.”

With a clear mission driving her, she recognizes that her clients and her team place their trust in her. Stepping into the studio each day and meeting the needs of her team, she feels a deep sense of purpose and value. “Without them, I would feel empty.” She emphasizes that she feels empowered by the exhilaration she experiences upon waking each day, eager to face the challenges that await her.

Jules Soontornvinate in colorful dress in partial shadow thai interior designer
Empowered by Jules! | Photo by Prestige Thailand

Jules Soontornvinate stands out as an exceptionally passionate interior designer with an eye for form as well as function. She infuses her projects with creativity, functionality, and a deep commitment to cultivating joy through design. Looking forward, she hopes to share her talents with an American audience. By valuing local talent and collaborating closely with homeowners, Jules will undoubtedly continue to make a lasting impact as an interior designer in Thailand and beyond.

Feature Image: Kitchen interior design by Double V featuring Nahema Bar Stools by KOKET
All Images Courtesy of Double V

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