Flower Color Meanings Explained

Flowers are widely used to convey messages and emotions. But have you ever thought about their colors? Colors also have specific meanings. Flowers are available in different colors; you may find many colors of the same flower. Each different color shows different meanings. So, it is essential to choose the best flower and its color to send someone on a specific occasion. Stay in touch; we will explore the meaning of flowers’ colors. After reading through, you can choose the perfect flower for your loved one at their special event to make it more memorable.

Flower Color Meanings 

Red – Passion and Love

Red flowers associate with the symbolism of passion, love, beauty, and strength. They are also associated with the Greek goddess Venus. 

Red flowers

Examples of red flowers for different occasions: Red roses are famous for giving someone you love or have romantic feelings for. People use them to show their love or proposing someone. But it is not only restricted to red roses. Many other red flowers are also used for love and affection. Red tulips are common to send someone to show love. Red carnations also show admiration.

Orange – Success and Joy

Orange flowers are popular to send someone to represent success and joy. They have vibrant and sassy characters. You can convey a sense of achievement and happiness by giving orange flowers.

Orange flowers

Examples of orange flowers for different occasions: Orange Marigolds symbolize passion and creativity. Orange tulips represent happiness and energy that can be the perfect graduation gift. Lilies in orange signify devotion and confidence. Other orange flowers, such as sunflowers, roses, and dahlias, also convey similar messages of warmth, enthusiasm, and positivity. It makes them a perfect gift for achievement events.

Pink – Positive Attitude and Kindness

Pink is associated with openness, vibrancy, positivity, and kindness. These color flowers can show soft and sweet feelings for someone. Bright pink flowers are more vibrant, while blush pink flowers are soft and sweet.

Pink flowers

Examples of pink flowers for different occasions: Pink roses commonly associate with sweetness and romantic love. Pink peonies symbolize prosperity and good fortune, while pink carnations represent a mother’s love. Cherry blossoms, with their soft pink hue, symbolize the transience of life and beauty.

Green – Health and Vitality

Green flowers associate with health and vitality. They symbolize balance and grounding. Examples include green hydrangeas and greenery. However, green flowers signify renewal, hope, admiration, strength, and luck.

Examples of Green flowers for different occasions: Green-colored flowers, such as limelight, are sent to people recovering from sickness. You can also send the green roses to your loved one recovering from a trauma or bad conditions.  Green Carnations show admiration and are often part of the celebration of special holiday festivals. Wedding arrangements often use green flowers like orchids and hellebores. This sort of bouquet is also famous for sending a new couple or a woman on getting pregnant.

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Yellow – Friendship and Innocence

Yellow flowers symbolize friendship and can also represent innocence. They associate with cheerful and lighthearted feelings. Examples include yellow tulips and yellow peonies.

Yellow daffodils

Examples of yellow flowers for different occasions: Sunflowers symbolize loyalty, adoration, and longevity with their vibrant yellow petals. Yellow roses are linked with friendship and can convey a message of joy and positivity. Daffodils represent new beginnings and are often given to celebrate milestones or as a symbol of hope.

Purple – Charm and Elegance

Purple flowers are regal and symbolize charm, grace, elegance, and refinement. Examples include lavender roses and purple Lizzy campus.

Purple orchids

Examples of purple flowers for different occasions: Lavender, for example, symbolizes grace, elegance, and tranquility. Orchids, with their exotic beauty, represent luxury and strength. Irises associate with wisdom and compliments, while violets signify faithfulness and loyalty. Purple flowers like lilacs, hydrangeas, and pansies also have unique meanings, alluding to enchantment, heartfelt emotions, and deep spirituality.

Blue – Happiness and Harmony

Blue flowers represent happiness, carefreeness, harmony, and peace. Although blue flowers are not as common, they hold a special meaning. Examples include blue hydrangeas and blue delphiniums.

blue hydrangeas

Examples of blue flowers for different occasions: Delphiniums, known for their tall spikes of vibrant blue petals, symbolize dignity and grace. Forget-me-nots carry a meaning of true love and remembrance. Blue hydrangeas often represent gratitude and abundance. Cornflowers, with their bright blue blossoms, symbolize loyalty and devotion. Other blue flowers like morning glories, iris, and bachelor’s buttons also hold unique meanings related to peace, trust, and intuition.

White – Purity and Simplicity

White flowers symbolize purity and perpetuity. They have a clean, beautiful, and simple appearance. White flowers offer a tailored and pure look.

white lillies

Examples of white flowers for different occasions: White roses symbolize purity, chastity, and new beginnings, making them popular for weddings and baptisms. White lilies represent purity and virtue, often seen at funerals and memorial services. Orchids symbolize elegance, beauty, and innocence, making them great for formal occasions or as gifts. White daisies associate with innocence and simplicity, suitable for expressing a pure and genuine sentiment.

Wrapping Up

There is no limit in the world of color meanings. You may find different meanings of similar meanings in different cultures. However, the flowers have this unique characteristic: their colors have unique meanings in all cultures. If you wish someone local or across the boundaries, you can choose the perfect flower color to show your desired emotions.  You have many colors of flowers, red, white, green, yellow, purple, and pink, to express different feelings. Whatever flower color you are choosing, you must know the meanings associated with it to deliver the message for which you are choosing flawlessly.

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