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Human anatomy has long been celebrated in the world of art. From classic portraiture to wild contemporary representations, the figure of the human body has been deeply explored by creative minds. When it comes to the human form in fashion design, its role is, of course, essential. The same goes for furniture design. However, with a slight twist, in this case, meant to work with the body versus worn on it.

As design, art, and the human form conspire and inspire, it comes as no surprise the inspiring role of human anatomy in fashion and furniture.

While at first, the thought of wearing a piece of jewelry inspired by body parts or sitting next to a table design resembling legs may seem odd. But when you see some of the stunning creations featuring just such designs, we think you will feel otherwise! So we arrive at a trend that we love oh so much! From hands and legs to eyes, lips, and beyond, read on as we explore some of our favorite examples of the human body in fashion and furniture design!

Human Anatomy In Fashion

One of the first luxury fashion designers to incorporate human anatomy in their creations is Elsa Schiaparelli. This signature feature continues to play a role in the brand’s collections each season. A quintessential example of the true timelessness of the human anatomy in fashion design trend.

During the Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2023/24 show, designer Juana Martín also showcased beautiful examples of human forms intertwined into her designs.

Human Body Parts In Jewelry

At first, the thought of human body part inspired jewelry definitely feels taboo, but with designers like Schiaparelli above and Bernard Delettrez below, we think it feels anything but!

Human Body Inspired Furniture & Home Decor

Traversing from fashion to interiors, the human form has inspired some truly beautiful works of furniture and home decor art. From the leggy coffee table and hundreds of brass hands to plush upholstered lips, the human form often brings a whimsical flair along with it when applied to design. Our publisher KOKET highly admires the human form, especially that of a woman, carefully considering the perfect fit for female frames in its furniture designs and seeking inspiration in some especially delightful works of furniture and home decor art.

For Citizen Artist, the human body inspired stools Femme (below) and its rear mate Homme featured in LHM Print Vol. 5.

Figure Inspired Wallpaper

Artist Emily Baker beautifully abstracts the human figure in her Figure Studies Wallpaper design, seen below. Discover more of Emily’s art in her LHM Design Questionnaire series feature.

Figure Studies Wallpaper design by Emily Baker Studio

Decor With the Human Touch

Anissa Kermiche brings the whimsy of the human form in design to her collection of bijoux et objets. We especially love her Foreplate (below)…

And so many more designs with even more creative takes on human anatomy inspiration, like the Amuse Bush tableware collection (below)…

Iconic Human Inspired Furniture Design

The Bocca Sofa radiates youthful fun vibes with its lip inspired shape. An icon of postmodern furniture design, Studio 65 originally created the design for Gufram in 1972 as an hommage to Salvador Dalí’s sofa from 1930. The vintage Bocca sofa by Studio 65 for Edra, produced in 1999, can be yours at 1stDibs.

Iconic Studio 65 'Bocca' Lip Sofa in Red, at 1stDibs
Iconic Studio 65 ‘Bocca’ Lip Sofa in Red, at 1stDibs

The hand may be the most often human body part seen in design, and for good reasons, as we know The Amusing Power of Hands. In the 1960s, artist Pedro Friedeberg hired master carpenter Jose Gonzalez to carve his first Hand Chair. A piece that soon became a cultural phenomenon with many variations.

Pedro Friedeberg Hand Chair in Solid Honduran Mahogany 1960s Signed, Available at 1stDibs
Pedro Friedeberg Hand Chair in Solid Honduran Mahogany 1960s Signed, Available at 1stDibs

For more Iconic Human Body Inspired Furniture, check out the Innovative Art series from LHM Print V5!

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