Want a Barbie-Like Home? The Idea of Style—a Pillar of Comfort for Empowered Women Sensibilities

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“Style today for a woman is in the direct summary of her own being, in how she is seen in her types of fashion and wear, but more importantly, how she is seen as the woman she is,” writes Seema Azharuddin as she delves into the idea of style for empowered women sensibilities, a modern Barbie-like home, in this op-ed.

To the connoisseurs of luxury and style, there is that queue catching up from behind constantly that will define style in all aspects of living, homes, abodes, roofs, and shelters that harbor more than the furniture inside. Style and the need to adapt to the superior levels of ideas will envision, implant, and engulf (Did I leave out the word ‘devour’?) Well, that, too, will bring masterpieces to a tipping point of impossible imaginations to a possible challenge.

It is this cycle of styling that is in abundance of the most creative ideas in a handful with the chosen masters. You are, of course, one of them, except that your sense of style is apart from my sense of style. Either way, we adapt to what we envision. The point being made here is simple. Style is both individualistic and a copycat. Sometimes we like what others have designed. We copy. On the other hand, the cat gets more curious, and new definitions of style emerge. Viola!

A Search for a Well-styled Home

After twenty-two visits on high heels and a mind swamped with style imaginings, I ventured into neighborhoods for my second home in the US of A. Looking for resale properties that fit the image of super-high styles as I toured. The budget then became the challenge. Famous realtors, luxury villa experts, connoisseur advisors on an allocation, friends, friends of friends, and even the proverbial ‘Ask Jack’ of the neighborhood became the focus of my search for a well-styled home.

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‘What exactly do you mean?’ asked Jack, “Styled as in its shape? Environment frills? Rooms with the best views? A fitness basement with a hideaway? Or a separate dog room? Or are you looking at the perfectly angled corners, the piping, the structure picture of esteem? Give me your ideas, kindly,” said the patient Jack. I needed to define ‘Style’ for myself and Jack. All my man wanted was a ‘Work and Game Room’ for his abode. I needed a style for a haven or heaven I could call my own.

Besides the lines, points, plane, and volume (considered the four elements of architectural style), its definition mirrors mine and requires me to be articulate. Still, it can get complicated to articulate the ‘power of style’. I resorted to quote-worthy explanations and luxury magazines to discover a noteworthy description of myself and found a few I could relate to.

It made for an excellent beginning to create my style elements for me and my home-to-be. I made the appointment to see Jack first and discuss my style with this quote by Phyllis Nefler that made me confident – “I may be a beginner at some things, but I have a black belt in shopping.”! I dressed to the hilt in my high heels, uplifting me emotionally and triggering the perfect attitude. This comes naturally to the shape I carry, both physically and spiritually. In that flash of a moment, before I stepped out, I wondered if Jack would see me as a luxury or a heritage brand!

Ideas of Style

When one looks at and studies the different architectural styles over time, architecture went with cultural evolution and religious column designs, especially in the Americas and Europe. Traveling from Greek to Corinthian to Gothic, Roman, and so on, fashion and style, in my mind, have been most expansive and diverse in our current times or as seen in ‘Modern Contemporary’ architecture and design today.

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One aspect that stands out is the role of the woman buying and styling the home ‘her way,’ otherwise sparse up until the ’70s! Style today for a woman is in the direct summary of her own being, in how she is seen in her types of fashion and wear, but more importantly, how she is seen as the woman she is. Period. This importance and choice of appraisal are defining, indeed.

So, I drove along to see Jack and tour the new luxury apartments by the bay; I was shocked at his response to my question!

Me: “How do I look, Jack?”

Jack: “Fabulous!”

Me: “So is the view, my friend! That is not a measure!”

Jack: “Hmmm, let’s see now. Stylish, composed, elegant, in perfect shape, and, might I add, a sight to hold and to love! So, you want a Barbie-like home?”

That was the bomb-dropping response! Did I want a Barbie-like home, pink Corvette and all? Is that what my style represented? No way, Jose, rather Jack! I am a modern woman with modern ideas; convenience and comfort are part of my style fluidity. I will choose the pictures that best style my needs in structure and interiors, like my shape and soul.

I am the connoisseur of my style.

Pillars of Comfort

Style ideas in architecture portray attitude. The Collins Dictionary describes that the style of something is a general way it is done or presented. The perspective of buyers, especially women buyers or influencers, creates essential elements encompassing their ideas of what is offered via attitude, convenience, comfort, and design. If budgets meet their concepts, it is only a challenge to the extent of practical fulfillment.

The ‘Look’ of a building and its overall aesthetic establish one of the significant pillars of comfort as a definition. Many women today see modern architecture and contemporary buildings and living spaces prioritizing the ‘Green’ movement, an added pillar of comfort that is monumental in what it delivers for residents and the environment. Green would be the new pink for Barbie!

Reference to women buyers needing residences and styled homes has become necessary to portray real estate as an investment and grow that investment with style. I must add relating style with function is a woman’s domain. In conclusion, this quote revisits with a thought that who you are is knowing what suits you best.

 Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.                 

Rachel Zoe

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