Top Interior Designers In (& Around) Miami

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At Love Happens, we love to find and share creative and empowering minds! This year we have put together a list of top interior designers in and around Miami, Florida. Listed from A-Z, as we love each and every one of them equally for their own unique style and market niche, read on to discover some of the best creative minds in Southern Florida. From hotels, shops, and restaurants to private residences, apartments, condos, and penthouse suites, each one of these designers knows how to add just the perfect amount of beauty and holds a gift that is special to each person they work with.

A-Z Top Interior Designers We Love In (& Around) Miami

Alene Workman Interior Design

Alene Workman, principal and lead designer of alene workman interior design, knows their vision is to become the essential component in the creation of your home. The team transcends the normal perception of interior design and ensures a unique one-of-a-kind sense of luxury in each space they create.

Your home is where you live, work, and love. The team ensures that their design becomes a reality, on quality, on time, on budget, that will define success and, most importantly, your satisfaction, to eliminate surprises, and create delight and beauty.

B+G Design Inc.

Founded by Brett Sugerman and Giselle Loor Sugerman, this award-winning luxury design firm has not only worked to create beautiful designs in their home base in Miami but also in New York, D.C., Aspen, Los Angeles, and abroad.

A key part of B+G Design is collaboration and a shared vision that will leave anyone speechless. Being a husband-and-wife team defiantly has its perks, as they are two brilliant minds working together.

B Pila Design Studio, Inc.

Bea Pila, founder of B Pila Design Studio, believes that the spaces we live in should reflect our journey through life and that everyone deserves to have their home feel sacred. A philosophy resulting in designs that perfectly demonstrate the firm’s mission to bring Authenticity, Alignment, and Soul to interior design. Known for her Sacred Spaces approach, a topic she also wrote a book on, Bea and her team bring Design Enlightenment to their customers.

Britto Charette

Jay Britto and David Charette britto charette top interior designers miami

Britto Charette is a licensed and award-winning interior design firm that specializes in ultra-luxury residential interiors. From their studio in Wynwood, Miami’s world-renowned neighborhood, founders Jay Britto and David Charette work with their team to create custom furniture, accessories, and turnkey interior designs for their global clientele. The designers are adept at handling complex design challenges and pride themselves on working collaboratively to provide their clients with a comprehensive and unsurpassed design experience.

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Brown Davis Architecture & Interiors

Founders of Brown Davis Architecture & Interiors, Todd Davis and Rob Brown, prioritize their passion for classic architecture with a strong intent to incorporate comfort in their designs.

With shared passions for architecture, discerning environments, extraordinary craftsmanship, and years of industry experience since the firm’s 1994 inception, those who put their trust into Brown Davis’ design work are always rewarded!

Chelsea Design Miami

Regina Watkins and Samantha McKenna Chelsea design miami

Chelsea Design is a distinctive boutique firm that stands out for its personalized approach to every project. At the heart of its success are Regina and Samantha, the dynamic duo who co-founded and lead the company. Their hands-on involvement sets them apart as they immerse themselves in each detail of the design process. From initial conceptualization to final execution, Regina and Samantha’s dedication ensures that every client’s vision is meticulously brought to life. Their intimate involvement reflects the essence of Chelsea Design, where creativity and meticulous craftsmanship blend seamlessly to create unique and captivating spaces.

Dekay & Tate

In 2019, Nina Dekay Grauer and Eleanor Tate Trepte founded DeKay and Tate, an interior design firm located in Palm Beach. A sense of authenticity and timeless aesthetics combined with comfort is what you will gain when working with this firm. These two partners have the ability to transform a dull room into a unique and cool space.

DiMare Design

Deborah DiMare, founder of DiMare Design, has brought interior design to a completely different level by being the only 100% cruelty-free design consulting firm we know of. Deborah has created beautiful furniture to be cruelty-free, with vegan textiles and zero-to-low toxins.

Healthy design is the big picture for DiMare design, and when working with them, you become part of a healthier way of living. Deborah also is the owner and creator of, which is a place for consumers to go be educated about healthy designs through courses she has created.

Dkor Interiors

Ivonne Ronderos Dkor Interiors

Founded in 2004 by Ivonne Ronderos, Dkor Interiors creates lavish designs that are unique to what a client envisions. A big part of Dkor is reflecting who the client is and how they live. Dkor wants to make sure that the design process is fun and easy for any client or group to form the home of their dreams.

“Transforming homes into our clients’ dream visions.”

With a bright and refreshing interior look, Dkor is another top Miami interior design firm we love.

Errez Design

Co-founders Ruben Gutierrez and Katie Gutierrez have created an outstanding interior design firm located in Miami. The duo created Errez Design to help bring interior design to a whole new level and pair it with a nostalgic view.

When Errez Design is finished completing your vision, they hope you look at design in a completely different way. Errez Design created Biographical Design, allowing a unique outcome to each design they create. This also allows spaces to have more self-expression and give a sense of reality to an idea. Biographical interior design provides a transformational, signature process that turns any space into a vehicle of self-expression.

Fava Design Group

top interior designers miami joseph fava design group

Award-winning South Florida interior design firm Fava Design Group, led by Joseph Fava, has created a phenomenal range of projects ranging in the United States and the Caribbean. Inspired by color, art, travel, and of course, fashion, Fava’s designs are simply beautiful with a modern chic look.

Guimar Urbina Interiors

top interior designers miami guimar urbina interiors

Guimar Urbina, head designer and founder of Guimar Urbina Interiors, is one of the most notable luxury interior designers in Miami. Noted for her innovative and refreshing approach, Guimar and her team create interiors that go far beyond space planning and furniture selection.

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House of One

top interior designers miami house of one brittany farinas

Brittany Farinas, CEO and Creative Director of House of One, specializes in luxury residential and commercial interior design projects. House of One’s mission is to create a story through their work and exceed the expectations of their clients.

Through spatial planning and FF&E selection, House of One is truly unique, as no design is ever the same. The firm is put on a pedestal as they create custom luxury furniture to bring a room to life. Brittany and her team at House of One strive to make any space stunning and simply flawless. Learn more about Brittany in her LHM Design Questionnaire feature.

Knof Design

susan knof design best interior designer miami

Owned and inspired by Susan Knof, this international interior design phenomenon is another one of the best in Miami. With a balanced, respectful and considered approach, Knof Design preserves authenticity of place while creating something entirely new.

Maite Granda Design Studio

Cuban-born Maite Granda, who spends her time between Miami and Madrid, brings her love of the two cultures and a passion for and expertise in luxury design to her eponymous firm. Alongside Andrew Yero and the rest of her talented team, Maite Granda melds creativity and functionality while transforming clients’ dreams into tangible realities.

Maite Granda was recently awarded Best of Houzz 2023, another nod at her status as one of the top interior designers in Miami.

Mendez Vela

top interior designers miami mendez vela osirys and sabrina

For Mendez Vela founders Osirys Mendez and Sabrina Vela, “The journey is not about design. The journey is about people.” Dedicated to creating glamorous, concept-driven spaces that transform their client’s vision into reality, Mendez Vela are top interior designers in Miami we can never get enough of.

Michael Wolk Design Associates

michael wolk top miami interior designers

Michael Wolk, founder of Michael Wolk Design Associates, strives to make his ideas a reality when creating a vision. Michael is known to offer a highly personalized level of service when working on a project with a client.

The firm’s designs are immaculate and truly breathtaking as Michael and his team go for perfection. Michael Wolk is one of America’s leading designers with over three decades of experience in this industry. A mix of natural organic tones is what makes this interior design firm truly stand out. A fact you can see for yourself in Oceanfront South of 5th project below and in full here!

MS2 Design Studio

top interior designers miami michael scigliano

Founded in 1998, MS2 Design Studio has truly been a staple in the high-end residential design industry. Michael Scigliano, founder, originally started his career in New York City but, in 2002, found his way back to Miami.

MS2 Design Studio specializes in one-of-a-kind jaw-dropping furniture pieces, integrated lighting, audio/visual design, space planning, project management, color rendering, and high-end residential design.

Nar Design Studio

Being awarded in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Hungary, Nar Design has a mission to provide peace of mind to clients during the design process. Nicholas Gennari, CEO of the company, and Roberto Racy, principal interior designer of the company, want to transform their clients’ dreams into a reality through the design process.

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Natalia Neverko Design

natalia neverko top interior designers miami

Miami’s top architectural interiors & interior design firm for over 15 years, Natalia Neverko Design, have been providing unique, innovative high-end architectural interiors, interior design, and exterior design individually tailored to our clients’ personality and specific needs. Natalia Neverko Design (NND, Inc) is a full-service design firm recognized as an international company with European attributes that delivers locally sensitive design.

“Our mission is to transform a client’s dreams into a truly unique reality.” -Natalia Neverko.

Pepe Calderin Design

pepe calderin top interior designers miami

With over 20 years of experience, Pepe Calderin Design has earned national and international design awards for its modern approach to design. Pepe Calderin, founder and principal designer, has expanded his craft throughout the Americas, Europe, and Saudi Arabia. The company focuses on high-end residential design and brings flavor and spice to any project.

SDH Studio Architecture + Interior Design

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Stephanie Halfen is the founder of SDH Studio Architecture + Design. Being named one of the top architecture and interior design firms in Miami, Florida SDH Studio brings flavor to design with breathtaking spatial experiences.

SDH Studio has been featured in many Florida-based magazines for its stunning, lavish, and modern interior design.

Susan Lachance

top interior designers miami susan lachance

Recognized as one of the country’s top leading interior designers in contemporary, traditional, and bespoke design, Susan Lachance and her eponymous design firm radiate elegance and style.

Touzet Studio Architecture and Interior Design

top interior designers miami touzet studio architecture and interior design jacqueline and carlos

Jacqueline Gonzalez Touzet and Carlos Prio-Touzet believe that the research, design process, and execution of a project should reflect the vision of their clients and be mindful of the culture, climate, and place.

In 2021 Touzet Studio was recognized as AIA Miami Firm of the Year for its glorious and wonderful detail to design.

Feature Image: Armani Casa Project Interior by Mendez Vela featuring Nymph Sconces by KOKET | Photo Courtesy of Mendez Vela

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