The Idea of Shape—Revisiting Impressions

the idea of shape - Sergey Kuznetsov

Think shapes and build around them, then bring them to life, as does Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow and creator of the project ‘Russian Quintessential,’ where art meets shape and shapes the heart of the imaginative builder to a back-of-beyond experience. Sergey (I call him ‘Man of Steel – Super Sergey) used his tools to craft a home in a steel metallic pipe, engineering a masterpiece abode of sublime uniqueness. Modern architecture is primed for a salute to the highest quality implementation of ideas and technology; the form and design take your breath away. While the images here can be hyper-shaping to the eye, get closer with a Google search for the experience of,

minds with steel!

‘Russian Quintessential’ by Sergey Kuznetsov | Photo by @tomrus, Courtesy of SK

Reading an architect’s mind is a journey one embarks on as if walking on glass. Nothing short of sharp, pointed edges defines the classic shape. It’s engraved and etched on a palette so vast that the architects, through time, explained the pulse, strength, and character of ‘shape’ and, to my mind, codified transformation of initial ideas and operative tenets to create that lasting impression of shape. To all my readers, knowing the knowledge stories and history, imagination building, and facts and theories that surround architecture, design, interiors, keeping with the ‘Green’ environment and philosophy of better living, I chose ‘The Idea of Shape’ as a pondering feel in the topic as it defines perspectives and contours that help us invest in the choices we make that shape us as a people in the prestigious communities we live, and


‘Shape’ emerged not as a theory but as an idea. Fil Hearn, in his paper “Ideas That Shaped Buildings“, chooses a low-key approach in saying that ‘shape’ is in concurrence with ideas perceived, and architectural theory is the extended detail of “conventions”, “principles,” and “convolutions.” The theory comes through writing. The ideas manifest into the lengthy digressions of architectural theory. I was a surprised reader to learn how ‘shape’ evolves, and sharing these thoughts with you gives me that ‘wow’ sense of influence, and constructive imagination that lines and circles, and the ever-evolving

3D dimensions create and shape for us.

tamara mirror koket antique

The twenty-first century ‘maestros’ of modern architecture believe in collective intelligence to transform and glorify the ideas of shape. It may seem like an obvious statement, but when you wander within the minds of such defined collectiveness, you are in awe constantly of the ideas that emerge, like the steel pipe home by Kuznetsov and his team of collective intelligence. The splendor of the term ‘Collective Intelligence’ has given the world of architectural shape boundless creations; this, in turn, has led to the masse influence that shapes have on the eye of the beholder in forming an integral abode for one’s happiness at large. Shape develops aesthetics,

as a timeless influence.

The idea of ‘Shape’ and shaping design also defines itself with culture. Studies have shown the relation between architecture and ideas shaping design to influence behavior.

The architects and builders covet spaces that are universally convenient to buyers and factor in how buildings and abodes of several floors affect moods, health, and behaviors. Their quest is treading deeper into how to ideate shapes that will accommodate the innovations that impact psychological, emotional, healing, and functional effects. Strangely, my mind goes back to the ‘Three Pigs Build a House’ story to save themselves from the big bad wolf. The safety of their abode is crucial to their need to build. The idea of ‘Shape’ in this story is,

demonstrated for prime safety and protection!

For the imaginative creators, builders, architects, homeowners, and commercial space renters, factors impacting decisions are shared and based dramatically on the long mile encompassing protection to aesthetics and everything in between. One of the pillars of building honors safety as the highest priority for its owners. Safety creates the trust factor and credibility for the builder. The idea of shape helps in contouring smiles and makes investing in a home or abode a lifelong relationship, growing and fostering ideas to greater levels of heaven on earth! The idea of shape is,

the Shape of You.

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