Everything You Need to Know about Antarctica Honeymoons

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Most people associate honeymoon with visiting a tropical destination, staying in luxurious resorts, and lounging by the pool drinking refreshing cocktails. But a honeymoon to Antarctica might be a more suitable option for the more adventurous couples. The White Continent boasts spectacular landscape sceneries and incredible wildlife, leaving you with memories to treasure for the rest of your lives! 

So, here’s everything you need to know about Antarctica honeymoons.

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What Makes Antarctica a Great Honeymoon Destination? 

There are many reasons why Antarctica is a perfect destination for a honeymoon. It’s a unique location offering a trip you will treasure for the rest of your life. Besides, one of the purposes of a honeymoon is to spend quality time with your loved one and make memories to last a lifetime! 

The Antarctic Peninsula is a relaxing honeymoon getaway that allows you to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle. After the stress of planning your wedding, you deserve a relaxing break on the remotest continent on Earth! In addition, your cruise to the Antarctic peninsula offers fun excursions and activities to make your honeymoon even more enjoyable.

You can opt for an overnight kayaking adventure, take glacier treks, try stand-up paddleboarding, and more!

The incredible scenery is another reason Antarctica can make for a fascinating honeymoon destination. With its surreal landscape, you will feel like you’re on another planet. During your expedition to the Antarctic region, you’ll encounter some of the most romantic sunset views and enjoy close encounters with extraordinary wildlife, from whales to penguins and seals.  

Travelling Around Antarctica 

Antarctica honeymoon vacation cruise by 66 north on Unplash
Photo by 66 north | via Unsplash

Couples can join cruises around Antarctica, one of the best ways to see more of the continent while on a honeymoon. There are many ways to explore this vast and remote land, but cruising is the most popular option. The Antarctica cruise already includes everything, from excursions to accommodations and dining.

Most Antarctica cruise ships start in Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city, and sit at the bottom tip of Argentina. It will take around 36 hours to reach Antarctica from this small port city, and the journey passes through the notorious Drake Passage.

When going on a cruise for your honeymoon to Antarctica, you will likely stop by the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, about 600 miles south of Ushuaia. Other popular sites you can visit are the Paradise Harbour and the Lemaire Channel. Along your journey, keep your eyes peeled on the local wildlife, such as the whales, penguins, and seals. Prepare your camera to capture the striking sceneries of iceberg-filled passageways and other stunning landscapes that will make your honeymoon unforgettable.

The Best Time to Go on a Honeymoon in Antarctica 

So, you and your spouse have decided that Antarctica is your destination for a honeymoon. But you are probably wondering when you should plan your trip. The travel season to the Antarctic region coincides with the Austral summer, starting in October and running through March. 

The best time to visit Antarctica is from mid-December to mid-February. January is the most ideal month to go on a cruise. It’s worth noting that the travel season to Antarctica is short, so plan your honeymoon accordingly. In addition, you need to consider factors like the presence of wildlife, weather, sunlight, and sea conditions, which will vary depending on the season. 

January is the best time to honeymoon in Antarctica. However, it’s also the height of the travel season, and cruises are in full swing. The weather is excellent, with average temperatures reaching their peak. January is considered the warmest in the region. With calm seas and abundant wildlife, it is the best time to cruise Antarctica for your honeymoon.

Cruising Antarctica in January is an incredible experience, where you’ll come across melting icebergs. The opening of the sea ice will allow for visits to more landing sites and the appearance of wildlife.

Antarctica honeymoon group expedition via Henrique Setim on Unsplash
Photo by Henrique Setim | via Unsplash

The Best Things to See in Antarctica 

Honeymooners can enjoy tailor-made trips to Antarctica, which takes the planning out of your honeymoon. These trips come with pre-arranged itineraries, taking you to many incredible places worth seeing on your Antarctic adventure.

The wildlife is among the best things to see in Antarctica. Your excursion can include visiting penguin colonies found in various places around the continent. However, one of the key locations is Snow Hill Island along the Weddell Sea, home to the emperor penguins.

The Antarctic Sea Ice is among the most incredible things to see on your expedition to the Antarctic. While you can see them from the comfort of your cruise, a kayaking adventure offers a more exciting way to admire them. Kayaking keeps you from the noise of motorised vessels, allowing you to soak up the stunning icy scenery with fewer distractions.

Penguins in Antarctica by Derek Oven on Unsplash
Photo by Derek Oyen | via Unsplash

Aside from penguins, whales are some of the most fascinating creatures to see on your expedition to Antarctica. You can spot whales in various offshore areas around the continent. However, some ideal hotspots for whale watching include Danco Island, Cuverville Island, Pléneau Island, and Petermann Island.

The Science Research Station is one of the things you will see on your honeymoon in Antarctica. As one of the remotest places on Earth, several countries have set up a research station on the continent, and you’ll be able to visit some of them on your expedition.

What Budget Do You Need for an Antarctica Honeymoon? 

When planning your honeymoon to Antarctica, one of the questions to ask is how much the trip will cost you. Going on an expedition to a remote place like Antarctica is not cheap. However, the overall cost of your honeymoon will depend on several factors, such as the type of cruise you will take, how long it will take, and the places you will visit. 

Couples looking for affordability can opt for shorter fly and cruise itineraries, giving you a taste of Antarctica without spending sums of money. But if you don’t mind splurging for your honeymoon, you can book luxury cruises that offer top-notch amenities and services, including five-star accommodations.

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