Meet Mafalda Carvalho: The Visionary Founder of Cirelle

At Love Happens, we believe in celebrating and supporting remarkable women who are making a difference in the world of entrepreneurship. Today, we shine a spotlight on Mafalda Carvalho, the visionary CEO of Cirelle, and the creative mind behind the sensational “Summer Market” event held on July 1st and 2nd at the exquisite Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. Mafalda’s passion for communication and fashion has driven her to create a family-oriented event promoting Portuguese brands. The Summer Market also showcases the allure of the fashion, jewelry, and footwear markets. Let’s delve into the remarkable journey of this inspiring female entrepreneur.

A Journey of Passion and Growth

Mafalda Carvalho’s career began to flourish in the summer of 2017. That was when she embarked on an unexpected adventure at RTP, the renowned Portuguese television network. This experience ignited her passion for communication and opened her eyes to the power of the medium. Simultaneously, Mafalda had always been an ardent fashion enthusiast, and the convergence of her two passions revealed her true calling as a professional.

In 2021, Mafalda made the bold decision to relocate to Lisbon, seeking fresh opportunities and embarking on new projects. Her journey led her to collaborate with various companies and participate in diverse communication ventures, including TVI, Sport TV, and Revista Activa. With each endeavor, Mafalda demonstrated an unwavering commitment to growth and a hunger to expand her knowledge and skillset.

Mafalda Carvalho in Cirelle's Bianca dress
Mafalda Carvalho wearing Cirelle’s Bianca dress

The Birth of Summer Market

Mafalda’s entrepreneurial spirit and deep-rooted passion for supporting local brands prompted her to create the Summer Market in 2018. This remarkable event was born out of a desire to celebrate Portuguese craftsmanship, fashion, and design while providing a family-friendly atmosphere that catered to all ages. The event quickly gained popularity, captivating the hearts of attendees and establishing itself as a significant annual affair.

In 2020, when the world faced unprecedented challenges, Mafalda’s resilience and adaptability shone through. Recognizing the need to stay connected and continue supporting Portuguese brands, she reinvented Summer Market as an online event. This pivot allowed the event to thrive amidst adversity. The shift also showcased Mafalda’s innovative spirit and dedication to fostering a sense of community, even in the virtual realm.

Celebrating Portuguese Craftsmanship & Innovations

Workshops, Talks, and Exquisite Brands – Summer Market is not just a marketplace – it’s an immersive experience. Mafalda’s meticulous curation brought together a diverse range of workshops, covering everything from makeup and wellness to travel and fashion. Attendees were able to expand their knowledge and explore new realms of creativity. Moreover, over 30 brands showcased their products and services. The event offered attendees a unique opportunity to discover the very best of Portuguese craftsmanship and innovation.

As Love Happens Magazine and our publisher KOKET, we had the pleasure of showcasing our love for extraordinary experiences and supporting fellow women entrepreneurs at the Cirelle Summer Market. Our magazine’s exceptional quality material and content resonated with the attendees, capturing their hearts and imaginations. KOKET’s exquisite products added a touch of glamour and sophistication to the event, perfectly aligning with the spirit of Summer Market.

Mafalda Carvalho’s unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit have not only fueled the success of Summer Market but also highlighted the immense talent within the Portuguese fashion and design industry. Her vision and dedication continue to inspire and empower countless individuals. At Love Happens by KOKET, we applaud Mafalda’s journey and stand in awe of her achievements. We celebrate her as a valuable piece in the world of Portuguese female entrepreneurship!

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Words by Daniela Barbosa

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