8 Steps to the Perfect Luxury Dining Room Design

perfect luxury dining room design

Dining rooms hold a special place in our homes. A place we gather to nourish our bodies with food and our minds with family and friends. And while the holiday season has dining room design on our mind, this special place is certainly a room for year-round enjoyment. If you are looking to create the perfect luxury dining room design, this article is for you! Read on for eight steps to bring your dream dining room to life.

1. The Table

For many, the dining table is the focal of the dining room. Here, we have placed it first on our list, but it is important to note we weigh each of the eight items in this list equally. From wood and marble to glass and beyond, dining tables come in seemingly endless materials, shapes, and sizes. In other words, your perfect dining table awaits. Measure your space, take the time to shop for your perfect dining table, and be okay with waiting for it. Also, if you already have your dream table, this is great, and you can move on to the rest of this list!

Paris Table, KOKET | London Chairs, KK by KOKET | Hera Chandelier, Boca do Lobo
Paris Table, KOKET | London Chairs, KK by KOKET | Hera Chandelier, Boca do Lobo

2. The Chairs

Shopping for dining chairs online can be overwhelming and nerve-racking, considering you can’t see the product in person. Try to trust the process and look for e-commerce sites with good returns or testing policies. If you can’t see a piece in person but really love it, check all the measurements, read brand reviews, and start with 1 to be sure you love them before purchasing a full set. The right fabric can make a chair, so be sure to consider this element carefully. Think about your overall room color theme and design, the stain factor, comfort, and durability when making your choice.

3. The Table Decor

A dining room is meant for entertaining, so be sure to have all the right table decor to decorate your dining table for dinner parties, holidays, or even just your nightly meals. Consider well-crafted products that showcase the art of dinnerware and glassware coupled with the most luxurious table linens, napkins, candlelight, and so on.

4. The Lighting

Dining rooms are great spaces for ambient lighting, so if possible, install dimmers and use a variety of light fixture types. A central chandelier is a great way to create an artistic focal point. Decorative wall sconces can bring added light and interest to dining room walls. Table lamps on buffets or a floor lamp or two will add different decorative elements along with functional light options.

how to create your perfect luxury dining room with koket - Hypnotic Chandelier, Diva Dining Table & Chandra Chairs by KOKET | Pegoda Cabinets, Boca do Lobo
Hypnotic Chandelier, Diva Dining Table & Chandra Chairs by KOKET | Pegoda Cabinets, Boca do Lobo

5. The Walls

If you are up for a full-on makeover and wish to change the color of your dining room walls, paint is easy and can be super impactful, but we personally love wallpapers! Whether all over, on the ceiling, above a chair rail, or on an accent wall, there are many different application options. And with wallpapers full on in style, there are so many stunning options. From natural feathers and mother of pearl to magical landscape murals and beyond, take your time searching for the perfect wallpaper and go for the one that makes you feel joy!

6. The Art

Art is a key design element when creating the perfect luxury dining room design. Traditional wall art is great, but also consider statues and other 3D art forms for added variety and interest. Look for art that speaks to you but also works with stories, as these will serve as great points of conversation for dinner parties. Don’t worry about rushing your art selections; take your time and find pieces that you love.

Neurotic Wall Sculpture Sconce, KOKET
Neurotic Wall Sculpture Sconce, KOKET

7. The Windows

If your dining room has windows, you can consider adding window treatments. Yes, for function, but also for beauty and warmth. Billowing yards of beautiful fabric sewn into drapery panels will instantly add a design element to love. You can also consider more neutral and less statement window treatments for a softer design touch. If your windows and view offer beauty on their own, be sure not to hide this.

8. The Floor

Often forgotten but a considerable game changer when creating the perfect luxury dining room design, be sure to focus your attention on the floor as well. You may decide to leave it as is if you have wall-to-wall carpeting or a beautiful hardwood or marble. However, if you want to add warmth to your dining room, adding a rug is a wonderful option. Overall, patterns are great for dining rooms, but, really, when it comes to the perfect rug design, the world is your oyster. So, do your research and find what speaks to you. Be sure to measure properly as well to ensure your table and chairs, when pulled out, fit fully on the rug.

Feature Image: Interior by KOKET | Tabletop from My Object of Desire

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