Dive into Escama, a Seafood Restaurant to Taste

Escama, Seafood Restaurant in Porto

Well-prepared cuisine, with a high level of attention to products that come from the sea and dishes full of flavor, is what you will find at Escama Restaurant in Porto.

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Explore New Paths to Seafood Cuisine

A signature cuisine, sophisticated, curious, and experimental, with a unique wine list. 

Portugal is renowned for its rich gastronomic heritage, and the city of Porto is no exception. Amidst the charming streets of downtown Porto, one restaurant stands out as a true gastronomic treasure: Escama. With a unique and innovative concept, this establishment seamlessly blends the freshness of the sea.

With a firm presence at the Matosinhos Fish Market in Portugal, Escama’s menu stems from the desire to bring the sea to downtown Porto. It is with this concept that Escama offers a genuinely unique gastronomic experience. Located on Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira, its mission is to create memorable experiences.

From the moment you step through Escama’s doors, you are immersed in an environment that evokes the tranquility and freshness of a sea breeze. The decor transports you to a seaside setting, while industrial elements impart an elegant modernity to the space. Wicker lamps and stone walls add a unique charm. 

seafood restaurant Porto Portugal
seafood restaurant Porto interior decor
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A Modern, Curious, and Experimental Sea Cuisine Space

The wine list is a true gem for enthusiasts of this beverage. It prominently features wines from small producers, with an emphasis on organic options and limited editions. Thus, wine aficionados have a unique opportunity here to explore lesser-known labels and discover new flavors. Likewise, it harmonizes perfectly with fish dishes. 

We opted for the tasting menu, a delightful and surprising gastronomic experience that places fish at the forefront. Our experience at Escama was further enriched by the warm reception of Antonio Alberto. Because he is the head waiter, he guided us through the menu with passionate and detailed descriptions. 

Above all, seafood is always present. For starters, we choose Fried Fish with Lemon and Garlic Mayonnaise and market Ceviche. As a main dish, we were delighted with Sea Bass with Smoked Vinaigrette, accompanied by Smashed Potatoes with Green Sauce and Garlic Mayonnaise.

seafood restaurant Porto

Finally, for dessert, we couldn’t resist every last bite of our Lemon Meringue Tart with Yuzu Ice Cream, Serra Cheese Cheesecake with Pumpkin and Cinnamon Ice Cream. 

In the same vein, the wine also brought a pleasant surprise! We loved the RASCUNHO BY QUINTA DE SANTIAGO, a white Alvarinho green wine. This wine focuses on citrus peel, with vegetal notes, intensity, and complexity. It was a very enjoyable choice. 

Vasco Amaro, one of the partners at Escama, shares the vision behind this project: 

“Escama emerged from the idea of bringing excellent fish to the heart of Porto. We seized this space to invite Chef Rafael Gomes to open the doors of this restaurant. Meanwhile, the goal of offering top-quality fish, innovative cuisine, but above all, providing a complete gastronomic experience, including carefully selected wines, fresh vegetables, and top-quality aromatic herbs.”

Explore new flavors of the ocean at Escama Porto restaurant!

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