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casey howard ruby hill luxury interior design dining room floral wallpaper photo by douglas friedman

In this edition of Love Happens’ Design Questionnaire, we look inside the dynamic and inspiring world of Casey Howard, founder of Casey Howard Interior Design. Since 2012, her design studio has been crafting unique interiors with a fresh and edgy flair.

While studying abroad in London, Casey had the opportunity to visit more than sixteen countries. As a result of this experience, Casey discovered her passion for design. Moreover, she discovered sources of inspiration, developing an appreciation for diversity in expression. She earned her degree in Business Administration from California Polytechnic State University before pursuing an Interior Architecture and Design degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. 

Casey currently resides in Danville, California, where she and her firm tackle a variety of design projects, always bringing a unique and contemporary perspective to their work.

Meet Casey Howard, Founder & CEO of Casey Howard Interior Design

Casey Howard
Casey Howard | Photo by Thomas Kuoh

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Winding down the day in a luxurious bubble bath.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I am proud of the business I have built. I began with an industry pivot and an opportunity, and I now have a thriving business built on my values with an incredible team where we get to do what we love every day. 

luxury Entryway in neutral tones with lots of art photo by douglas friedman
Interior by Casey Howard Interior Design (Photo by Douglas Friedman | Trunk Archives)

What profession does your alter ego have?

My alter-ego would be a real-life CSI character, working in forensic criminology, solving crimes, and aiding justice.

The project you will never forget.

I will never forget our West Ruby Project because our client placed her greatest trust in us to elevate her home. Over the two years of the project, the more we worked, the more trust came, allowing us to make bolder choices. The trust of our clients means the world to us, and it is reflected in the end result. I’m proud of both the value of earning that trust and of the work we did to create an incredible home for our client.

Your favorite business tool or resource.

Keynote is our secret business tool. It allows us to present a layered visual of a room and to quickly bring an elevation to life.

The most timeless design.  

Classic California style is the most timeless design because it is based on a lifestyle — casual luxury, indoor/outdoor living, natural elements, light and bright environments, and clean open spaces. 

The biggest design faux pas.

Matching sets of furniture.

Your design motto.

Mix classic design with the unexpected to create spaces that are simultaneously sophisticated, functional, and edgy.

luxury bathroom Interior Casey Howard (Photo by Douglas Friedman | Trunk Archives)
Interior by Casey Howard Interior Design (Photo by Douglas Friedman | Trunk Archives)

Our publisher, KOKET, makes statement décor; if you were to design a room around one KOKET piece, which would it be, and why?

The Neurotica Wall Sculpture is magic, and I would love to design MANY rooms around it. It is elevated, sophisticated, and unexpected; all of the words that drive our own design ethos, it’s a match made in design heaven.

Love happens when….

Your heart is open.

Learn more about Casey Howard and explore the world of Casey Howard Interior Design at

Feature Image: Ruby Hill Interior by Casey Howard (Photo by Douglas Friedman | Trunk Archives)

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