Drake, Taylor & Beyoncé Headlined 2023 with Their Concerts – What Makes These Artists Special?

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The sound, the lights, the chaos, the moves, the choreography, the drama – 2023 brought it when it comes to music concerts. Three people stand out: Taylor, Beyoncé and Drake.

We all know that listening to your favorite artist can feel like the weight of the world is coming off your shoulders. Now imagine hearing them with a crowd of 200,000 people who are all chanting the songs along with you. 

If you praise Queen Bee in all her glory and could not be Drunk in Love with her at her Renaissance World Tour, don’t worry; there are plenty of videos on YouTube and dance sequences on TikTok that you can partake in to join in on the fun.

Should you have missed getting in your feels on Drake’s ‘It’s All A Blur’ tour, then you’re in luck because Drake is known to make guest appearances at parties and clubs for which you can buy drake vip tickets in case you missed him.

Better yet, you can still shake things off and have a cruel summer with Taylor Swift at her ‘Era’s Tour’ even in 2024. Her dates are listed on her web page and are in the U.S. for 2024.

It’s clear to see that these three artists are loved globally and were able to rake up ground-breaking figures over the last year but what makes them so interesting and how has their music changed over time?

Aubrey Drake Graham

His reputation precedes him. As a global artist with the most Top 100 songs to date, it is no wonder that all his shows were sold out. Drake is the only artist in history to have 320 entries on the Top 100 chart throughout his career. In his humble beginnings, he was known to feature with artists such as ‘Jamie Foxx’ and ‘Rick Ross’ who spit his sweet bars and sing soft melodies alongside these heavyweights.

As he came into his own, he started to express himself more through rap but always kept a softer tone to his music, with songs like ‘Look What You’ve Done’ and ‘Doing It Wrong’. While those songs were blowing up, he started to mix his music with more R&B, hip hop, and bounce, creating favorites like ‘One Dance’ and ‘Controlla’. He then added some dancehall flow and a bit more ‘in your face’ raps to create ‘Nice for What’ and ‘Calling for You’.

His ability to grow as an artist, from someone who only featured on other’s songs to stay relevant in such a fast-paced industry, is noteworthy.

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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles

This artist has been singing all her life. She made her famous debut into the world alongside Destiny’s Child, with band members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. They belted out ‘Survivor’ and ‘Say My Name’ in the late 90s and early 2000s. Beyoncé then amicably broke away from the bank to start her solo career and made ripples in the music world with Jay-Z singing ‘Crazy in Love’.

Moving away from classic hip hop and R&B, she sang more ballads like ‘Halo’, ‘If I Were a Boy’, and ‘Broken-Hearted Girl’. She then got her revenge with power songs like ‘Hold Up’ and ‘Sorry’ from her Lemonade Album. She then brought it with ‘Cuff it’ and ‘My Power’ where she stood in her female power, brought a crucial message forward but made it amazing to dance to, and was even able to have your daughter, Blue Ivy, famously dance to in her Renaissance World Tour.

Taylor Alison Swift

Taylor Swift started her music career as a teen who would perform at local events and on small radio shows, headlining one of the biggest tours in history. Her genre started as country music back when she was around 16, with classics like ‘Love Story’ and ‘You Belong with Me’. And, her southern twang and essential lyrics drew in fans from all over.

Her transition into pop music with ‘Shake it Off’, ‘Welcome To New York’, and ‘Style’ off her 1989 album caused waves across the world. The country singer had successfully transitioned to a pop star within one album. A feat that most musicians don’t manage in their entire careers. 

‘Lover’ was a love letter to her then partner, with whimsy and romantic songs like ‘Lover’ playing on repeat and pop anthems like ‘ME!’ and ‘Cruel Summer’ becoming the ballads of 2019. The Evermore album brought in more folky music, with songs like ‘Willow’ and ‘Tolerate It’ creating sounds like fans had never heard from Taylor before. Midnights then brought a new wave of pop music with ‘Anti-Hero’ and ‘Karma’. Songs that are famous on her Era’s Tour, and create special moments for fans.

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