Exploring the Adriatic Coast

Exploring the Adriatic Coast

A hotspot for tourists from all over the world come summertime, the Adriatic Coast encompasses some of the most popular areas such as Italy’s eastern coastline, stretches of the Balkans and the coastlines of Croatia and Montenegro. With so many different landscapes along the way, the Adriatic Coast makes for a great destination for all adventurists.

Hiking enthusiasts will relish the opportunity to take on a European walking adventure. With the glistening Adriatic on one side and historic towns and villages on the other, hiking here is simply unbeatable. Here are just some of the gems that have to be on your list.


The Adriatic stretches along the entirety of Italy’s eastern coast and covers cities like Trieste, Venice, Mache, Molise and Puglia. Given its size, you can expect a huge variety of landscapes that range from the rocky coastline of the north to the winding canals in Venice and then all the way to the sandy paradise of the south. 

Now’s your chance to also visit less touristy spots that are still easily accessible by public transport. The central section of the coastline is bereft of crowds, leaving you free to enjoy the vineyards, rural farms and endless summer evenings for yourself.


Slovenia’s not a country known for its coastline – in fact, many people don’t know that it even has a coastline at all. In actual fact, Slovenia boasts a small 47km of coastline which is frequented by people from neighbouring landlocked countries. 

Towns like Piran and Portorož offer the beach experience without the crowds of Italy and boast the landscapes and fauna of the Mediterranean with olive groves and natural areas like the Sečovlje Salt Pans Nature Park. 

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The beauty of the Croatian coastline is no secret. Attracting tens of thousands of tourists every year, it is often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. And it’s not hard to see why; ancient towns like Dubrovnik and Split offer beautiful slices of history that stand within metres of some of the most inviting waters in Europe.


Getting to Montenegro requires a bit more time and effort, but it’s totally worth it. Lying in-between its touristy neighbours Greece and Croatia, Montenegro boasts plenty of ancient towns like Kotor that are every bit as beautiful as those in Italy and Croatia, but without the crowds. It’s also a mecca for hikers and bikers, presenting some challenging paths and breathtaking views.

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