10 Luxurious Places to Go for New Year's Eve

10 luxurious places to go for new years

With the holiday season nearly in full swing, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. People worldwide wait for the moment when the clock strikes twelve to kiss their loved ones and wish their families and friends a year full of blessings. Finding incredible places to go for New Year’s Eve can be tricky. Doing something fun and exciting has become the norm, and more and more people are looking for extravagant and ingenious ways to spend the last day of the year. If you are one of those people, we have you covered. Here are ten places you can go to make sure you have the ultimate luxurious New Year’s Eve.

10 Luxurious New Year’s Eve Destinations

1. Soak Up the Sun in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the best luxury vacations in the entire world and has a large number of events and parties taking place at almost all of the major clubs, hotels, and resorts throughout the city. Pop open a bottle of champagne, indulge some of the best food around, all while watching the fireworks and you have the perfect recipe for a beautiful New Year’s Eve. Additionally, Bahamians celebrate Junkanoo, a lively, cultural event that takes place on New Year’s Day, giving you another full day of celebration and fun.

2. Set Sails on A Luxury Cruise

A luxury cruise ship is the place to be for an all-around extravagant party that starts when you board and ends when you arrive back at the dock. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines and almost all of the top cruise line companies have special luxury packages for those who want to spend their vacation in style while seeing some incredibly beautiful places.

3. Get Romantic in Paris

What better place to kiss your lover as the clock strikes twelve than in the city of love itself? You can either opt to treat your loved one to a fancy dinner at a top-tier restaurant, join the crowd at Champs Elysees, or enjoy champagne and a cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge. There are multiple options for a loving, fun, romantic Paris night of celebration.

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4. Spend It Under The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are some of the most beautiful sights on Earth, and starting off the New Year by gazing at one of the Earth’s wonders is undoubtedly a delightful thing to do. There are special New Year’s Eve Voyage trains that depart from different Scandinavian countries to give people the perfect view of these beautiful sights. Alternatively, you can also stay at hotels with glass ceilings especially for this, to get your private view of the night sky.

5. Attend a NYE Bash in New York City

New York City is known for its big parties and even bigger celebrations. There are several top-tier venues here that have special VIP parties for people who want the pure luxury experience of celebrating the new year in New York. Times Square also has a lot of festivities when the clock strikes twelve, which is a must-see for anyone visiting New York for the very first time.  

6. Celebrate in Dubai

You are engulfed in luxury any time of the year in Dubai, with its astonishing skyscrapers, breathtaking views, and overall beauty of the desert. A Dubai New Year celebration is truly a life-changing experience. There are multiple fireworks shows throughout the city, each at its own stunning landmark. You can enjoy a show at a luxury hotel, a nightclub party, or an upscale restaurant.

7. Get Sky High in London

London is known for having some of the best festivities in the entire world during the holiday season, and New Year’s Eve is no exception to this. Around London, there will be multiple parties and balls for you to enjoy. One of Europe’s most luxurious destinations, the Sky Gardens, throws a Great Gatsby style party where you can listen to live music and soak in the best views of London.

8. Fly into The New Year, Twice!

If you want to go all out for this New Year’s Eve, spending it twice in two different cities around the world is the best way to do it. A Los Angeles-based private jet company is offering customers a chance first to celebrate New Year’s in Sydney, Australia, and then in L.A., complete with a private jet in between. If you want the New Year’s Party to go on for longer, this is undoubtedly the way to do it.

9. Go Down Under in Sydney, Australia

If you decide to skip the double celebration, Sydney on its own is an exciting and luxurious place to bring in the New Year. There are multiple options to view the spectacular fireworks display over the Sydney Harbour. There are free viewing options around the harbor, or you can enjoy champagne and food at a ticketed party.

10. Be Amazed in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has one of the most vibrant New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world. Hong Kong begins its celebration in their Times Square, where they also host a ball drop at midnight. Immediately after, Hong Kong’s fireworks show lights up the night sky above the city’s skyline. Luxury hotels, such as the Ritz-Carlton, offer luxury accommodations and remarkable views of the fireworks show.
There are oh so many places to go to celebrate a luxurious New Year’s eve; we hope you have an amazing time celebrating wherever you are!

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