2024 Interior Design Trends from Industry Experts

At Love Happens Mag, our team of editors travel the world, visiting the top interior design and home decor tradeshows. We talk to thousands of industry experts across the fields of interior design and home furnishings. And our parent company, KOKET, and style icon founder Janet Morais have their finger on the pulse of the world of luxury interior design. So, when it came time for LH’s 2024 Interior Design Trends list, we couldn’t wait to share our predictions for the year!

koket Timeless Style dining room 2024 interior design trends

Timeless Style

Built to last and to love, timeless style is always in style. But we foresee the desire to create authentic, timeless classics in interiors around the world being in full force in 2024! Timeless comes in many forms; the most important is that it can, of course, endure the test of time. Which in our minds means it must be slightly the opposite of trends. Posing a slight controversy placed number one in our trends for 2024 list, still we see timeless trending in the year to come. And honestly, we can’t wait to see it!

2024 interior design trends warm neutrals peach fuzz pantone

Warm Neutrals

With 2024 Pantone color of the year pick, Peach Fuzz, on the rise. And neutrals always off and on trends lists, for the coming year we see warm neutrals in play. Peach Fuzz’s pinkish-orangish hue radiates warmth. We also see brown as a big color for 2024. Everyone loves a warm and cozy feeling interior design, so this trend to come is definitely one we will be embracing!

feather wallcovering wallpaper textured walls trend 2024

Textured Walls

Textured walls are certainly nothing new, but the many, many ways they have been decorated over the years have shown the versatility of this surface. From textured plasters and 3D wallpaper to feathers and beads and so on, creating textured walls is a great way to add a new dimension to a space. Walls are one of our favorite surfaces to decorate, so we really love how many options exist to create truly stunning interiors.

updated art deco trend 2024 koket antique mirror side table

Updated Art Deco

At LH, Art Deco is one of our favorite styles, so perhaps we are slightly prejudiced in this choice. However, nonetheless, we see Art Deco vibes appearing lots in 2024. And not in their direct historical form, but rather in new and unique applications. Mirror will, of course, be a big player in this trend, as will metal and wood finishes. The updated Art Deco vibe will be one we will be loving now and forever!

not your usual upholstery koket enchanted bar stools with metal nature inspired lace work

Not Your Basic Upholstery

Who says a sofa can’t be a work of art and a haven for comfort? Selecting a statement shape or a piece with decorative accents will bring instant beauty to your interior. While this trend can go terribly wrong if the design selected lacks timeless class, the ways it can go right are a many!

drapesse bonnet chair pink leather round open gold metal bookcase koket


On trends lists for years, and for a reason, metallics deliver instant glamour and elegance in interior design. From tables to lighting and accessories, we love metallic accents. Brushed and matte for a old age look or bright and glossy for a chic glam effect, metal finishes offer choices for every style. Bring on the bling in 2024, we will be right there with you!

Goddess Mirror by KOKET - In production - handmade details 2024 interior design trends

Handmade Details

In a world filled with more and more things the touch of the hand remains ever strong. Brought to life by human hands, works of furniture art and home decor accessories bring humanity with them to interior design. With AI and mass production avid players in our world, and with important roles for sure, handmade products hold their powerful allure! Our favorite home decor is by far and above from the handmade category. An artisanal savoir faire bringing beauty and class to the world of interiors.

sculptural wall art

Sculptural Wall Art

Since humanity had walls to decorate, they’ve been doing just that. In 2024, we expect to see more and more sculptural wall art. Covering walls with unique and inspiring works of 3D art is in, and we are so in love with this trend! From creatives like Jane Puylagarde and with sculptural lighted art by our very own KOKET.

cozy quiet luxury home decor for luxury living in 2024

Cozy Quiet Luxury

In true, quiet luxury fashion, the term has stayed as quiet as the trend. A look those in the know know. Quiet luxury is cozy and warm. It is chic and elegant. Sophisticated and timeless. There is soooo much to adore about the cozy, quiet luxury trend. This is absolutely a look we will be enjoying in 2024!

Words by Sílvia Oliveira

All Interior Images by KOKET

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