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Born in Zaanstreek, near Amsterdam, renowned Dutch designer Piet Boon has enjoyed a lifelong love of craftsmanship and design.

Piet’s early interest in architecture, building techniques, and materials guided his studies at the technical school in Amsterdam. Beginning his career as a building contractor, he developed his construction company into the eponymous multidisciplinary design studio. Alongside his business partner, Creative Director of Interior & Styling Karin Meyn, Piet leads his team in design projects around the world.

The clean, sophisticated, timeless designs show through in residential, commercial, and corporate projects from Amsterdam to Aspen to New York City. The commitment to functional, elegant design goes beyond interiors and exteriors, with the studio also taking on product design projects.

Join us as we take a peek inside the creative mind of Piet Boon, in this edition of Love Happens’ Design Questionnaire.

Meet Piet Boon of Studio Piet Boon in the Lh Design Questionnaire

Designer Piet Boon portrait by Iris Ooms
Piet Boon | Photo by Iris Ooms

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Perfect happiness, to me, is the simple pleasure of sitting together with my wife on our veranda on a beautiful evening, savoring a fine glass of wine.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

One of my most significant accomplishments is the creation of a highly skilled and diverse international team. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, I take immense pride in this team’s strength and resilience. It’s truly gratifying to witness projects continue seamlessly even in my absence, a testament to the solid foundation we’ve built together.

paris oval dining table koket marble

What profession does your alter ego have?

In my alter ego’s profession, I would be an artist specializing in crafting grand bronze art pieces. This creative pursuit stands in stark contrast to my current work, as it allows me to delve into the realm of pure artistic expression without concerns about functionality or comfort, something that is strongly woven into our design philosophy.

The project you will never forget.

One unforgettable project that holds a special place in my heart is a private project we did on Fifth Avenue in NYC. This Fifth Avenue apartment marked our studio’s inaugural major project in New York, propelling our brand into the national spotlight across the United States.

Fifth Avenue Apartment NYC by Studio Piet Boon
Fifth Avenue Apartment NYC by Studio Piet Boon

Additionally, I am immensely proud of the work we accomplished when designing the Formula 1 trophy. Collaborating with Royal Delft on this unique and prestigious piece was a true honor.

These projects not only showcase our design prowess but also represent significant milestones in our journey, etching unforgettable memories in my career.

Your favorite business tool or resource.

One of my favorite business tools is undoubtedly the camera on my iPhone.Since I travel often, having my trusty phone by my side allows me to capture the most inspiring details I encounter. Whether it’s the weathered texture of ancient materials, the unexpected artistry in a hotel’s design, a captivating color palette, or the exquisite craftsmanship of a unique door knocker – my iPhone’s camera serves as a faithful companion that enables me to effortlessly capture these inspiring moments while on the go.

The most timeless design.

A great example of the most timeless design that I greatly admire is the Land Rover. I am a fervent fan of Land Rover vehicles, and I find their designs to be exceptionally timeless and iconic. Their ability to withstand the test of time and retain their iconic status is truly remarkable, making them a prime
example of enduring design excellence that is challenging to surpass. I take great pride in our longstanding collaboration with them, which spans many years.

The biggest design faux pas.

One of the most significant design faux pas, in my opinion, is plastic outdoor furniture. While it may serve a functional purpose, I’m not a big fan of it due to its shortcomings in terms of comfort and aesthetics. It often lacks the elegance and visual appeal that can enhance outdoor spaces, making it a less-
than-ideal choice for those who value both style and comfort in their outdoor settings.

Your design motto.

My design motto is simple: Select enduring materials that age gracefully, providing both comfort and utility, encouraging continued use and preservation. Additionally, prioritize sustainability as the ultimate choice. This motto encapsulates my design philosophy, emphasizing the importance of timeless quality, user experience, and environmental responsibility in every project.

Amsterdam Apartment by Studio Piet Boon
Urban Amsterdam Apartment by Studio Piet Boon

Love Happens when…

I am in my garden, witnessing the ever-changing beauty of nature throughout the seasons in a garden designed by my hero, Piet Oudolf.

Anything else?

Certainly! In addition to what has been mentioned, this year is a momentous occasion as we celebrate our 40th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, we launched a new book (40 by Studio Piet Boon) in the Fall of 2023 that showcases 40 design ideas through a diverse range of projects and products. This book is a testament to our journey and dedication to innovative and timeless design over the past four decades, providing a glimpse of the future and our upcoming 40 years.

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