Top Museums and Galleries in San Francisco

San Francisco’s Museums and Galleries

Art aficionados and history lovers are in for a treat when visiting San Francisco. This city prides itself as the home of extraordinary skylines, world-class art galleries and museums, modern architecture, and unique collections of arts and crafts. Take your Dollar Rental Car for a tour of San Francisco’s famous museums and indulge in the rich history of culture, arts, and self-expression of this city. Here are some of the best galleries/museums you can visit in San Francisco. 

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)

If you are around Downtown San Francisco, make sure to spend time at these famous art institutions. This will take you less than an hour by car from San Francisco airport. The 13-mile drive is worth the effort as you will be amazed by the modern art collections housed in SFMOMA. The exhibits are divided into curatorial departments namely architecture + design, film, photography, contemporary arts, media arts, painting and sculpture, new work, and public knowledge. They also have special collections: The Fisher Collection and The Pritzker Center for Photography. SFMOMA is open for the whole week except every Wednesday. There is no problem bringing your rented car with you, they have a designated parking area just next to the museum. 

Walt Disney Family Museum 

This is another must-visit spot if you are traveling from the airport and have a few hours to spare. You will have to spend at least 50-60 minutes in your rented car driving to this location. Regardless whether you are an avid fan or not of Walt Disney, you love this place. The displays are designed both for kids and adults. 

You may already know a thing or two about Walt Disney, but after visiting this place you will have more knowledge about his life and adventures. You will get to see the early animations, cartoons, and movies that Walt Disney created during his younger years. You can leisurely walk around the 40,000-square-foot area displayed with different interactive galleries. You can also spot the San Francisco Bay area from this museum. One thing you’ll take away after visiting this spot is a deeper appreciation of the life and legacy that Walt Disney left. 

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Asian Art Museum 

Take your rental car sfo to Larkin Street and visit the Asian Art Museum around the Civic Center. You will have to spend at least 30-40 minutes driving to this place if you’re coming from San Francisco airport. Spending time and effort going to this place is valuable as you will enrich your knowledge about other people’s culture.  If you haven’t visited any Asian countries, this is a great start to get acquainted with their culture and history. This place is a collection of diverse Asian crafts, objects, and arts. You won’t need a visa or spend a lot just to get to know Asia better. Make your way to this museum and learn a lot about Asia’s deep culture, arts, and history. It will take you to places like the Philippines, China, Japan, India, and many more. 

California Academy of Sciences 

Do you enjoy science? Are you amazed at the different planets and natural history? Pass by Golden Gate Park and visit the California Academy of Sciences. From San Francisco airport, take the 16-mile drive going to this exhibit. It’s around a 30-40 minute drive. This is where you can see a living roof, making the place ecological-friendly. In addition, you can also see different types of exhibits around such as Steinhart Aquarium, Morrison Planetarium, Osher Rainforest, and Kimball Natural History Museum. This is also where the world’s largest dinosaur was displayed. There are also lectures and workshops which you can attend. This institution also features NightLife where various activities and parties are organized. There is also NightSchool every Thursday for those wanting to learn from experts and expand their networks. 

Children’s Creativity Museum 

If you are traveling with kids with you to San Francisco, take them to the Children’s Creativity Museum for an interactive learning experience. The display is best for kids from two years up to twelve years of age. There is also that historic LeRoy King Carousel which has been bringing joy to children since 1906. One of the exhibits is the ArtLab where you and your child can create art together. You can also visit the Messy Art Station where your kids can paint around frames, walls, and statues around them. There is also the DesignIt Studio where your kids are free to design anything from blocks, papers, and bricks. This is a great way to exercise their imagination and expand their innovation. 

The Animation Studio is where you can bring LEGOs to life through animation. For children wanting to become a future film director, this is the perfect place to start. In addition, if your children are into music, Making Music Studio is a great avenue to experiment with sound and play with musical instruments. They can even make their musical instruments at the ‘Have You Heard’ creation station. How cool is that? At such a young age, they can already record and make their music! 

Wrapping Up

In essence, San Francisco is a hub of world-renowned museums and galleries. These galleries/museums would relatively be considered a long drive by some people. But driving and visiting these locations are productive. It will definitely enrich your knowledge and deepen your appreciation of the arts. These institutions are like time machines taking you to a world of art, and science. It will immerse you in the richness of different cultures and expose you to our deep history. These museums are the venue for exploration and exhibits of famous masterpieces that you should never miss. So if you are passing by San Francisco airport next time, make sure to take some time and visit one or two art galleries or museums.

Feature Image by David Vives | Unsplash

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